Flower Market

Today I woke up before sunrise starving for a bowl of cereal. Pregnancy is funny like that sometimes. Now I’m soooo sleepy. I thought I’d share this lovely photo of a flower market to add some beauty to the morning. xoxo

(By the super talented Jamie)

  1. Hey man ! all the flowers are looking too beautiful. Valentine is coming next to next week. I love to present my valentine a diamond ring with a beautiful bunch of red rose flower..Is it good ?

  2. Flower markets always cheer me up. And so do farmers markets actually. I guess pretty colors and amazing fresh scents get rid of all te problems for me.

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  4. yes…the eating situyation is so random and funny! some days I’m so hungry I can chew my arm off! others I eat my normal amount…some days it’s all about the pizza…other days, I’m so over it. lol

  5. It’s smell so great… and color… It’s look like smalls flowers that we make ourself.
    I loooooooooove !

  6. what beautiful flowers.

  7. Gosh, what’s with the grumpy comment from anonymous? I, for one, like reading about your pregnancy. Even though I can’t relate yet, I appreciate someone telling me what it’s going to be like and also reading through comments from your other commenters, I can tell many relate to you too! Keep up the good work, Joann!

  8. Anonymous says...

    Your blog was so much better when it wasn’t so narcissistic. This is not meant to be mean just a suggestion to move away from writing so much about yourself (like wanting a bowl of cereal). Are you that enamored with your own life – YIKES! Write more about products, other blogs, design etc. like you used to. Up to you but you might end up keeping your readers.

  9. So pretty. Can’t wait until spring, starting to get cabin fever!
    XO Piper

  10. I love this image. And that is funny that you craved cereal! haha

  11. Beautiful photo! I love flower markets! So fresh..
    Have a wonderful day :)

  12. Really pretty…I love the colors. Thank you for that :)

  13. beautiful! and they bring warm memories of spring. thank you for sharing!

  14. This makes me wish for spring-lovely!

  15. LOVE THE PIC!!!

  16. m says...

    they’re so pretty!
    i hope you enjoyed your cereal joanna:)

  17. OMG this photo is just stunning!! how I’d love to add just a few of those flowers around the house!

  18. First of all, Big Congrats! Secondly, I need to grow my own flower garden….it’s just too expensive otherwise because I love flowers!

  19. What a beautiful photo. Thank for sharing.

    P.S. I crave cereal all the time and I’m not pregnant… what does that mean? :)

  20. Anonymous says...

    More baby belly photos please! :)

  21. oh where is this wonderful place? would love to visit some day!

  22. magic photo

  23. So pretty. I wish I lived in a place where flowers would grow.

  24. Oh, I love this. There’s something about flowers that instantly makes me smile!! :)

  25. so beautiful… this photo reminds me of paris, the flower markets were one of my favorite parts about the city.

    it’s been proven that just looking a fresh flowers can significantly improve your mood! if that’s not a reason to keep them around i don’t know what is.

  26. The picture makes your want to run out and buy a bunch. Oh, I am not even pregnant and craving grainy bread. Why. Why. Why.

  27. I love to visit the flower market and love, love all the beautiful flowers; choosing what to bring home is the hard decision.

    Cereal is good any time of day too!

    Thanks for sharing.

  28. gasp! i love the color palette of these bouquets! Hope pregnancy is treating you well =)

  29. Gorgesou! I love flower markerts!

  30. I loved the middle of the night bowls of cereal during my pregnancy. They were so satifying. Could not get enough honey nut cheerios.

  31. Cat says...

    When I was pregnant I used to keep a muesli bar beside the bed so that I could have a little snack when I woke up starving and then fall straight back to sleep. I also received the little stripey legged goose as a gift for my baby six months ago…very cute indeed.

  32. if there was a flower market like this near me, I don’t think I’d be able to resist buying some every day! so simple, so pretty!

  33. Is it Spring yet? Nope. Mr. Groundhog says nope. Today I blogged about red roses. Apparently, according to Vogue, you are much more stylish than I because red roses are now a thing of the past. Go figure.

  34. love the colours of the picture! So beautiful.

  35. It’s a pretty blah winter day here and that shot of colour is just what I needed!

  36. my pregnant daughter just blogged about the “wake up and eat I’m so hungry” as well! Your babies must me growing!

  37. aww :)

    And now I have spring on the brain, such a graaay day today…

  38. Gorgeous photo–can’t wait for spring! Yippeeee.

  39. This makes me want to go to a farmers market for fresh flowers! I remember when I was pregnant I was so tired for about 6 months than it I suddenly had more energy! Jennifer :)

  40. so pretty… i’m moving more and more into the ready for spring zone.

  41. is it a problem that i’m not pregnant but reading this while in bed, eating cheerios in my pajamas at noon?

    either way, *gorgeous* photo. makes me want to go back to paris and shop their wonderful markets (more for the food than the flowers, but you know, either way)…

  42. This is a gorgeous photo!

  43. i was just booking a holiday in Provence..those flowers make me even more impatient!

  44. beautiful! I am so ready for spring…

  45. ahh gorgeous!this photo makes me happy.

  46. Just came across this blog recently, I love it!

  47. These colors inspired me in my morning painting session. :) I blogged about it.


  48. Funny I just got up at 5.15am and having muslie and milk i was craving yesterday. I am 30 weeks pregnant and the first time i craved muslie.

  49. woke up at night to eat cereal!
    It will pass!! Enjoy your pregnancy!*I have a 3 month old boy and am really jealous of every pregnant woman I see!!

  50. With my first pregnancy, all I wanted to eat was hotdogs with EVERYTHING on them (chili, onions, relish, ketchup and mustard – at once). I was so embarrassed beceause half the time all the toppings would drip down my chin, so I would hide behind the kitchen island and cry while I ate them, I was so nervous my husband would be disgusted by what I was doing!

  51. oh these are beautiful! thanks for brightening up my otherwise dreary day!

  52. I felt like I slept through the first 3 monthes of my pregnancy, but I know I went to work (I was paid anyway) so what you feel is normal….and cravings, thank goodness yours are healthy, mine was for a “junior Whopper with cheese, lots of fries with that!”

  53. awwww i love all the soft and pastel colors! did u take this pic joanna? it’s really lovely!!

  54. oh we dont get such nice arrangements here in africa; i’m longing for europe again !

  55. ab says...

    Oh my gosh! Eating at the crack of dawn (and the middle of the night)… welcome to pregnancy & the nursing years! :)

    Lovely photo!

  56. Simply gorgeous!

  57. oh, these flowers are so pretty!!

  58. mission accomplished! my morning just got a whole lot more beautiful. thank you!

  59. I was reeeally craving a bowl of cereal(Smart Start) this morning too, which is unusual as I normally only have coffee in the mornings. I poured some cereal into a bowl but I found that the milk was spoiled– a week early! As you can imagine, I was not a happy camper at all. :( Hope you had better luck satisfying your cereal craving!

  60. Papery flowers wrapped in brown paper – what a good match.

    I hope you enjoyed your cereal!

  61. Another baby belly picture, please! :)

  62. beautiful flowers… great for valentines… ~_^
    aa…i’m hungry..want to eat some cereal too…

  63. i too woke up craving cereal. food is a great incentive for getting out of bed!!

  64. GORGEOUS flowers!!

  65. Sleepy and hungry-it’s a constant theme. I recall feeling like I could never get enough anyhting.
    Often things I do not even like in the real non pregnant life. Ahaha!
    Happy Tuesday .

  66. lovely pic. Thanks!

  67. C says...

    Everyone here seems to crave cereal when they’re pregnant! Thats not so bad:) Now for indulgences…does anyone crave something incredibly unhealthy?

  68. pretty enough to paint! thanks for the inspiration!
    xoxo Laura

  69. These colors just made my day!

  70. That’s soooo pretty! where is it?

  71. wonderful!! i wish i could go pick some up right now!

  72. my sister was addicted to cereal when she was pregnant, now she hates it. i wish flowers would grow in the winter. <3

  73. Pretty flowers – spring where are you? L O V E your blog so much, and as this is my first comment – CONGRATULATIONS!!

  74. when I was pregnant I ate cereal for every meal for about an entire month, and then I wanted nothing to do with it! :] Those tiny purple ball-like flowers are so pretty!

  75. such a pretty picture.

    sometimes i wake up starving for cereal too…but i’m not pregnant. makes me wonder what i’ll be like when i actually am ;)


  76. Thank you for the lovely flowers ;) No cereal for me but I did wake up craving caffeine but that would be no different than any other morning!

  77. i ate cheerios and kashi with whole milk and a banana :)

  78. Gorgeous! Love those colors!
    I hope the cereal satisfied your craving :)
    p.s. what cereal was it, may I ask? Sometimes over here I crave Mini-wheats.
    (We have something similar, but they don’t taste the same and a tiny box costs $6 so I never keep them in the house!)

  79. funny about garlic, maki! i was craving burgers a month ago like CRAZY, but now i’ve chilled out a bit :)

  80. I am pregnant too and that happened to me yesterday! My husband had to leave for the airport at 4:30 am and I was wide awake and ate cereal in bed. So weird!

  81. If I could I would spend all of my time in flower markets for the rest of my life. Brightened my morning for sure, gorgeous colors!

  82. What a beautiful photo!!! The colors are amazing!

    I used to be very sleepy and craving for a lot of things when I was pregnant with my daughters..

    Do you crave someting strange or is there something you can’t eat because of the smell or taste? I love garlic, but I couldn’t stand the smell of it when I was pregnant with my youngest. It was rough!!

    Enjoy your pregnancy – it’s one of the most beautiful thing a woman go through.. :)

  83. So beautiful! I have been longing for some fresh flowers lately but I feel like around Valentine’s Day the prices get so crazy.

  84. I am preggers too and totally crave cereal!

  85. Yep, that sounds about right. When I was pregnant, especially in my first trimester, I’d wolf down two full breakfasts everyday. Without fail. Enjoy it, because the flip-side is not quite as indulgent!

  86. Beauty to my morning…achieved! Quite successfully, thank you.

  87. Anonymous says...

    If I were rich, I would have fresh flowers all over my house!

  88. I’ve been crazy about cereal and a banana for breakfast lately. Yum! And this photo is SO beautiful. It makes me sad that Columbus doesn’t have much of a flower market. Spring is on it’s way though!

  89. So pretty!!! What cereal did you decide on?? :)

  90. maggie says...

    pretty colors!

  91. What a beautiful picture! February is when I really start to long for flowers and other bright things.