1. I keep coming back to this post. It’s been the inspiration for so much of my wedding planning! I love it!

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  3. Anonymous says...
  4. i LOVE the flowers on the radiator photo

  5. What a cute couple! She looks gorgeous and he’s pretty stylin’ too.

  6. the last three photos are awesome. so lovely.

  7. so cutee

  8. so natural!


    great photographer, beautifull people!


  9. It’s so 1960’s.

  10. Beautiful. I think that hair worn loosely is gorgeous. Lovely wedding photos.

  11. Awww lovely pictures! I always love your wedding finds!!

  12. Aren’t they the sweetest? Thanks for the love.

  13. they are so cute and sweet! I love vintage and this wedding looks very rock! ; )

  14. i love it! i was eloped and was married at the justice of the peace! i have been married for almost 13 years! my parents freaked! my dress was green! i love this post!

  15. I love the weddings where the couple looks relaxed and totally in love rather than frazzled, tired and annoyed. So many couples focus on the wrong thing. You can tell this couple has their priorities straight just by looking at their photos.

  16. I love her dress too

  17. it really fits the dress and that is most important to me

  18. adorable. i’d wear those oxfords everyday. the bride reminds me of charlotte gainsbourg.

  19. this is like my ideal wedding. just the two of us celebrating our love.. no one else needs to be involved.. no one else butting in and giving their opinion of flowers and other details..! just lovely

  20. j.Nash says...

    and ppl think i’m crazy for wanting a city hall wedding. absolutely amazing and romantic! yup, count me in!

  21. I love her wedding dress! She could actually wear it again!


  22. wow stunning, I love the way the pictures were taken. Fab xx

  23. these pictures are perfect in every way. her coat is fabulous too! i almost feel like i’m actually there watching it all happen. it makes me smile.

  24. Thank you Joanne, I will look into the Brooklyn Bridge Park:) Love the view it gives of Manhattan!

  25. How beautiful!! I guess I haven’t noticed – but brides DO rarely wear their hair down! But she looks so lovely :)

  26. Ya know sometimes I think, forget all the big to do, just got to city hall in NY. This makes me think that even more. These two look perfect and happy.

  27. They look so happy! love the pictures :)

  28. so lovely!

  29. My husband and I just got married on January 7th of this year at Philadelphia’s City Hall – and I wore my hair down too. :) It was a lot of fun and very relaxed for us and our families. I highly recommend a City Hall wedding if your city has a nice looking City Hall like Philly’s!

  30. Your blog is so much fun! Darling post!

  31. I love her dress!

  32. Was just enjoying this post and remembering my own wedding at new york’s city hall, when I read the couples names…. my name is Jess and my husband is Mike! too funny.

  33. I absolutely agree, so elegant.

  34. You are on quite the roll today, missy! I’m loving every single item on Cup of Jo this afternoon {especially that brilliant wedding day hair}.


  35. oh wow; that’s so pretty! i wish my hair looked that nice when worn that way.. :)

  36. Oooh, I just love a city hall wedding. We got married at the Santa Barbara city hall. It’s this beautiful old historic building in downtown. Such a good way to go.

  37. christina, new york’s city hall is SO much fun — amazing people watching. when we went to get our marriage license, we saw all sorts of really dressed-up people, and not-dressed-up people, and even a couple wearing mets jerseys! super fun. you guys are going to have a great time.

  38. Love this couple! What a pair of cuties!

  39. Beautiful! Those photos are absoultely priceless! I wonder what he said to make her laugh so much.

  40. She looks like Sophia Coppola!

  41. You make such a great point with this. I so, so wish I had just worn my hair simple and straight for my wedding. Instead I wasted time blowing it out, setting it w/curlers, spraying it … all so it could just go flat in an hour. Love that they did this. You can see their love radiate so genuinely. Awesome post.

  42. Awww… So cute… My wishes to Jess and Mike for a long life together :)

  43. OMG I love how giddy they look, it’s making me feel giddy, too! It’s so wonderful to see a couple so evidently in love with each other. And she looks gorg. That’s exactly how I want to look and feel whenever I get married.

  44. So beautiful. I’ve always wanted to do my hair down at my wedding :)

  45. i agree. that’s how i wore my hair to my wedding, but i made the mistake of not taking out the veil when i should have, and it was the most annoying thing!

  46. I love this wedding! I want something small and meaningful. LOVE, love, love!

  47. They look so relaxed, natural and Happy too!!

  48. Adorable couple! Planning a wedding in September, Manhattan. If anybody have any outdoor places to recommend for the ceremony please let me know.
    Thinking of Belvedere Castle or maybe the Noguchi museum?
    So cute, I am inspired!!

  49. so romantic! i wish my hair looked like that everyday!

  50. My lovely boy & I are tying the knot at NYC City Hall as soon as my Engagement Visa allows us. It’s great to see that, unlike some government buildings, NY’s City Hall has preserved it’s historic beauty and sense of class. It looks like it also provides a great backdrop for that special day. I can’t wait!

  51. yes, she looks gorgeous! and that bouquet is magnificent! I love how organic it looks. so pretty.

  52. My “ideal” wedding…

  53. Lindsay says...

    Just recently discovered your blog and I LOVE it! My favorite site to come visit every day!

  54. Always enjoy the candid moment captured in time~lovely!

  55. I didn’t know city hall could look so dreamy! And, um, that guy too. Teehee.

  56. oh wow, i love that! and i LOVE her dress! so beautiful. and a beautiful couple!

  57. Love it! They are so cute.

  58. simply wonderful. the pictures are beautiful and the moments that were captured looked perfect.

  59. ps: the rest of the pics are OMG as well! So cool and relaxed. She’s making me wish I hadn’t had a fringe cut into my hair…

  60. Very very pretty. I’d like to get married at City Hall in NYC!