A Proposal Story

For Christmas, I gave my friend Katherine a five-year diary, but I never would have guessed what would happen next. This weekend, her boyfriend Chad asked if she’d written anything in the journal for the day, and she said she hadn’t. “He handed me the diary, and I opened it to February 6th,” Katherine says. “He had written, in shaky, nervous handwriting, ‘Will you marry me?'” Then Chad got down on one knee and pulled out a Tiffany’s box, and Katherine said yes. What a romantic idea. Huge congratulations, you two!

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  3. On my birthday, awwww! That’s the sweetest thing. (:

  4. thats wonderful! congrats to your friends and what a lovely, tiny role you played :)

  5. This may be the best proposal story I have ever heard. Yeah, no, it definately is. Thanks for the smile.

  6. love it!

  7. Wow, that is one of the sweetest proposals I’ve heard of. I’m such a sucker for romantic gestures when done in the simplest, most thoughtful way possible. Congrats to your friends! (^_^)

  8. how adorable! my older sister gave me this exact same journal for christmas last year, and it’s the neatest thing to compare entries as i start filling up my second year. for example, i discovered that i got a job on feb 1 two years in a row!

  9. i love this. congratulations to your friends. what a lovely and thoughtful proposal!

  10. Anonymous says...

    Is there anyway to preview the inside of the 5 year diary?

  11. Awww, so cute! That’s absolutely adorable.

  12. so sweet! and i love how something you gave her became an indelible part of their history. very special.

  13. Ah how romantic!

    A Mexican chica living in Europe

  14. Probably made you feel good having added your little part to that romantic drama. Everybody loves a love story.

  15. It’s a love story baby just say yes..

  16. oh…the the person here who never thinks of marriage and stuff just became all melty…

  17. that is so utterly sweet and romantic. i wish them all the best! :)

  18. that is super cute..and super romantic…just great!

  19. Oh this is so cute! I have this diary!

  20. That is so sweet! I got my cousin one of those for Christmas. I hope it brings her good dating luck (and maybe a wedding proposal down the road). :) Congrats to your friend!

  21. supersweet! and now you’re part of their story :)

  22. congratulations to your friend! :D

  23. Such a sweet story! I wonder what she’ll be writing next Feb. 6th?

    My little brother gave me one of these journals for Christmas this year, and I’ve absolutely LOVED writing in it. 2-3 sentences is just long enough to remain manageable for me, and I’ve surprised myself by sticking with the habit for almost 2 months! It really was a wonderful gift.

  24. omg sooo cute! like someone else commented, I love quiet proposals.

  25. What!! Oh gosh, that’s just lovely!!

  26. oh, that is soo sweet, i brought one of these diarys last year in a sale, but havent used it yet coz im waiting for somthing “grown up” to happen (im 24) to mark the start date, a marrage proposal would definently be a great start

  27. Ohmigosh this is the cutest thing ever! Why don’t I ever meet boys with the good sense to do cute things like this?! Congratulations!! :)

  28. oh how lovely!! that is so romantic and cute!

  29. That is so sweet…

  30. Such a cute story!

  31. Annabel says...

    Haha, I would probably be a wee upset that my boyfriend looked in my diary….

  32. Ko says...

    I love this!! I hope they have a happy life together :)

  33. How sweet!!
    I love these proposal stories :)

  34. Adorable!

  35. awww how sweet is that!!

  36. I am such a sucker for proposal stories. They’re just so cute. Especially this one. Especially.

  37. LOVE it! I wish it were possible to propose to each other over and over again–there are so many wonderful ways to do it!

    My story? I proposed to him! I was browsing tomatoes in Union Square Green Market on my lunch break. I phoned him and said, “You wanna just get married?”

    Romantic, right? :-/

  38. aw, they look so cute and fun. Congratulations to them! Has she written a date in her planner yet?

  39. sb says...

    a modern day fairytale. i love it so much :)
    sylvie of silver lining

  40. What an awesome story!! Very cute.

  41. Aww so sweet – such a tender moment:)

    My proposal from my husband was SOOO not romantic, but it was funny and I think it suited us..

    Congrats to them!

  42. awwww how precious!!

  43. so cute!
    such a sweet idea <3

  44. Aww, that’s sweet! We got engaged on the 6th of Feb as well, 3 years ago!:)

  45. It is sweet when they are nervous.

  46. What a sweet story!
    I have this journal at home, it’s the perfect size to jot down quick things you always want to remember, and to compare them year after year! My bf and I take turns writing about what we ate, special events, the day we moved in together.. it’s really sweet.

  47. Such a great and thoughtful idea, congrats to your friend!!

  48. What an adorable idea! I just went to the website and checked out the journal, and then promptly put it on my birthday wish list : )

  49. sarah, if you click on the link it will take you to Canoe, a shop where you can buy it. xoxo thanks for all these sweet comments, and huge congrats to chad and katherine! they are so cute!!!

  50. that is adorable! and you were practically the matchmaker! congratulations to the two of them and thanks to you for sharing such a cute story.

  51. good man…..recorded for posterity…. i like it. :-)

  52. That is awfully sweet! I love hearing the creative ways boys propose. Such a special memory!

  53. They are too cute together! I love proposal stories so much. I have the best husband but his proposal was kind of lame so I enjoy hearing about other’s. I feel a need to teach my future son how to do a proper proposal.

  54. I just welled up a little (and I don’t even know your friends)! Thank you so much for sharing!

  55. so sweet and so fun that you were a part of it! i love, love, love the five-year diary. the hubs and i have one and have given them as gifts many times and everyone always loves them (great gift for new parents btw — and for v-day…). my husband isn’t normally the writing type, but has written in his every night for nearly two years now. and it’s the one item, other than a laptop and clothing, that made the one-suitcase-per-person cut while we are off traveling this year.

  56. sk says...

    I have one of those diaries and I LOVE it! Nothing that exciting has happened to me with mine, though :)
    What a sweet story!

  57. What a perfect proposal!

  58. That is the sweetest engagement story I’ve ever heard. What a thoughtful guy!

  59. So cute and romantic:))) Congratulations….

  60. that is so sweet! they are darling together!

  61. omg that is so romantic – i love it :) xx

  62. that is SO sweet! i agree there is something in the air (or in the water, as my friend stated)…so many people i know are getting married or having babies!!

  63. how sweet! i love it!

  64. Can we get a collective “AWWWWW!”? So cute. What a lovely story.

  65. what a cute an original idea! i love this so much!

  66. I love engagement stories! So cute!

  67. What a sweet story! I love proposal stories! :)

  68. That is so, so sweet! I love proposal stories!

  69. Where did you find this five year diary? I am going to anonymously send this story to my boyfriend and buy one and leave it out in the open…

    What a cute and special idea!

  70. What a great story! I love that journal too.

  71. What an adorable proposal! SO cute and low key!

  72. Um, HOW cute is that?! Congrats to them!

  73. Super cute way to propose! Journals/Diaries like that are awesome! I am starting my 4th year of a 10 year journal and I LOVE re-reading what I did in previous years!

  74. Aww! That’s such an adorable and clever way to pop the question!

  75. What a great story!!!!

  76. What a terrific proposal story! Made me smile. Well done, Joanna!


  77. Anonymous says...

    now she can write about herwedding and honeymoon!

  78. Oh my goodness, I am dying! That just gave me a tear or two.

  79. cute stories like this one always make me smile :)

  80. ab says...

    What a sweet proposal!

    I was considering one of those diaries for my 26-year-old, musician brother. What better way to document the footloose-and-fancy-free years? I may go ahead and get it for his b-day!

  81. That’s such a sweet and thoughtful proposal!

  82. Soooo sweet. Something the will have forever.

  83. what a sweet, original idea!! and they will have a keepsake of it forever… that just warms my heart! :)

  84. so sweet! and even better, now she has something tangible to remember that day forever (not that she would forget!)- something cute for the grandchildren to find one day :)

  85. Omg. What a great story. Great gift!

  86. That is the cutest proposal ever!

  87. So simple yet so romantic! lovely story!:)

  88. Aw, how cute! I love quiet proposals like this. :D

  89. maggie says...

    they will alwyas have that keepsake!

  90. Cuuuuute! Good friends of mine just got engaged yesterday! There’s something in the air! xx