Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings always seem so intimate and charming. Kelly and Steve tied the knot in their neighbor’s garden, where they wrote the seating chart on chalkboards and strung up sparkly cafe lights.
This new J. Crew wedding dress, with its flower trim, would be perfect for such an occasion, don’t you think? Where would you want to get married?

(Wedding photos by Sarah Yates and event design by La Partie, via OnceWed; dress layout by Lace and Tea)

  1. My friend’s sister wore this dress for her wedding. She offered it to me if I ever get married. It is perfect.

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  4. So very cute and romantic, too! If I were their neighbor, I would love the chance to have them use my backyard garden.
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  6. We are planning a backyard wedding for next June at our house. Thank you for some inspiration on the seating and lighting and the dress! :)

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  16. Very good idea !! I have never seen backyard wedding. My friend is getting married next month. I will tell him about this wedding. Any ways this wedding dress is also looking beautiful. Diamond jewelry will look exclusive with this dress.

  17. What a stunning scenery! I would love the have a backyard wedding like this, it’s beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. So pretty. I’m planning an outdoor wedding, and though I was thinking of doing round tables, I really like the look of the rectangular wooden ones there!

  19. That wedding dress is so gorgeous!The whole wedding setting was perfect.I really love weddings that are close to nature..

  20. We had a backyard wedding that was intimate and perfect. But it was in August, so we moved it inside for the reception!

  21. I *love* the dress and those beautiful lights and romantic setting. Gorgeous!

  22. I never really know what kind of wedding I wanted until I saw such a BEAUTIFUL backyard wedding. I always imagined them to be a little frumpy and unappealing, but all the posts you’ve made about backyard weddings have given me new imagination!

  23. i love intimate at home weddings.

    we got married on my parent’s horse ranch… surrounded by the mountains and the sunset. it was perfect. just perfect.

    i actually just posted the photos yesterday!

  24. lovelovelove that dress! i want to get married on a barn with a bluegrass band playing and tons of vegan delights and few close friends and family.

  25. I love backyard weddings! The dress is beautiful – maybe my favorite J Crew gown yet.

    I’m getting married next may, and I would be lying if I didn’t say that your wedding posts are a major inspiration. We’re getting married in a tiny nature preserve, between an old barn (with goat!) and a horse pasture. The only bathroom is a port-o-let. “Rustic.” Haha!

  26. This is SOOO pretty! I’m engaged and trying to find ideas for my wedding (if we have a wedding). I keep going back and forth between having the whole shabang or not and getting hitched in the court…..

  27. Love the look of trees laden with twinkly lights!

  28. how lovely is this wedding!!!! i love the casual and personable feel of it! if i had to do it all over again i would be all for that, complete with string lights, lanterns, simple guitar music and dancing under the stars…{sigh!}

  29. i still love your wedding pictures the best joanna!
    THAT DRESS!!! what a lovely garden wedding :)

  30. Anonymous says...


  31. okay, so where was this dress when i got married? absolutely gorgeous!

  32. Oh, how pretty and perfect!! I’ve been eyeing that dress for quite some time now, it’s so so beautiful. Quite perfect actually. Oh, now I’m off to day dream!

  33. My fiance and I are getting married on Bainbridge Island across from Seattle. A close friend of the family has offered up his land for us. It is a beautiful estate with a clearing in the forest overlooking the water. We are planning a backyard wedding not unlike the one in your photo. Cedar stage, folk band, twinkle lights, vintage tins with wild flowers, and a hodge podge of whimsical notions to boot. Nothing like a backyard wedding. My dress is also from JCrew-and fits the occasion perfectly. Yay for JCrew! Great post!

  34. That backyard garden is GORGEOUS! OMG I think I want that for mine someday (wink wink) Fabulous.


  35. Oh my – such beauty! I so wish I could be doing a backyard wedding but I just seemed to lack the backyard! I love it!!!

  36. I LOVED that dress when I saw it! If I didn’t already have a dress for my wedding in July, I might have made it mine!

  37. Anonymous says...

    This is SO gorgeous (and so is the website you linked to). I’ve never been the type to daydream about weddings but I think I just decided I want an outdoors one. :-) Now I have to start making friends with nice yards.

  38. oooo gorgeous wedding AND dress. j.crew never disappoints. i wore their chiffon whitney dress for our wedding this past summer…it felt like a DREAM. it’s hanging in the closet and every other day i secretly want to put it back on and twirl around :)

  39. every time you do a wedding post it just makes me want to get married all over again [to the same guy of course]! what a beautiful dress and radical backyard wedding!

  40. this post is so lovely… hmmmm the wedding day… i do await at some point… beaver creek colorado? or napa? nantucket? hmmmmmm God only knows!
    this wedding looks amazing…. xx pam

  41. Wow Gorgeous J Crew dress!!! I think that would have even been lovely for my beach side wedding. If I had more time, I think a private beach-front estate backyard wedding would have been even more intimate.

    Visit me @

  42. What an AMAZING wedding dress…
    It’s classy, sophisticated & feminine, all without being over the top.
    I absolutely LOVE it. I may just have to nab that image to show my fiance – fingers crossed he thinks its a winner too..!

  43. Beautiful! While we’re getting married in a church, my fiance and I are planning on having our reception at my sister’s home. I’m definitely going to look at these photos for ideas.

  44. I love weddings so much! Especially pretty outdoor ones with twinkly lights. Is there anything greater??

    My college has these amazing buildings with grand staircases and i’ve been trying to figure out the logistics of how i could be married on them. Lol.

  45. oh my goodness! this is so so beautiful!
    when I plan my wedding, I would LOVE something pretty and intimate like this!
    My sister is getting married next year, I will have to show her this!
    Thanks! :) xx

  46. I love this look! I am getting married this summer and this gives me some great ideas and inspiration!! I just ordered my dress in December, but that J Crew dress in amazing!

  47. those twinkle lights make it look oh so magical. i’d like to have more tiny lights in my life.

  48. Gorgeous pics, the flowers are STUNNING!!!! I love the colors.

    I have been to a few backyard weddings and love the intimate feel.

  49. You have amazing taste. The lights in the trees and the flowers make the perfect fairy tale scene. How do you discover all of the weddings?

  50. That wedding looks like my dream! Love those long tables! And the flowers on the Jcrew dress look similar to the dress at the wedding I just went to!

  51. Love this wedding! Amazing to every last detail.

  52. Aww so pretty! My wedding was on the beach which was my dream and I couldn’t ask for more. But I would love to have another wedding (LOL) somewhere other than the beach next time!

  53. These are splendid. I agree–backyard weddings are the best. They sometimes take a bit more work to set up, but the combination of homey-ness and creativity can make for the most memorable wedding imaginable!

  54. in love with that dress. the floral detailing is exquisite!

  55. This is so pretty, reminds me of my wedding in my neighbours garden- there were lots of hidden corners with rose covered benches and scattered champagne buckets, perfect-thanks to the English summer( which actually lasted a whole week that year!

  56. I have always wanted an outdoor wedding and this is my dream wedding-these pictures!!! I love the dress, although I would alike one just above the knee I think for me. :)

  57. This is soooo gorgeous. I’ll be daydreaming for years.

  58. Hello Jo! Lovely post. Why do you always find the most amazing stuff?!

  59. I bookmarked this wedding a little while ago. I fell in love with the deep wood and the contrast of the green and the twinkling lights. So beautiful!

  60. V says...

    That dress is darling;)

  61. LOVELY, thats all i gotta say.

  62. These photographs make me so excited for the wedding I am photographing this summer. In my mind it looks just like this with lots of wood and sparkling lights.

  63. i love backyard, daytime weddings. i don’t know anyone with so much space, so we’re renting a historic mansion here in new england with beautiful landscaping. i’m imagining croquet on the lawn, lemonade on the porch, and lots of exploring inside of the house. the best part for my tight budget is that the house is so well preserved with cool stuff, from original wall paper and paintings, the original owner’s library (complete with books and a 2′ model ship!) etc. that i don’t need to spend tons of money on decorations.

  64. I wonder if I got that JCrew dress and cut it short it would work for our civil ceremony??

  65. I’m not even CLOSE to getting married, and I just saved this link to my secret “wedding” folder in my gmail acct and emailed it to my best friend….HOW GORGEOUS! My dream wedding is in a garden, very simple, classic, and almost exactly like this one!!!!

  66. that’s exactly how we want the lights at our reception! we are getting married at winery in Oregon this summer and we’re going to have long wooden tables like that and I don’t want a tent because I don’t want to obstruct the gorgeous view! So excited! :)

  67. How beautiful and simple! Perfect atmosphere!
    That dress is to die for!

  68. Thank you Joanna I will defintiely check those places out! Cheers :)

  69. sarah, i’ve only been to LA a few times, but i love huckleberry cafe and comme ca. have a great trip!

  70. I adore the floral trim on the new J.Crew bridal selections. What a refreshing, romantic setting for a warm-weathered wedding. Swoon!


  71. The thing with weddings is that they only happen once in a lifetime (hopefully). I wish I could throw such gloriously atmospheric parties on a regular basis! how beautiful.

  72. That dress is gorgeous! Looks like the second dress I wore during my wedding but without the flowers. My in-laws have a gorgeous and huge backyard and I did say it’d be cool to have the wedding there… no one thought I was serious lol

  73. Hi Joanna
    This is a bit random, not connected to this post at all sorry. But I am in LA next weekend (and only have the weekend free) and would really appreciate some tips/advice from you or your readers as to where you think I should go/see/visit etc. I’m staying in Beverley Hills.
    Thanks so much
    Sarah from NZ

  74. Backyard weddings are so simple yet elegant. I love them so much! Lovely post, as always. :)

  75. i LOVE that wedding dress!! simply gorgeous. and i’m dreaming of my wedding being outdoors with fun lighting and lots of laughter and dancing :)

  76. looks like the setting for a perfect day!!

  77. What a gorgeous dress and setting!

  78. It’s a toss up for me – either a beach or in a park in Paris. And in that J Crew dress, I think I could get married anywhere and feel amazing. :)

  79. Wowo really gorgeous backyeard and stunning dress! that sounds just perfect if you ask me:) x

  80. I would wear that dress in a heart beat. I love it. And backyard weddings are ever so charming!

    I can’t wait until I get married.

  81. Elese says...

    I saw this wedding on Once Wed last week and I fell in love! All I need now is a willing groom and a neighbors perfect backyard and I’m all set!

  82. I loved this wedding, I am helping two different friends get married and find things and in the process I am making a folder of things I love, this went in it!

  83. I’ve always wanted to get married on the beach. That dress would be perfect for that as well :)

  84. i love that dress. so beautiful. and those train pjs are pretty freaking adorable. i’m so excited for you. please promise me you’ll slather baby magic lotion all over him. yum.

  85. That wedding and that dress are perfection. It makes me wish I could have multiple weddings…to the same man of course.

  86. Hopefully in the garden of my family home in north London..under the blossom trees with lanterns and everyone dancing until the wee hours. My parents sometimes wonder if they should sell the house but know they have to wait until I get married..! Thanks for a lovely post!

  87. ohhhh I really LOVE this. I would want something this charming and intimate.

  88. we’re getting married under the tree where my guy proposed and then going to dinner at a delicious french restaurant in monterey. less than three months to go! i do love backyard weddings though.

  89. this is all gorgeous. very mid summer nights dream. and surprisingly i love the dress too…. magic! thanks for posting.

  90. that dress is perfection + their wedding just looks so magical.

  91. So lovely, I am helping to plan a backyard wedding for this summer so thanks for the ideas!

  92. a backyard wedding is my dream, but then i worry i’d be too paranoid about the weather for it to be worth it. but then i see pictures like this and i’m convinced the worrying is worth it :).

  93. perfect perfect perfect. sigh.

  94. this is so romantic and beautiful…i hope my wedding has this sort of feel!

  95. I think this is what I would want all the way! My sister is getting married on an apple farm. I can’t wait. It’s going to be gorgeous.

  96. So beautiful! I agree that the J.Crew dress is gorgeous. It’s very ethereal.

  97. That J. Crew dress is absolutely GORGEOUS!! such a lovely and elegant dress!!

  98. Darling wedding. I can just imagine all those seats filled with laughter & good cheer!

  99. I’ve talked about getting married in my parents’ back yard for years, and if I do, you can bet I’ll be carrying these photos around in my head when it happens. Love those lights!

  100. oooh cheesecake would be amazing at a wedding!

  101. What a Lovely idea of a backyard wedding. My parents got married in my grandma’s backyard in a gazebo. I love the pictures.

    That dress is adorable.

  102. I’ve always wanted a backyard wedding — and this one is just gorgeous. My only huge requests are good food, some delicious cheesecake, and lots of hanging lanterns. The J.Crew dress is beautiful but I’d want something even simpler for the event (I’m just not much of a poofy flowers girl).

  103. I’ve been obsessing over weddings this week and I love this one!! I also love that dress! I saw it yesterday for the firs time and decided immediately that if I were in the market for a wedding dress, that would be it! It’s so simple and playful, I love it!!

  104. That J.Crew wedding dress is SPECTACULAR. I would so wear that in a heartbeat. It’s such a perfect blend of comfort with elegance. Lots and lots of it!
    You always post such beautiful weddings, this backyard ceremony is nothing short of awesome. The more I think about it, the more I want nothing to do with a stuffy traditional ceremony. Fun is the most important thing in my book!