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  3. I loved stretchy lovely shirts during both of my pregnancies!

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  8. So good to see chic clothes for expectant moms, your blog is so cool.

  9. What a pretty shirt! So basic yet chic!

  10. Je ne craque pas souvent sur un tee shirt mais celui là il particulièrement séduisant il n’y a pas d’autres mots

  11. I bet the little pop looks adorable!

  12. I LOVE these shirts. I gave one to my sister-in-law for Christmas–somehow resisted the urge to keep it for myself (it wasn’t easy!)

  13. I started popping at 4 months, too. But just WAIT until you hit the 5th month! All my long t’s and tanks – that still fit – started riding up in front, exposing the belly. So, maternity t’s it is. I’m now nearly 6 months and feel her wiggling all the time!

  14. How cute is this tee? And even cuter the thought of you and your cute belly popping in it!!! :)

  15. Oh my goodness! They are my favorite tee’s… BUT, wow! Your going to have a baby… I am so happy for the two of you and of course your little one… xoxo

  16. Soooo pretty! Congrats on having a bun in the oven. :-)

  17. oh they are my very favorite tee’s. love the little touch of feminine they have! can’t wait to see your little nugget!

  18. these are beautiful!! I loved stretchy lovely shirts during both of my pregnancies! ;) I am sure you look more and more fabulously glowing every day! I can’t wait to see updated photos!!

  19. Wow, how fun. I love looking at all the great pregnant clothes that are out now! Enjoy every minute.

  20. i lived in j.crew painter tees throughout my pregnancy. perfect length and stretchy softness. i think i had 1 or 2 in every color. that is all i wore. so much so, i had to give them to the salvation army once i had my baby because i couldn’t bear wearing them anymore!

    can’t wait to see pregnancy photos of you! i hope you are feeling well.

  21. i always steal my mom’s j crew tees. they are soooo soft and stretchy! i like to think she doesn’t notice…

  22. I have loved JCrew for as long as I can remember. :) I love the floral tee… no baby belly for me but does my rapidly expaning waistline from holiday eating count??

  23. jcrew is my fav store!! i LOVE their tee’s

  24. haha, will take photos very soon!! xoxo thanks for your lovely comments.

  25. Loving their tees! Have you been taking pictures of your growing belly? I hope when it’s my turn I’ll remember to!

  26. Love that T-shirt! The floral design is so unique. But I just checked online and it will not be available to ship until February.
    All the best to you!

  27. I bought a bunch of J.Crew tissue tees a few sizes larger than my normal size, and they carried me almost all the way to nine months. And they were really comfortable after I had my baby, especially at the hospital. So many maternity clothes are incredibly unflattering, and just make you look fat, not pregnant! Actually, Liz Lange maternity clothes at Target are really flattering. Good luck!

  28. wow!! it looks so cool darling!!


  29. J.Crew after x-mas sales are the best…an extra 25% off….so I would seriously go shop. :)

  30. Oh that’s so cute! I am going thyrough such a t-shirt phase at the moment! Congrats on the baby news too!

  31. yes! please post pictures soon!

  32. i can’t wait for the adorable belly shots!

  33. Post More Pictures PLEASE!! :-)

  34. hooray for growing bellies!!! :) I’m on the hunt for some fab maternity clothes…topshop!!

  35. Also, I just saw on Smitten {I can’t seem to comment on there!} that you hate going out on NYE….you are not alone!! We never go out! I’m planning on baking and making a HUGE feast for me a my hubby! Candlelight & lots of classic movies! That’s how we like it!

  36. how exciting! Dressing the belly…
    hippest belly around i am sure

    great sweater…


  37. pictures pictures pictures! you can’t say you “really popped” and not bring the pictures!

    -your loyal blog-reader (which means I think I somehow know you and can demand such things :-), Tamara

  38. i agree with nina…anytime i step into a baby gap i start to drool…i am so excited for you!

  39. omg, the nursery! whenever i go into a babygap or god help me, pottery barn kids, (why do i even let myself go in there?) i just drool… i can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    oh babies. they’re heaven. enjoy every moment of this, joanna! :) (i’m sure you are.)


  40. Congrats on popping!! I love these tees!!

  41. J Crew has come such a long was since the 90’s. Can’t wait to see the belly photos!

  42. adorable – can’t wait to see photos!

  43. I’m sure you and your growing belly would look chic in just about anything! You’re going to be the most darling mother. So excited for you!
    XXX Kate

  44. Very cute, indeed :)

  45. I don’t think I’ve ever even been in a J. Crew store or own anything J. Crew. I gotta check this store out. Awww..congrats to you again. =)

  46. That tshirt is ADORABLE! Hmm I think I know what I’m spending my Xmas gift-card on!

  47. sooooo cute! i love these! funky! i bet you look adorable in them! SKV6.BLOGSPOT.COM

  48. I love their tshirts!!! i wore alot of their tops before I really popped with my two kiddos :) then you can still wear them later too.

  49. those tees are so pretty – perfect for dress up casual! and i’m looking forward to pix of your nursery…how fun to plan that!!

  50. jcrew favorite tanks are super long. they were the only ones that worked in the final trimester! i highly recommend fold-over waist yoga pants, too. can’t wait to see how the nursery unfolds. i wish leon had taken to his crib, his room just doesn’t seem right without one.

  51. i agree– these tees are fab. i always love buying them on sale because it pains me how much they cost at full-price.

  52. aw, you guys are SO cute!!!! i will show a belly shot soon! and we’re starting to think about the nursery, it’s so exciting!! :)

  53. I love those t shirts too. and oh, please tell us everything about your pregnancy! seriously ;) i am living vicariously through you until it’s my turn! :)

    xoxox. nina

  54. For the record, I’m not a huge baby / pregnancy person, but every time you post something about yours I go “awhhh!”

  55. Yay! You have to show us a picture – and talk about baby names. And nursery ideas! And start showcasing adorable baby outfits – I’m so excited for you guys!

    (Can you tell?)

  56. Anonymous says...

    Joanne, I love your blog. It is such a joy. Do you plan on writing a book? I think you should.

  57. maggie says...


  58. Aww, you will be a super chic mommy-to-be!