Gift Guide Part #7: Your Best Friend Who Always Insists on Ordering Dessert and Whose Laugh Makes You Laugh.

Fabulously false eyelashes, ’cause every girl needs a pair, $25.

Hugs scarf, since she lives 3,000 miles too far from you, $95.

A feel-good print to make her smile, $29.99.

The Barefoot Contessa’s dessert mixes, $11. (My mom swears by them!)

Silhouette coffee mugs, $65.

French Milk, a graphic novel about a girl’s trip to Paris. $10.80.

Chocolate French bulldogs, $28.

Heart tights or polka-dot tights, like this Copenhagen cutie. $14.

(Twiggy photo via Ms. Lilien; cupcake photo by Jennifer)

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  3. I’ve been looking for tights like this, and I have friends that would like them too!! Your blog is beautiful by the way. :-)

  4. In England you can get the heart tights in Topshop!

  5. i love everything in this! i really love those tights, and the french bulldog chocolates and the book and the cupcakes and just everything! great job!

  6. I bought French Milk yesterday on Amazon! I cannot wait until it gets here :-D

  7. alright, so this gift guide is meant just for me. (minus the cupcakes.)
    i need to email it to all my friends.

  8. OOOOH! I just made chocolate cupcakes but haven’t frosted them yet… I think half the batch will have peanut butter frosting. THANKS!

  9. The cupcake looks delicious.

  10. You’re the best! I love your gift guides.
    French Milk will be the perfect gift for a friend. In my shopping cart on already.

    Thank you!

  11. Barefoot Contessa’s cupcakes are AMAZING. (another suggestion is her coconut cupcakes, also available in a kit) I’m partial to the ones I bake from her cookbook but the kit cupcakes are a great quick fix that are amazing!

    Hmmm good thing I’m done Xmas shopping, then I don’t feel so bad shopping for me :) Great gift guide!

  12. melanie, haha, i did the same thing — bought the heart tights as a gift for myself :)

  13. This list is dead on! It’s so funny because as soon as I read the title of course I had one person in mind seeing as I just got back from a little dessert trip at an authentic italian restaurant with my best friend, who of course, insisted on dessert.. we ended up with three to share between us! But not only that, as I went down the list from one to the next everything sparked a memory and each one is more than a perfect suitable gift. Thank you!

  14. haha that tea towel is appropriate for many people I know

  15. AH says...

    A hug scarf awww I love it!

  16. That tea towel is amazing!

  17. the cupcakes look delicious and must order those tights


  18. I LOVE the daniel craig tea towel (I’m a tea towel fanatic – so many great designs out there!) Oh and the silhoutte mugs – what a great gift idea. Thanks for the ideas!

  19. I have been on an endless search for a gift for my best friend – French Milk is absolutely PERFECT for her! Thank you so so much.

  20. those heart stockings are too cute. I might have to do a gift for me of them. hehe.

  21. your mom is totally right… barefoot contessa mixes are phenomenal and perfect for those of us who are challenged in the baking department :)

  22. Amelia G. says...

    lovely gifts! this year i bought all my friends some blank writing tablets, colorful ink pads, and assorted stamps from this ( ) adorable etsy store… hopefully now we’ll have the cutest correspondences around!

  23. Great items…gives me some good ideas! xoxo

  24. the scarf is cool! all my bff’s live 500 miles away from me, they’d love this. haha

  25. I -LOVE- the little tea towel! Novel yet so true. :P Second favorite would be the Chocolate French Bulldogs (too cute to eat). And third would be French Milk, looks like a great read. Thanks for the awesome ideas!

  26. this is my favorite gift guide yet. I die for everything one here, especially the tights! You do such a good job at finding a variety of items for all different budgets. Love it! <3

  27. These gift guides are so lovely! I’m particularly fond of your description of life’s various people, ie “your best friend who insists on ordering desert and whose laugh makes you laugh.” I have one of those, and she deserves all these wonderful gifts and more. Thanks for being so lovely!

  28. Amen to Daniel Craig. He is sooo dreamy.

  29. Love the tights! And I have to try that cupcake recipe! :-)

  30. I’m with your mom, Joanna. I made Ina’s chocolate peanut butter cupcake mix for a party a year ago, and they were a huge hit. I went the “made from scratch” route a second time with a homemade chocolate cupcake and homemade peanut butter frosting (because my Dan loves that combo more than Xbox). Sadly the hours of work did not pay off — he likes the mix way better.

  31. Great links! Thanks so much for sharing!

    i think i’d want mine to say “Leo DiCap” though! ha!

  33. Anonymous says...

    Love everything! I only wish the towel said George Clooney ;-)

  34. Fabulous Falsies? Spot on sister!


    Mrs. Lilien

  35. my best friend recommended french milk when i was venturing to paris for the first time. Great list!! you hit it right on the mark!

  36. i love the hug scarf!

  37. Amazing. I’d absolutely LOVE getting everything on this gift guide myself, which is how I know a gift guide is great, haha!

  38. I love the tea towel. And I could think of a few names to add to it. ;)

  39. aw, dancing branflake, that is so cute :)

  40. You’ve hit the nail on the head. First, you described me, then you’ve listed everything that I would love to have for Christmas. Nothing here would disapoint me. I love this list, I’m linking to you in my blog. =] ♥♥♥

  41. I know this sounds random but every time I look at your blog it makes me want to go to France. So, I basically want to go to France everyday. Especially today. Le sigh.

  42. That tea towel is hilarious and I want one of those cupcakes right now!

  43. I love this list. I want everything on it!!

  44. I hope someone thinks I’m this type of best friend, cause I heart all of these!

  45. Okay, this is officially my favorite Gift Guide – the title alone thrills me! I want each and every one of these things for myself; and I want to buy each and every one of these things for one of my closest friends. Love! :)

  46. I love the heart tights, I had a lovely pair myself until I was in a rush this morning and laddered them. But I’ll be paying a trip to UO this week to get another pair!

  47. What a witty, whimsical roundup. I feel seriously behind on gifts this year. Partying in Miami and visiting Art Basel this last week hasn’t gotten me any closer.

    By the way, I wear fake eyelashes going to the gym. Is that totally weird?

  48. Barefoot Contessa’s brownie mix is amazing as well – pricely, but SO good!

  49. Anonymous says...

    My favorite kind of people are those who insist on ordering dessert!

  50. Great list! I’ve had the Barefoot Contessa, Chocolate with Chocolate Frosting Cupcakes and they are, without a doubt, the best cupcakes I have ever had.

  51. I love this! Especially French Milk!

  52. The leggings remind me of the ones my mom used to dress me up in. You know–the white ones with the red hearts.

  53. Is it sad that I want everything on this list for myself?!

  54. Love the little chocolate french bulldogs. Too cute to eat! And we must be on the same wavelength today–I just finished a post on applying false lashes.
    XO Piper

  55. That scarf is great! I actually just got my best friend this scarf ( a thank you for all her work for my wedding. In the card with it I said: Think of this as a hug every time you wear it!

  56. I’m all over fake eyelashes right now. And I’ve been wanting to read French Milk since you first posted about it. Add in those cute tights and I’ll be set!


  57. the scarf is a ridiculously cute gift indeed.

  58. The book is the cutest thing!

  59. That tea towel is too good to be true, a great gift for sure!

  60. That tea towel is absolutely cracking me up and oh so true. Ah ha ha

  61. this is my favorite gift guide so far! everything is perfect for my friends that live far away.

  62. these gifts are lovely! i want one of each, please. :) and maybe the tea towel is my fave!

  63. I need those cupcakes! Fabulous list! :)

  64. I did in fact buy my best friend that Daniel Craig tea towel, last year!

  65. Thanks for the wonderful gift lists! I recently also posted about The Contessa’s cupcake recipe, we enjoyed them last weekend and they are truly the best around.

  66. Oh that Daniel Craig towel- HA! Genius!

  67. Hi!!! Looove the tights they’re really cute.

    I know that maybe you can’t understand what I write but you have to check my blog because last week I learned that Valeria “ValBlue” McCulloch the girl who only wears blue that you inteviewed several months ago it’s venezuelan like me, so… I write something in my blog where I daid I found out about her because my favorite blogger writed something about monochromatic newyorkers in NYmag.

    Anyways, sorry for my bad english!



  68. All affordable and stylish!!

  69. maggie says...

    this is the best gift guide so far!

  70. I need the feel good print!!

    So Happy :)

  71. oh my goodness, rachel, that is SO funny. i just laughed out loud, as they say :)

  72. Joanna, you have THE BEST gift guides dh-ling!

  73. Ooh! This list is scrumptious. Have you seen the Tokyo Lash Bar at Shu Uemura? I ♡ the fleur-ever.

  74. the pieces you choose are always spot-on and fabulous, but it’s the titles that make me infinitely happy.

  75. Ooooh! I always thought that the “hug scarf” was a “boob feel up scarf”. I feel silly… it’s much more classy now!

    On a separate note though, the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes are TO DIE FOR. My sister and I make these for her birthday every year :)