Cup-of-Jo Gift Guide Part #1: Your Mom Who Makes the Best Roast Chicken and Always Sounds Excited When You Call.

Wild mushroom apron, $36.

Baaah, a sheep’s milk soap, $12.

Lavender sachets to make even socks smell sweet, $39.

Paris decoupage plate for her desk, $48.

Chunk honey, made in Maryland by cutting a piece of raw honeycomb off the hive, $24.

Victorian cameo ring from the 1800’s, $190. (Can you imagine all the lovely ladies who have worn this ring? It’s probably played the piano, ridden in horse-drawn carriages and held lots of babies.)

Born Round, the hilarious memoir of a former New York Times food critic, $10.

Foot massage gift certificate, $75. ‘Cause it’s good to feel kneaded.

  1. My goodness…my mom would love all of these! Seriously, do you know my mom? Too perfect!

  2. Thank you so much for the memoir! It’s PERFECT for her! Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Ahh Joanna, I’m going to enjoy this series I can feel it! Love the vegge candles, that’s so my Mum!

  4. I was at an antique show last weekend and kept gravitating toward the cameo jewelry. Love it!

  5. My mother has that ring! She wore a cameo ring like that for years in place of a wedding ring (now she has a different ring). It makes me very nostalgic, seeing it here. And clearly it’s an appropriate gift for a mother!

  6. Anonymous says...

    I love the mushroom apron!

  7. Great ideas! Especially the foot massage. Although I may need to get that one for me. ;)

  8. Sweet gifts, I’m sure my mom would like one of each!

  9. Jo, you just did most of my shopping for me! Thanks so much for these ideas! I hope someone takes a hint and gets a few of these lovely things for you as well.

  10. this is a lovely list, and i am especially lusting over the cameo ring.
    and i may just have to get that sweet apron for my mother.

  11. maggie says...

    i am loving all of these ideas! i can’t wait to see more!

  12. I Love the honeycomb! It looks so yummy. The foot massages are what I would want most!! Thanks for the great ideas. I love your blog :)

  13. I love the apron. My husband got me the cutest apron from Anthropologie and I plan on wearing it forever just so I can always be a hot mama in the kitchen, even when I’m 50.

  14. I love the apron. Great guide!

  15. IMHO you have the best gift guides on the Internet and this one is no exception. Every year I go back to the old ones to get inspiration!

  16. Anonymous says...

    Love all of it!

  17. The ring — oh my — want it for myself.

  18. These are all amazing ideas!

  19. I want that honey comb jar under my tree. It’s so cute. Thanks for all the great gift ideas.

  20. Lovely gift picks! I’m terrible at buying gifts hehe Those veggie candles are hilarious and I really love that cameo ring!

  21. ‘Born Round’? that’s the greatest title in the history of books. I think i might have to buy it – it sounds too good. (I’ll also have to resist the temptation to keep it.)

  22. love everything joanna thanks!

  23. My mother is a honey addict – she will eat it straight from the jar! I need to buy her the Chunk Honey! :)

  24. Awesome gifts! I need to feel “kneaded” right about now! :)

  25. Love the candle but absolutely need the ring. So romantic and perfect in every way!

  26. fabulous finds – the honey looks delicious

  27. Anonymous says...

    That book would make a great gift…I am totally snagging that for someone on my list. And the sheep is adorable. Glad you’re feeling better today. Hopefully you can chill this weekend a bit:)

  28. joanna, have you (or has anyone reading) actually smelled the snow perfume? i saw it elsewhere and wondered if it could actually smell like snow. so curious!

  29. “good to feel kneaded” — that totally cracks me up

    and those candles are too cute!

  30. These are fabulous. Perfume that smells like snow… oh my gosh!