Country house

Welcome back! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. We just got back from sunny California, and now I’m daydreaming about warm balmy days. Take a look at this couple’s rad country house in upstate New York (what a dream!)…

You can play ping-pong with a pup…

…stop to smell the wildflowers…

…swim in the backyard…

…store whisky on wooden beams…

…and make your own pickles and jam (yum).

And, when asked what surprised them most about country life, they answered, “Secret waterfalls and bears.” Awesome!

(Photos by Todd Selby)

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  3. It’s so amazing! I always think life must be so much easier in a place like this. I want to have a place like that in future, I have to!

  4. I’m officially jealous. I want to live in a place like that, make my own pickles and have a ping-pong playing dog or cat. Fabulous life.

  5. what a gorgeous home! i could only wish to have such a lovely little treasure of my own someday.

  6. aw :) ‘secret waterfalls and bears’ are such awesome things to be surprised by.

  7. this post is making me miss home so much!!!

  8. Amazing! I’m from a small town (in Holland) myself but live in Madrid since 4 months. Now I realize how nice it is; the nature, the silence..

    I love your blog btw. It’s really inspiring and gives me this cozy feeling

  9. beautiful. It also sounds like they travel a lot, so possibly they could contact me about house-sitting?

  10. Alot of people blogged about this house. The swimming people is out of this world..

  11. i was going through the selby the other day and just told my girlfriend how much i love this house. and the dog!

  12. Three weeks ago I was excited as Chicago was getting our first snow. Now I see your pictures and am ready for summer. Went to my friend’s shop today ( and saw all his Hampton-style goodies and wanted watermelon and something linen. Never mind the high tomorrow is 9! Thanks for this sip of warmer days.

  13. That’s my kinda country house! :) I think the whiskey on the wood beam makes it.

  14. I want to move to the country and have a garden. This is lovely.

  15. Loved it all, can’t have it all, but I’m going to get a big American flag and make a start by hanging it somewhere very cool in my house!

  16. My dream is to live in a place like that but I hate bugs so much I’m not sure how well I would fare there. Beautiful photos. Love the narration.

  17. that looks absolutely lovely! i’m not much of a country girl, but this is beginning to sway my mind… hope you had a lovely holiday!

    xo katherine aka. urban flea :)

  18. Yes, I LOVE being a country mouse and true Upstater! I think it’s funny when people say anything south of around Beacon is “upstate.”

  19. Life….brings the stories to us…smiles.

  20. i love it. plain and simple – the garden and pool – to die for.

  21. I need to figure out a way to have a life like that in country but my professional career has always taken me to the city!

  22. yep…living in upstate ny ROCKS!!! ;)

    glad you had a great trip!

  23. I love this! I want a house just like it.

  24. Beautiful photos! I just recently found your blog and fell in love instantly. Also, congrats on the recent family news! :)

  25. kali, that is so funny! i would have loved to say hello! xoxo

  26. very nice! I’m in the fortunate situation of living 5 mintues from the beach in one direction, or 10 minutes into the countryside in the other. when it’s time for my husband and I to buy a house, it’s gonna be a super tough decision!

  27. so sweet!

  28. Would love a country home equipped with a kitchen good enough for canning and jamming. Maybe some day.

  29. this is seriously my dream house. i hope i can live somewhere this perfect one day.

  30. I swear I saw you riding your bike on Venice Beach on Saturday with your man! I was running with my boyfriend and I told him that you are the writer for my favorite blog! :) Hope you had a great trip!

  31. nc says...

    how do a couple of artists afford a gorgeous place like that?? what am i doing wrong? that is just awesome.