1. Completely agree… If only I could have a whole body, face and wardrobe transplant!

  2. So so pretty! I love her giant scarf, but it’s the shoes that really do it for me! Just did a big round-up of that style (http://tinyurl.com/yk3kg5b) and they’re at the top of my list for christmas!

  3. Bangs are so chic!

  4. Best look ever! I love it!

  5. I’m half danish…I love this…finally people are recognizing copenhagen is the new paris.

  6. Effortlessly chic and adorable. I need to recreate this… thanks for the inspiration!

  7. i love her tights and her top knot bun. she looks so beautiful without even trying hard.

  8. oh my goodness…everyone is talking about this girl. i’ve seen her everywhere!

  9. I love the tights! I just got me a pair!! :) Lovely just lovely.

    You are lovely too Joanna. I love love love visiting your blog. Take care & stay gorgeous :)

    Love & Aloha!!

  10. I’ve seen this a few times now and I never tire of it. I want to wear this exact outfit everyday!

  11. thanks joanna! i actually spent a little time looking and found some cute ones on freepeople.com, and only 15$, i’m ordering them when i get paid tomorrow! also, thanks for the great bun tutorial, it works really well!

  12. oh gosh LOVE the big funnel scarf!! And the patterned tights.

  13. wow love that outfit as a whole!!

  14. Love her bangs…she’s totally fabulous! What a fabulous huge scarf inspiration photo!!!

  15. Maybe she used your bun tutorial huh? She’s a cutie for sure. I always second guess carrying a brown bag with a black outfit, but she pulls it off wonderfully.

  16. What Molly Jean said…and bangs! How can you resist someone so fashionable who also has cute bangs?! :)

  17. I love her hair and tights! Adorable!

  18. Anonymous says...

    The tights are from H&M. Dont know if you can buy them in all countries, but here in Denmark they are very popular!

  19. YES. When I saw this photo on For Me, For You, I sent it to some of my Danish-enthusiast friends. I’m really digging her zip-up dress/jacket.

  20. Darling tights! Plus she looks very confident–which is the most important accessory to a chic look. =)

  21. ab says...

    Really cute. The scarf borders on the ridiculous, but… how cozy. And I’d take an oversized scarf over an oversized bag any day.

    My almost-three-year-old just looked at this picture and asked, “Is she trying to catch a kitty-cat?”

  22. I love it too!

  23. She looks so French!! It’s that messy bun you were talking about :à

  24. Oh my gosh, no kidding. What a doll.

  25. I have to say my favorite part of her outfit is the tights. Very cute! I just bought my first pair of polka dot tights!

  26. BANGS!

  27. i love comfy and cozy outfits.

  28. I just cut my bangs two days ago. I was a little iffy until I saw this post. Thanks! I feel much more chic and confident.

  29. LOVE those tights! she looks so cute and cozy! anyone know where i could find some?

  30. Ooh…I haven’t heard of this site. I will have to check it out. Her bangs are so sweet. I could never pull something like that off but I love a full bang.

  31. Anonymous says...

    Very cute. I love her bun, too!

  32. ooo..I love it too! it makes me really want my long hair back!

  33. I am nuts about huge neckwarmers! …And bangs :-)

  34. she’s adorable ><

  35. I just grew them out, but now I want my bangs back!

  36. Hey Joanna, I just wanted to tell you that I live in Chicago so feel free to shoot me any questions when you’re here for Parisienne! I’d love to be a help.

    PS: Are you keeping your maiden name?

  37. Extremely cute. Love that hair. She looks like a little imp.

  38. this i where i got my inspiration for my polka dot tights…so sweet and pretty!

  39. and bangs! love it! so stylish!