Wedding: A Final Thank You

Finally, I’d love to write a final schmoopy post saying a few final thank-yous…

* We used Project Wedding to create our wedding website. They have pretty templates, and it was super easy and fun to set everything up. I’d highly recommend them.

* For wedding-party gifts, we gave our bridesmaids hoop earrings from Melissa Joy Manning (every girl got a slightly different shape). We gave our the groomsmen custom-made leather Billykirk card cases, which we had embossed with inside jokes, such as the date the Red Sox won the World Series. I gave my two maids-of-honor engraved necklaces from In God We Trust. And our lovely flower girl received heart sunglasses, a Where’s Waldo book, and a glittery bouncy ball.

* We stayed at the sexy Standard hotel on our wedding night. (A funny scandal: Some hotel guests had been keeping their curtains open during intimate moments, giving passersby a peep show!)

* We did a honeymoon registry, which worked out really well for us. (We went to Italy and Greece.)

* Thank you so much to our parents, guests and, of course, all you wonderful readers for making the planning, weekend and recap so giddy and exciting. It was been an amazing pleasure to share everything with you!

* And, most of all, thank you to Max Wanger. Max managed to capture the day exactly how I saw it through my own eyes, which was a rare gift. He is a joy to work with, and I hope he continues to be our “life photographer.” :)

If you’d like, see a few more wedding photos on Max Wanger’s blog. Thank you again! xoxo

(Photo by Max Wanger)

  1. Wow your dress was SO pretty (along with everything else in your wedding)!!

  2. omg, i just saw all your wedding photos because we were on our honeymoon and i’m STILL catching up. all i can say is, “gorgeous”!!

  3. Hi Joanna!
    I was reading Glamour online and I came across your post about your wedding pictures which I had seen a while ago while surfing the net.
    Turns out I loved them so much, I asked your photographer to participate in an online art magazine that I publish and your pics made it in the magazine!

    Take a look, and I hope you enjoy them :)

    Look for Issue #15 and Max’s interview is toward the end.

    Cheers and Congratulations!
    Nicole Andujar

  4. thanks for all the tips and i loved your wedding!

  5. i will be referring to this blog post when i start planning! first i still need to be proposed to…hahaha. :)
    you guys are great and you look so beautiful!

  6. How adorable!
    Your dress, your husband holding the umbrella for you, everything is just magical. Congratulations!

  7. joanna, these posts have been beautiful. so lovely to catch glimpses of your beautiful day. my very favorite part is that your dad announced that ‘you came of your own accord.’ not that anyone doubted it, but such a lovely recognition of your own spirit! i don’t know if you can get any more romantic. xo.

  8. I read your posts this evening after a small week abroad and I had tears in my eyes at least three times. Ah là là.

  9. I too wish these lovely posts would carry on for much longer! thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful pictures and details, they have been a pleasure to peruse. What a beautiful and clearly very personal wedding. congratulations again. xxx

  10. I work at bumble and bumble across the street of the standard and everyone talks about those little peep shows haha

  11. Wow, you two are really photogenic! and such creativity. thanks for sharing!

  12. hi there. just wanted to say how much (holding hands out wide to illustrate) I’ve loved loved loved all your wedding posts. They’re making me misty! Congrats again x

  13. i can’t even begin to tell you how unbelievably gorgeous your wedding was and how much fun i had looking at the pictures. so, so, so lovely. i can only hope that one day when i find a dude to marry me, our wedding will be half as wonderful and filled with love as it looks like yours was. best to you both! xx.

  14. joanna….thanks for sharing your fabulous wedding with the rest of us! your posts and pictures make me want to get married all over again. you and alex make such a stunning pair!

    btw, sorry i’ve been away for awhile…my son was born 2 months early (!!) so i’m just now getting back to my favorite blogs. :)

  15. you two are really too cute! everything looked wonderful and so full of personality. thanks for sharing!

  16. I was perusing Max Wanger’s site and noticed that part of your shoot was in my neighborhood! I’m around the corner from PUMP at Wall/Pearl. Very cool…!

  17. thanks so much for sharing your beautiful moments with us all week. and linking to max wanger. beautiful work!

  18. I’ve absolutely adored this week on your blog and felt like I got to experience the entire wedding with you. It was beautiful and the tiny details amazing. Congrats again!

  19. LOL about the Standard! I’m gonna have to look up there the next time I’m on the High Line.

  20. there hasn’t been a single detail about your wedding that I haven’t loved. thank you so much for sharing it with the world. i have adored Max’s work (via the blogworld) for awhile now and think it is fabulous that you used him!

  21. Joanna I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed viewing your day! Max did an amazing job and it was such fun to pop into the blog every day! Congratulations!!!

  22. lara, my maids of honor were my twin sister Lucy and my best friend Brooke. xoxo and thank you so much for these really lovely comments. they are so touching!

  23. I am so so happy for you. congratulations again!!! At first, I got a little sad because this has been a huge part of cup of jo for the last while! but I am excited for what new ideas lie ahead. another congratulations. what an amazing wedding!

  24. OMG I just came upon this! What lovely images! So romantic!

  25. This is exactly how a wedding should be – full of laughter, love and joy. The photos are absolutely gorgeous and unique – so perfect!!

    Congratulations again, Joanna!!!


  26. Absolutely gorgeous Joanna, every photo is beautiful. The dress is lovely on you. I remember you having second thoughts.

  27. Joanna, reading what Max Wanger wrote on his blog about you guys brought tears to my eyes. In our society where it seems impossible to find truly good people, in come you and Alex to prove that goodness is out there and that true, pure love exists. xo

  28. so wonderful to read about your wedding–congratulations JO! So so happy for you both!
    oxo, deb

  29. Unbelievably beautiful, the whole thing.

  30. Glad we were able to be a part of your special day. I was telling Alex that memorable, meaningful gifts that actually get used and get better with age are pretty tricky to find. Groomsman’s gifts are especially difficult so thanks for thinking of us!

    All the best,

    Chris and Kirk

  31. i have SO enjoyed every part of your wedding….through this blog!! congrats again and cheers to a wonderful life together!

  32. It’s been so lovely looking at pictures of your wedding :) Thanks for sharing them!

  33. that’s my favorite photo of them all!

    Thank you for sharing them. They are gorgeous enough to me want to get married all over again- to my husband of course!

  34. I dearly loved all the vignettes about your wedding! My ninth anniversary is coming up the end of the month, and reading your story has made me reflect on all the special things we did for our own wedding. It’s all about those little touches that make it uniquely your own.

    Happy Life!

  35. joanna! these are beautiful! i think it’s so cute that you had two maid of honors and I’m curious who they were?! :)

  36. I’ve seriously enjoyed living vicariously through your beautiful images. Congratulations again!

    xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

  37. such a beautiful wedding. i love all of your personal touches… and thank you for sharing this with all of us…
    amazing photographer.

  38. I’m so sad these posts are ending- they were so beautiful! I can only hope that my wedding will be as lovely as yours.. congratulations!!

  39. Thank you for sharing your special day with us! I went to your wedding website and read about how you and Alex met. I love hearing those stories – so sweet! xoxo

  40. It’s all been lovely, Joanna. I particularly love this shot, as others do. Someone wrote as if you’re starting out. Yes, indeed…on a grand adventure. (And with a polka-dotted umbrella–personally a love of mine:)

    May the road rise to meet you/may the wind always be at your back…(both of you).

    Susan & Giulia la gattina

  41. Love that photo of you two! You both are so photogenic!

  42. you two are so beautiful

  43. Thank you so much for sharing all of these pictures with us! LOVE that photo of you two! Congrats Mrs.!

  44. here’s to forever…

    it seems like yesterday i was jumping up and down cheering about your engagment! (my boyfriend at the time couldn’t understand what the fuss was about and i said, “my friend got engaged!” ha. your blog inspired me to start my own. You feel like my friend)

    i loved loved loved your wedding posts.

    you make a beautiful wife already.

    i’m glad to be part of your journey and hope for the same fairy tale wedding and perfect love.

    CONGRATS to you with all my heart. xo

  45. oh I love this photo!! thanks for sharing it all Joanna!!! xox

  46. all of the photos are wonderful, but this one is by far my favorite! fun and lovely. i love the “we’re off to start our life” feel of it.
    thanks so much for posting these!!!

  47. Anonymous says...

    your hair looked ah-mazing! I enjoyed readying about the wedding details, thanks for sharing!

  48. Aw, I so totally don’t want these posts to end. I love it all! That picture of you and your new DH is gorgeous! ♥ ♥ ♥

  49. nyker says...

    Wow, the first picture of you and Alex is simply gorgeous. thanks so much for sharing!

  50. just amazing, joanna. i so, so, so want to get married again!!! i’m going home tonight and asking my hubby to do it all over again! ;)

  51. I have enjoyed your wedding posts! Your wedding was so lovely…it makes me want to get married again!

  52. haha, nath, thank you so much! and mel, that’s so sweet :)

  53. This might quite possibly be one of my favorite photos yet – I love how Alex is smiling so happily and you are so lovingly gazing into his eyes – PURE LOVE in its simplist form!

  54. what a joy these pictures and stories have been; you made me get all teary eyed more than once. beautiful, and congratulations!

  55. siiiigh, it’s been a lot of fun, thank you Jo! (p.s. did i get first comment? ha!) (punches air triumphantly)