1. So gorgeous! Looking forward to all you have to share :)

  2. Love this picture, can’t wait to see the others :)

  3. Oh!! great!!! I want to see your wedding pics!!!

  4. This literally leaves me begging for more. :)

  5. Beautiful picture – I look forward to seeing more!

  6. ohmygod. didn’t think you could get more perfect than that photo with you and those glasses from ages ago…

    i was wrong. can’t wait for more!

  7. I CAN’T wait!! Your hair has me swooning already. : )

  8. oh dear! your photos are amazing! thanks for sharing!

    thanks for sharing your wedding day photos with us.

    who was your photographer. i love to study the work of photographers…helps me to get great one day!

    also…would you mind sharing your bridal designer???

    alot of my readers love you.


  9. excellent teaser. can’t wait for more!!

  10. Oh you lucky girl, Maxs’ pictures are very pretty! I can’t wait to see some more. Cheers, Kiki

  11. I cannot wait to see!

  12. cant wait for these posts to begin!

  13. oh goody. can’t wait. and i don’t even know you. how odd is this blogworld!

  14. can’t wait to see the rest!

  15. Can’t wait to see them! You both look so happy!

  16. I love your blog. I check it every morning since I have recently started my own. thank you for the entertainment.

  17. Yay, can’t wait for tomorrow morning!

  18. Joanna you are so beautiful and classy. I bet your wedding was that of fairy tales. Can’t wait to see more!

  19. Anonymous says...

    So excited!!!!!!!

  20. It looks so beautiful! I can’t wait to see the rest!

  21. this is gorgeous! can’t wait to see the rest! so excited :)

  22. Oh!! How exciting! :) You look radiant…im so excited to see the rest…I know they’ll be beautiful! you guys are so cute!

  23. What a lovely photo. Your and your hubby look beautiful and in love.

  24. beautiful. i look forward to monday!

  25. SO excited! cannot wait to see them.

  26. The two of you look so incredibly happy. I adore this! :)

  27. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! GORGEOUS! LOVELY! PERFECT! absolutely cannot wait to see more! thank you for sharing! xx


  28. Karen Ching says...

    Can´t wait! Besitos from Panama

  29. I’m really looking forward to seeing the photos. You look lovely. x

  30. WOW – so exciting. Can’t wait to see your photos. Love your hair!

  31. Ah!! So pretty!

  32. Jo you look gorgeous, as does your husband :o)

  33. aqilah says...

    cant wait for tomorrow! ;)

  34. yay! you’re finally going to be sharing, looking forward to tomorrow :)

  35. you look simply BEAUTIFUL!!! can’t wait to see the rest…i can only imagine how wonderful they will be given the amazing-ness of this small glimpse. congratulations again!!! xoxoxo.

  36. More, more please!! I never wanted Monday to come so badly!

  37. oooh, you look so lovely … excited for monday! xo

  38. i am so excited to see your wedding pictures. i’ve been dieing to seem them for so long.

  39. ooh i’m beyond excited!! and what a stunner of a shot to share… and tease us with <33

  40. O’dear…This is more exciting than a soap opera cliff-hanger…I’m anxiously excited now!
    ~xo*+ much blessings

  41. Ohh I’m so excited!! You look stunning in this little peek!

  42. waiting with bated breath! can’t wait to see the loveliness.

  43. Can’t wait to see photos :) Congratulations!

  44. :)


    Susan & Giulia

  45. hee hee! I only discovered your blog a week or so ago and thoroughly enjoyed reading it from the start. I couldn’t wait to get to the engagement story! Can’t wait to see the photos. Congratulations!

  46. Oh, this made my day! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos. I’m such a sucker for true love.

  47. so exciting! can’t wait for the week of loveliness x

  48. You look lovely together. What a beautiful hairdo… most bridal updos look horrible in my opinion, but your stylist definitely got it right!

  49. Hi!! I’m a new follower I found you from Melissa over at So about what I said. I can’t wait to look over your blog, but I wanted to say Congrats on the wedding!!! Your hair looks so pretty!!

  50. ooh it’s so fabolous and lovely!

  51. talk about a torturous sneak peak, its drop dead gorgeous, can’t wait to see the rest; you have us all on the edge of our seats!

  52. I am so excited to see more photos. I am already in love with the sneak peek that you posted. x

  53. So pretty….and elegant. I can’t wait.

  54. just seeing this photo makes me excited! i already can see the artsy-ness!

  55. Oh oh can’t wait for Monday, or rather Tuesday for me!

  56. I am so excited!! You look gorgeous in the one above!!

    “Bohemian Bisoux”

  57. Your hair looks sooooo beautiful.
    Can’t wait to see more pics.

  58. more,more,more… :)
    I love your sights. It’s full of joy, happiness and excitement.

  59. gorgeous. CANNOT WAIT to see more!! thank you for sharing.

  60. thank you so much for these sweet comments!!! :)

  61. Can’t wait! Max is a genious!

  62. you two are so cute together! I can’t wait to see more!

  63. awe! So happy for you too! Excited to see the lovely pictures! :)

  64. Oooh can’t wait! This one is beautiful! :)

  65. OMG. I CANNOT WAIT. i’ve been waiting for you to post fo-tos forEVERRRR

  66. This first one is beautiful! Can’t wait to see more!!

  67. What a nice couple:) I’m waiting for the new ones:) as soon as possible, please:)

  68. that one looks like a shot from the 60s! Lovin’ it already~

  69. You look bellisima!!

  70. I’ve been waiting to see you in the J. Crew dress for weeks. Can’t wait!

  71. I’m kind of excited for the pictures! I feel as if I know you from reading the blog, and can’t help but feel genuinely excited for this! haha

  72. Can’t wait! You both look so happy :)

  73. Love it! Can’t wait to see more!! xo

  74. Oh wow! Thanks so much for posting up this one! Was thinking that I wouldn’t be able to contain myself until Monday. How beautiful, amazing photo – can’t wait to see the rest… :-)

  75. Beautiful! I can’t wait to see more!!!!

  76. I can’t wait!! You two look lovely!

  77. ah so beautiful! i have to say, i showed just about everyone and their mother (and THEIR mother) your engagement photos because i just LOVED them… i’m sure your wedding photos will be no different! congrats :) xo

  78. such a lovely photo!! you both look so sweet and happy!

  79. What a beautiful picture and your hair looks lovely Joanna (love that flower)!

  80. can’t wait to see the photos!!

  81. Eeee I am so excited! That picture is gorgeous.