1. The shoes and the hair are perfect, the rest, especially that cigarette, I don’t care for.

  2. The whole look is sexy with a bit of restrain. The red shoes adds a bit of color to the cool grey dress, the combination is perfect. And the dress is sexy without being revealing. Perfecto! ;)

  3. AH… the belted demi-empire look. I tried it once, but then decided it could not possibly be a ‘look’. BUT this pic… she makes it look super cool!

  4. I love love love that look! I don’t think I actually parted with my belts and dresses this past summer- much to the dismay of my friends hihihihihi :)

  5. LOVE that outfit! I pin my bangs to the side like that all the time ;)

  6. adorable!!!

  7. I sure wish I looked that chic when I was strolling around my city. : )

  8. effortless. it’s all cute.

  9. Great dress and then the red shoes!!! Very cute!

  10. Italians have such natural style – and she can even carry off the cigarette!

  11. oh man, i want that belt. it’s exactly what i was looking for two months ago..!

  12. Susan says...

    She’s adorable if she drops the cig. I have to say, though, that she does not recall BB at all…Italians would bleep if they read that (the ones I know anyway). BB is an anti-Semitic nut. Anyway, she reminds me of her own darling Italian self (this one above)….


    The Crankypuss:)

  13. She’s adorable! I love the red shoes with that outfit. She is so young and gorgeous she would look lovely in anything and as somebody else said, she’s like an Italian young Brigitte Bardot with the dress. xx

  14. Wouldn’t it be so fun to run into him… I love this photo… and yes, Id love trying out that hairstyle.

  15. I love the wear my hair like that too!


  16. she is the definition of darling. so very chic and adorable.

  17. I think she just had a rendez-vous with someone special and she is having an “after the act” ciggy! Her shoes are lovely. I think that she looks like Tracy Ullman

  18. she is effortlessly beautiful! the belt really does it for me.

    people need to lay off the cig bit on your reblog and on the original. it’s 2009, let people do what they want!

  19. Absolutely gorgeous. I love the red shoes, too. So Italian.

    I spotted a girl with the side pinned fringe just today and was planning to copy her.

  20. I love how this outfit doesn’t match whatsoever, yet it makes perfect sense. Those shoes are to die for.

  21. she’s gorgeous… italians always seem to be so. not sure I’m digging the shoes with the dress though… not sure what I was expecting on her feet but it wasn’t red peeptoes!

  22. such pretty hair! the lace works beautifully with her outfit.

    i agree, the cigarette is always such a disappointment.

  23. seriously cute. love everything about her look.

  24. Anonymous says...

    I love everything but the belt! Oh, and the cig! I like the belt idea, just not that one. Do love the shoes, the hair and she is so cute.

  25. MOG says...

    She looks so comfortable in her clothes and her style. Lovely. FYI, when work is a b*t*H, I visit and there is always a something beautiful to enjoy, thanks!

  26. such a pretty picture. i love the outfit! :)

  27. wow!! she looks fantastic!!

  28. such a cute girl! i adore her dress! time to embellish one of my old vintage slips!

  29. that dress is fab!

  30. She’s headed right for wrinkles, rotting teeth, yellow fingers and possibly years of respiratory failure because of that nasty cigarette!

    love how the pretty dress is belted though.

  31. I like how the belt toughens up the dress a bit and makes it look less like a night gown.

  32. lovely. fashionista for sure. i love the red shoes. cute belt.

  33. I can’t look at that picture without thinking that it looks like a very modern interpretation of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz…

  34. I’ve been seeing lots and lots of red this season! LOVE it!

  35. she is just delightful.

  36. Gorgeous. And a great reminder to tuck my belt ends in – love that look!

  37. I kind of like how it’s a dress that doesn’t at all need a belt, but the belt looks like perfection anyway. I’ve been wearing my bangs pinned to one side, but it’s mostly because I’ve been too lazy to do them properly :)

  38. I’m dying for her dress!

  39. She looks so good, the dress, belt bag and shoes ! She is so classic!

  40. I agree – the lacy bits of her dress add a touch of boudoir to her look which is sexy without being over the top. She retains a bit of Brigitte Bardot in her in the sense that she is effortlessly beautiful. Stunning photograph! :)

  41. Beautiful picture! And that dress is wonderful!

  42. probably she’s headed to the gelateria. Italians do everything in style..

  43. I saw that picture on The Sartorialist and loved it… then I spotted the ciggie lol Hate cigs!