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  5. i need a tip from you wedding experts. i got a very last minute invitation to an october wedding and i have absolutely no clue what to wear. i guess the weather will be like in ny at that time of the year. any suggestions?you can mail me to mich.tst@gmail.com or leave a comment on my blog http://whenigrowupiwanttobeatourist.blogspot.com/

    I might add that i am not such a girly girl and that fond about dresses or skirts, i am also quite curvy and i might want to hide some parts and put the focus on other parts,… any suggestions,…please??

  6. Wow! What a great find!! I love love love this! I want that for dinners everyday – perhaps you could use it to decide on what to cook for dinner!? :-)

  7. how funny!!!

  8. this is genius – and beautiful! perfect combination!

  9. Cute! And it will kill any waiting time too!

  10. michelle. says...


  11. I adore these! What a creative idea! Anna actually did the fans for our wedding this summer, and I loved them.

  12. super cute and so fun!

  13. super cool! even better because i imagine they made this themselves…

  14. This is genius! My friends and I have a tradition of having a “Friendsgiving” dinner around Thanksgiving time – and this kind of thing would be PERFECT for it.

  15. katie says...

    that is pretty!

  16. That’s so clever! I love it!

  17. So creative!!

  18. This is such an original idea! I love it!