Honeymoon Photos: Greece

My darlings, thank you for being so sweet about our Italy honeymoon photos! Now (ages later), I’d love to share a few of our photos from Greece, if you’d like to see…

We went to Santorini, the Greek island famous for its sunsets. The island was breathtaking, with dramatic cliffs, whitewashed houses, and a sparkling sea as far as the eye could see.

We stayed in the town of Imerovigli, which was quiet and sweet, but we also spent a day exploring the most popular town, Oia, along with lots of other tourists (pictured above).

We saw lots of cute couples taking photos of each other…

…and then we did the same.

As we walked around the cliffside town, we spotted a gorgeous little bay and decided to make our way down to swim.

Our journey to the beach was slowed considerably when Alex kept stopping to take photos of the stunning views…

Since Alex is obsessed with dogs, I laughingly slapped my legs and called for him like my wayward puppy. My plan backfired, since then he wanted to take photos of me doing that.

We finally made it down all the steps and jumped off the craggy rocks into the cold green water. The sea floor felt slimy but the water was refreshing!

Afterward, we had lunch at a little seafood taverna owned by a fisherman. We sat right on the water and ordered a Greek salad, which, in Greece, is simply tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and feta (no lettuce). The tomatoes were bright red and bursting with flavor.

Even though he doesn’t have a sweet tooth, Alex fell in love with baklava for dessert. He ended up doing a taste-test, of sorts, throughout Santorini; the winner is pictured above.

Our favorite afternoon was spent, on my friend Allison’s recommendation, on a catamaran, sailed by a friendly captain named Ted. We set out on a gorgeous windy day, along with five other couples, three of which were also honeymooners.

Alex joked that the hardest decision you have to make on a honeymoon is what time to switch from coffee to wine. On this sail, we switched over before noon. (When the skipper asked if we’d like a beer, Alex looked at his watch; the skipper laughed, “The time doesn’t matter! You’re in Greece!”)

We sailed by lighthouses and the famous Red Beach. Then we went swimming in the hot springs. I thought Alex looked particularly handsome in this photo.

I’m the palest person ever, so Alex sweetly gave me a giant sunhat for our trip. He also made me apply SPF 90 multiple times a day. I felt like Audrey Hepburn, if she had worn cut-offs.

After we swam, the captain anchored in a cove and served a delicious lunch of grilled calamari, grilled lamb, Greek salad, pasta with olives and tomatoes, and yogurt with cucumber — all amazing! Everyone ate around a table on the boat, in swimsuits and towels.

Afterward, the captain sailed back to the port, while we lay on nets at the front of the catamaran and napped. This (above) was our view.

We were happy as clams.

Our final day of our honeymoon was spent in Athens, where we caught our flight back to New York. Overall, our honeymoon was a truly magical trip, and we felt so lucky. A huge thank-you to all our wedding guests and friends, who made it possible. And Alex, you are simply the loveliest travel partner — I didn’t think I could love you any more, but somehow, impossibly, I do.

As for you, Greece, we miss you already! xoxo

  1. How amazing for you that you were able to visit such a beautiful and historically rich country! It looks absolutely gorgeous! Love to know what ruins, temples, etc. you were able to explore!

  2. Fantastic photos! Very relaxed and colourful.Honeymoons are a great opportunity to take some memorable photographs in a destination that is special to you as a couple/

  3. Just a note to say how much i enjoyed reading about your honeymoon adventures,feels like i got a bit of that sunny-honey mood too. It’s contagious! ha ha! Very nice pictures, and well planned trip!

    We r going to Spain next week. Wiii!!! can not wait, sea, sun, shopping here i come.

  4. Wow I figure out this couple should be so happy because it seems they spent an excellent moment there, congratulation.

  5. Hi! I’m a big fan of your blog and really enjoyed your pictures! My husband and I are dreaming of Greece and were wondering where you stayed during your time there… Thanks!

  6. you are adorable (see last picture of you in the striped shirt and fantastic spectacles) and your blog is delightful!

  7. Hi there. I am Eva and i am a deco-blogger too. I am your reader also. The nice thing i am going to say is that i am from Greece and just now happened to read this post, so immediately i decided to sent you thousands of Greek wishes for your life. Happy to see that you had a nice time in our country and please come back to enjoy more places. This country never ends. Keep my url for future use. Bye!

  8. Hi! I think I saw your Alex in Athens when I was walking around Plaka. It was Sept 12. I’m so glad that you had a wonderful honeymoon. Kisses

  9. actually! i realized that hte striped shirt in the bottom photo is from anthropologie. the striped tank is from steven alan.

  10. As a greek I can say you described the island perfectly and you managed to convey our mentality and spirit. I am glad you liked it and you have such good memories from there. And the photos… Absolutely great

    Take care

  11. Nicole says...

    Oh shoot, I’m sorry. I see that you already said where that cute shirt is from.

  12. Thanks so much for sharing your happy time with all of us… such wonderful images, too. Congrats to you both! (I swear, Alex looks like he was born there… )

  13. Nicole says...

    You guys look like you had the BEST honeymoon. Congrats! I do love all your stripes, Jo. Where’s that last one from? Looks like it has sheer sleeves…?

  14. These pictures is simply Nice! What camera are you using to get such good effect?

  15. Gorgeous pics, Joanna! My husband wanted me to ask you where Alex got his cute Panama hat–it’s perfect! You’ve inspired us to start planning our next trip :)

  16. wow they’re all so beautiful and so are you! you don’t have to say it for me to know you had a great time, it just shows on your face in all the pictures and I hope all the days of your life together are like that, even if things get rough sometimes.


  17. Beautiful. Loved all the pictures. Greece is on my must list! So happy for you both. Ah, newlyweds.

  18. greece is utterly beautiful! the scenery and the sparkling waters are just so alluring. it looks like the perfect honeymoon destination and someplace you can’t get enough of:)

  19. Wow, your honeymoon looks so gorgeous. Greece is the number 2 place in the world that I would ultimately dream of going, after Tokyo. It all started after watching Mama Mia last summer. I love the blues of the scenery and the culture and the food! So glad you had a good honeymoon, I’m a big fan of your blog. Keep it up, you’re great.

  20. all I can say is Congrats and OPA!

  21. Oh, my goodness! How divine. Congratulations! You look so adorable in that last picture.

  22. lovely shots. here’s to living vicariously! and p.s. i love the glasses, too!

  23. I’ve been to Greece twice, Santorini once. My favorite place on earth I think. Whenever I get the urge to just go it is Santorini I long for. I day dream about growing olives and tomatoes and selling them on my front porch over looking the sea. So, glad you loved and enjoyed it, too.

  24. Such fun photos. It looks like a blast. I’m getting ready to post some pictures from my honeymoon! :) Aren’t honeymoons just wonderful? Just what we need after all the planning!

  25. i sooo want to take a nap on those nets… a hammock on the water? how could it get better??? these pictures are wonderful. thanks for sharing!

  26. Joanna, those photos are beautiful! I want to go to Greece now! :) Thanks for sharing them.

  27. Fan.tas.tic!
    Beautiful photos… Some of them should go to your walls…

  28. super cute, Joanna! thanks for sharing your adventures!

  29. BEAUTIFUL photos!!!! you could publish these, they are so remarkable! looks like you had a great time!

  30. GLSD says...

    Joanna, Love, love the pics and the story behind each pic. You and Alex are beautiful together. So in love! Wishing you many lifetimes of happiness and sending you hugs XX I follow you on Smitten too :o)

  31. Since I can’t actually go myself, visiting vicariously is a treat!

  32. It’s not impossible for you to love Alex more. I’ve been married for ten years and known my husband for over 18. I love him a little bit extra every day. Some days even more than that!


  33. Wow, I almost feel like I was there with y’all!. What an amazing sounding trip. You make a beautiful couple.

  34. J says...

    Looks like so much fun!
    I hope you didn’t get burned…I got a little burned on our honeymoon to the Caribbean and it really puts a damper on things!

  35. Those pictures are just amazing — looks like a fabulous time!! And now, it’s official.. I need to go to Greece!!

  36. The photos are unreal! All of them look postcard-perfect! Unbelievable that you jumped into that cold green water… ahhhhh.

    So glad it was THIS AWESOME!

  37. just perfect. i can feel the love.

  38. Adorable recap, Jo! And, might I add, you look decidedly French in that last photo?! Well done, dearie!

  39. ahhhh beautiful photos! i’m so glad you loved Santorini! but then again, how could anyone not? If you stayed in Imerovigli, does that mean you stayed at Anastatsis Apartments?! i hope you did b/c i’ve heard such great things about that hotel.

  40. JO says...

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  41. these photos are fabulous :) i’ve loved reading about your wedding and honeymoon from afar!

  42. oh I LOVE these! Santorini is definitely on “my list.” and y’all look so happy and relaxed!

  43. Oh, it’s so lovely! You both look so happy! I’m excited for my honeymoon now, I just wanna skip the wedding! LOL! :)

  44. thank you so much for all these sweet comments!!!! my shirt in the final photo is from j.crew, and i’ll do a post about my glasses today. thank you!! xoxo

  45. Spectacular! I’ve neer been to Greece and would love to go. You both look beautiful, relaxed and in love as you should! xx

  46. I love your hat, Jo! Greece looks so beautiful.

    And in Europe, it’s always beer o clock, when the sun is shining!

  47. Gorgeous! You guys are adorable. I love your glasses too!

  48. Your photos are wonderful but then I think it is impossible to take bad photos in Santorini – we spent a week in Oia last year and loved just sitting and reading, looking at the view, and then deciding where to eat that evening while cooling down with a bottle of Mythos beer. Good times.

  49. What a lovely trip! Perfect honeymoon holiday! These are really lovely shots!

    P.S. Your post makes me add Greec to my Bucket List :-D

    Pixellicious Photos

  50. Oh Joanna, you write so well! Your words totally drew me in, I’m captivated…to Santorini I go! You’re both gorgeous, love the boat shots of you pair..that hat one of you particually. Congratulations on your new life together and the fantastic honeymoon…hoorah!

  51. I love these pictures! This totally makes me want to go to Greece look like you had the most amazing honeymoon :)

  52. Hey Joanna–May I ask where you got the blue-and-white striped shirt you’re wearing in one of the bottom photos?

  53. ahhhhhh! these are too cute! glad to see you had a wonderful, wonderful time!

  54. I love how you ask us “if we’d like to see” your pictures, like we have anything better to do… =)

    AWESOME PICTURES! Lovely honeymoon, and both of you look quite lovely too if I say so myself!

  55. I’m overwhelmed by the beauty of this place. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful, fun, and deeply personal moments with us. Your love for each other shows through the camera’s lens!

  56. WHOA. Your photos looks like paintings! I’m craving Greece!!!

  57. That is what I call a perfect honeymoon!! You both looked like you had a lot of fun!!

  58. That picture of Santorini doesn’t even look real! It’s all so perfect!

  59. Anonymous says...

    oh man, got me all teary again.
    love that photo of Alex with the baklava, looks like a man who has got it all.

  60. Hi joanna, your honeymoon looked wonderful, and you and alex look so happy together. Congratulations!

    Very inspiring photos, and I think you have stirred up serious wunderlust in a lot of us here!! :)

    and yes, totally love the last photo of you in the glasses and the top. so relaxed-chic!

  61. MW says...

    How absolutely beautiful. I have always wanted to go to Greece. Thank you for sharing.

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  63. The sea looks soo blue. Glad you had a nice time. :)

  64. oh boy i’m overwhelmed by all the lovely shades of blue!
    how was the seafood there? it must be bliss!
    i love traveling with my man as well, he is so adventurous!

  65. Oh, how wildly romantic. Greece is my dream vacation with my husband.

  66. Wonderful. thats all i got. Wonderful! oh, and jealous! glad you had such a fantastic honeymoon Jo.

  67. Greece looks so beautiful. The water colors are so amazing. Great photos of both of you too.

  68. So sweet! I am really sad that your honeymoon is over…I was really enjoying the beautiful pictures and your wonderful story-telling style! ummm, is it weird to say that I am looking forward to your next trip??? LOL Wonderful post and images =)

  69. you’re an inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  70. Wow…looks absolutely incredible. I feel like I just watched Roman holiday….in Greece!! You’re so Hepburny!!! I love that second to last photo of you in the glasses…you look amazing.

  71. oh I ‘ve been waiting for this post! you two are the perfect couple!
    I adore your glasses!

  72. What spectacular pictures and you are SO beautiful!

  73. i can just taste the greek salad now… mmm feta. looks like you guys had an amazing time. i wish honeymoons could last forever!

    kiwi and i are still deciding… we are still thinking india (maybe goa) it is the hardest decision we have had to make so far!

    seeing your photos makes me look forward to our honeymoon even more! you two are adorable.

  74. Joanna, the photos and captions are lovely. Could you tell me more about the top you are wearing in the pic of you w/the glasses (which are adorable, by the way). I *need* that top.
    Thank you.

  75. This is totally amazing!!!!!!

  76. Beautiful!! Adding Greece to my list … :)

  77. magnificent photos!!

    i traveled to athens & santorini over the summer – and it was just as amazing as you described. :) i drank lots of mythos & ate lots of musaka, yummm.

  78. Lovely photos, beautiful scenery, adorable clothing…plus a sweet husband. Perfection.

  79. Another envy-worthy post. Beautiful!

  80. oh, they’re wonderful photographs, you both look completely excitably blissful. how joyful!

  81. I was in Santorini/Mykonos/Rhodes/Athens in June and it was absolutely gorgeous, just like your photos!! I can’t wait to go back!

  82. Oh Jo!
    Everything looks so incredibly beautiful and fun. That first shot of the island looks like a painting, I had to click on it twice to realize that it was a photo. What great memories you two will share.

  83. Ah! Santorini looks like a little toy village! And looks like you had fun.

  84. What a deliciously lovely trip!! Congrats on your wedded bliss!!!!

  85. Oh, Joanna–how sweet are you, taking us through your honeymoon like this. It looked gorgeous, every bit of it, and I’m so happy you could celebrate your marriage together. Congrats congrats congrats–you are truly adorable. And the previous posters are right: your glasses and sunhat are tres chic. Tres Hepburn. :)

  86. look how cute you are in those striped shirts, and i love your glasses! you both look like you had such a wonderful time. and that bright sunshine, perfect photos to look at during the dark days of winter.

  87. joanna i am so in love with these photos! you both look so very happy! :) Where are those glasses from? I’m obsessed!

  88. Oh how fun and amazing. I went to Santorini with my best friend years ago and your photos brought back all of the beauty and memories. Thank you for sharing!

  89. Looks amazing! What a great choice to go to Greece and Italy. So many dreamy memories. Thanks for sharing.

  90. Joanna, you made a great choice for the destinations. i am european and the Amalfi coast and Santorini are among the prettiest places i have seen on this continent.. I was in Santorini and Amalfi when i was younger and stuck with my parents, but one day il will take my boy and go back there and rent a room in one of those nice white houses on Santorini were the rooms are shaped into the rocks and where you have your own minipool overlooking the sea (daydreaming…..)
    Oh and i absolutely adore your glasses on the second last picutre. are they vintage or can you still get them somewhere?
    All the best for your futur and i hope you wil remain on honeymoon mode as long as possible :-))
    Mcihelle at http://whenigrowupiwanttobeatourist/

  91. Your honeymoon looks like what every honeymoon should look like: happy, relaxing and out-of-this-world gorgeous.

  92. fantastic photos!!! i can’t wait for my trip to greece next year.

  93. So happy for you, congrats! Your trip looks like barrels of fun and relaxation. The pictures are refreshing. :)

  94. holy smokes! this makes me want to take off somewhere warm! lovely pictures! thanks for sharing!

  95. how incredibly gorgeous! I adore your sun hat! Audrey would swoon:)

  96. Oh wow, such beautiful pictures. And I love your sunhat- I also have to wear sunhats when I’m out in the sun, so it’s always nice to see someone rocking one and looking chic (even in cutoffs, lady, even in cuttoffs).

    A co-worker of mine went to Santorini a few months ago, and I’ve been dying to go since. Your pictures definitely aren’t helping my craving!


  97. Jo, that looks like one idyllic honeymoon. You and Alex look so happy. Congratulations!! :) x

  98. It all looks and sounds so magical! :) Beautiful pictures and congratulations!

  99. Beautiful!!! What a wonderful time!

  100. your trip looked amazing! thanks for sharing photos. i’ve always wanted to go to greece and now i do even more! congrats again!!

  101. I was in Santorini with my first boyfriend at the age of 18… now you’ve inspired me to go back with my current one! :)

    Lovely pictures, all of them.

  102. Beautiful! Your photos are gorgeous! And that water!!
    Joanna, I love your ensembles- especially that stripey t-shirt near the end. So French! ;)
    Also, I have been to Oia (and other parts of Santorini). I loved swimming there, but I did not like the walk back UP to “town”! Painful!

  103. the last picture of you is gorgeous. And just like Shannon I am obsessed with your eyeglasses!

  104. Beautiful! I so want to go there. These photos only make that want greater. :D One year for sure.

  105. Wow, I’ve been obsessed with Greece after couple of movies that were shot there. Now you make me want to go there even more!

  106. Your pictures are amazing – BUT I am obsessed with your eyeglasses in one of the last pictures. Could you please point me in their direction? Thanks!!

  107. a true greek salad doesn’t have lettuce.. so good, right?!

    beautiful photos, looks like you two had the perfect honeymoon!

  108. Lovely photos. Seems like you had an amazing time and you look fantastic !

  109. i’m going to Athens in like a month! these greece photos make me SOOO much more excited!

  110. Thanks so much for sharing. Thanks to you I now know where I’m going to honeymoon! I just need to find a man. Ha!


  111. These photos are unreal! They look like little diorama settings and toy boats. How fun!

  112. oh my goodness, thank you so much for these sweet comments!!! :)

  113. It looks absolutely HEAVENLY. And both you and Alex look radiant with happiness in every frame!

  114. Oh my goodness – these are amazing. It looks like a magical trip!! xoxo

  115. How fun! I just got back from Italy and Greece, too – these pictures make me want to go back ASAP!

  116. OH, you lucky soul. I have always wanted to go to Greece…my cousin spent a summer on Crete in HS and I was sooooo jealous. One day, dear. Then we can talk.

  117. these pictures are amazing! It all looks so fun and beautiful…and you look so cute in the pictures with your glasses and with your sunhat and your adorable rings.

  118. i am so tickled that you shared your amazing adventures with us. i never wanted the post to end! might i add as well that you look like a true french girl in that last photo in your stripes and spectacles? xo

  119. Yes, Joanna you are gorgeous!!! And that blue water, that menu, those cliffs…ahhh what a dream.
    Amazing photos! xoxo

  120. You are so pretty Joanna!!! How wonderful was everything :) I really want to go to Greece someday… I’m very happy you spent a great time at you honeymoon!!! Thanks for sharing

  121. stunning!!! i was at all the same spots in greece a year ago, and now i am even more desperate to go back! what a magical place for a honeymoon- you two are so beautiful, thanks for sharing these pictures!

  122. To find a mate that is also a terrific travel partner is the FIND of a lifetime! Congratulations to you and your adorable selves!

  123. Such a beautiful trip, glad you were able to get such wonderful pictures! I’s like to go now, please.

  124. Breathtakingly beautiful! And the last picture of you is gorgeous!

  125. Oh, Joanna! You’re making me miss summer :-)

  126. Beautiful! I’m so glad you guys had a good time!

  127. I’m new to your blog, and I have been loving it so far!

    Your honeymoon pictures are so gorgeous! Whenever I find the guy that I am going to marry (or he finds me…not sure how quick that is going to happen since I’m still finishing up college), I’m going to mention this little Greek thing to him. :-)

  128. these are splendid!!!!! i love the picture of you in glasses! so chic!!! well…every picture is GORGEOUSly chic & beautiful!!!

    i just have one question, how did you refrain from belting out songs from “mamma mia” while there?!?! i would have to re-create many-a-scenes! ; )


  129. adorable! and you have made me want to do the same honeymoon trip that you did!

  130. GORGEOUS photos, Joanna! (Especially the last one of you in the striped shirt and glasses!)

    I am trying to plan a trip sometime in the not-so-far-future to get away like this. You are inspiring!

  131. you are a cute couple. it’s nice to see that you had a really beautiful, memorable honeymoon. and nice of you to share these pictures!

  132. So many familiar places!! Glad you had such an amazing time… I sent you a honeymoon pic a while back (the feet dangling over the bay) and it seems as if you may have eaten at the exact same place we were in that pic! Lovely :) It’s hard to come back to reality after such magical trips…

  133. LOVE the Greece pix. Indeed Greece is magical.

  134. Aw this makes my heart ache to go to Greece! Gorgeous photos and a gorgeous couple! I’m glad you guys had fun!

  135. What a nice trip!! I´m really glad you had a sweet honeymoon.

    Best wishes!!

  136. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! What a treat this post was. And I know this has nothing to do with Greece, but, I MUST comment on your red specs. So cute!!

    Thanks for sharing. Me and my new hubby hope to go someday. :)

  137. Oh what a trip! It sounds as if you had the loveliest honeymoon.. What a lovely couple you both make. A beautiful way to start your marriage :-) I feel priveleged to have read this post!

  138. Gorgeous pictures!! I had to laugh because I call my husband to me like a wayward puppy too… thankfully he doesn’t have a camera on him most of the time so there’s no photographic evidence of this hehe!

  139. wow! Love these pictures! You two look fantastic! Thanks for sharing. :)