50 spots in Paris

Artist Ami Sioux had an amazing book idea: She asked fifty Paris residents to sketch maps to places that were important to them in their everyday lives. She then followed the maps and photographed the destinations. Doesn’t her book make you want to hop a plane? You can order it here.

P.S. Who knew Paris had waterfalls?
P.P.S. My favorite place would be Itineraires restaurant.
P.P.P.S. She also did a book about Iceland!

  1. perfect. when i travel i like to experience life like the locals do. makes me want to try and get to paris while i am here too!!

  2. The park with the waterfall is Buttes Chaumont, I believe? It’s beautiful. I loved it. :)

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  5. Paris is one of my favorite place for holidays. I love to go paris again and again. Amazing snaps. I like your snaps very much!!!

  6. I CERTAINLY didn’t know Paris had waterfalls, that is really cool. Oh I think I’m going to have to order this book!

  7. What a wonderful way to discover a new place. This would be such a good idea for anyone – get friends to have already been to wherever you are going to draw maps to their favorite places and then use the pictures of those places along with the maps to create awesome scrapbooks…

  8. I just love simple beautiful ideas like this!

  9. what an incredible idea for a book! i missed all your wonderful finds while you were away! :)

  10. Waterfalls are in ” Le parc des Buttes Chaumont”! A wonderful city park in the 19th district of Paris.
    It’s one of my favorite place in Paris…

  11. What a terrific idea. I don’t know if I can bear to look at it as it will make me long for Paris again. xx

  12. ooh, this is such a cool project! i love anything map or place-related and incorporate it into my prints, and this is particularly inspiring.

  13. Amazing. Thanks for sharing this discovery.

    p.s. Iceland is one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been.

  14. soon lee says...

    this is really really nice.

  15. i’m mentally booking my plane ticket as we speak! how fun to explore everyone’s hidden spots.

  16. What a great idea! I want to go back to Paris so bad :-(

  17. i LOVE this!!!! what great presents!!!! i’m definitely ordering this! so charming!

  18. Anonymous says...

    I would love to read “French Milk.”

  19. Anonymous says...

    What a great idea!

  20. aw, i love this idea. paris waterfalls? you’re right… who knew?

    a great idea.

  21. cool! It’s so fun.

  22. I am going to buy this right now – looks amazing!

  23. Very cool! So interactive…and I keep seeing Paris everywhere! I want to go!

  24. that’s wonderful. what a marvellous idea!

  25. I know where the waterfall is…and it’s a great idea to explore Paris again!

  26. What a fun and creative idea. It’s lovely.

  27. Such a wonderful idea… makes me want to draw my other two homes, Singapore and Perth, Australia :)

  28. Wow, what a great idea! Each map makes me feel as if I’m being let in on a great secret.

  29. oh wow!! that’s really nice!
    thanks for sharing!x

  30. I am so excited you did this post! My fiance and I are going in November to France for the first time! If I find the waterfall, I’ll report back! :)

  31. What a lovely book idea. One small idea: one big deal!

  32. coolest thing I’ve seen all day! oh I wish I could go to paris now…..:)

  33. i know, i want to find the waterfall, too! xo

  34. what a great idea. and of course i always want to hop on a plane!

  35. What a great find. I’m starting a collection of Paris books to keep my obsession going. I can’t wait to go next year!

  36. Such a lovely idea!

  37. that is SUCH a great idea!
    i’m intrigued about this waterfall

  38. Perfect – and we’ve just scheduled our trip for Paris. Hurray!

  39. I will pick up this book, most definitely. My next trip is SO going to be Paris – I can’t wait!

  40. You just made my day! That’s going on my Christmas list (If I can wait that long)! And already planning another trip there…

  41. LOVE this. so much. hand-drawn maps are one of my very favorite things.

  42. perfect. when i travel i like to experience life like the locals do. makes me want to try and get to paris while i am here too!!

  43. Oooh, we’re supposed to be going to photograph a wedding next October and I’ve been thinking about finding the perfect guidebook before then. This might just be it!

  44. Ooh La La! I love it!

  45. I LOVE this idea! I want to go straight to Paris too!

  46. katie says...

    amazing! want!