1. Anonymous says...

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  2. Aw, balls, that’s cute.

    And I’d like her sweater in the last shot. Please.

  3. Oh! This video is far too cute! I love it ;)

  4. :) —> thia is me smiling while watching this video!


  5. I love this! I’m linking it and embedding it in my Friday dance! So adorable!

  6. My friend showed me this . .. honestly, I think the music sells it. So happy and sweet, like it’s played with a kazoo and drums

  7. I lluvvvv this video

  8. This was so cute! Totally made me smile. Wish I had post-it love.

  9. When he gives her the sun! Oh, it just melts my heart. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  10. it is the cutest! i love the music, too. good luck!

  11. That’s lovely. Love the music too. So quirky. Have fun with the make up!

  12. good luck, i can’t wait to see what you look like on your wedding day :)

  13. That is so precious! Thanks for sharing:-)

  14. I almost never watch videos online but this sparked my interest. I’m so glad I watched it, love it.

  15. This is too adorable for words. I want to be in love! :)

  16. People in love make me so happy!

    P.S. Enjoy your beauty day!

  17. Hoooray for hair and makeup trials! I hope you are taking in and enjoying all of these fun wedding activities leading up to the big day. Have a blast!

  18. thanks for this video! made my day!

    and have a GREAT time! make-up is really just art supplies for your face! ( :

  19. that was the most adorable thing. ever.

  20. She’s the actress who played Marianne Dashwood in the most recent version of Sense and Sensibility. I had the BIGGEST girl crush on her in that, and this changes that NOT AT ALL.

  21. WHen I first saw this I watched it at least 3 times in a row. So sweet.

  22. K says...

    absolutely adorable, thanks for sharing. As a fellow writer I always have a mix of awe, humility and abject fear when a great story is told without words.

    Good luck w the hair trial!

  23. ::melt::

    good luck! whatever look you decide to go with, you will look gorgeous, i just know it

  24. Thanks for the warm fuzzies.

  25. I love it!

    All the best of luck for the wedding trials!

  26. haha this makes me want to watch romy and michelle x

  27. kate says...