My Wedding Look

This morning, I rode my trusty bike to Cutler and Make Up Forever for my wedding hair and makeup trials. I was a little nervous, but I ended up having such a great time and was totally thrilled with how it turned out (especially the sweet little braid). Now I want to get married immediately.

More photos on…I really hope you like it :) xoxo

  1. stunning. and timeless. can’t wait to get married one day! :)

  2. Gorgeously georgeous. Makes me want to get married again!

  3. I love it! The braid just makes it perfect!

  4. absolute perfection. you’re beyond lovely. i can’t wait for you to get married either because i want to soak up those gorgeous wedding photos you’re bound to have.

    ps: thanks for the bike advice! i’m weighing all my options–ill let you know how it ends up!

  5. you look SO beautiful and perfect. everything’s so relaxed looking and yet so elegant. you’re going to be a glowing bride!

  6. Braided Bliss! Simply lovely Joanna, you’re gonna knock the socks off your groom!

  7. Wow – that’s how great it looks after a bike ride?? Your hair stylist is amazing! :D Love the look, btw!!

  8. absolutely in love with it!! you look so pretty!!!

  9. Your hair looks lovely! It really suits you!


  11. So lovely, so graceful – I love it. You look beautiful!

  12. Oh wow, it looks so pretty. I can’t wait to see all the details of your perfect day. You have the best style.

  13. GORGEOUS. You will make a beautiful bride. If Alex doesn’t sob like a little girl, there is something wrong with the boy!

  14. kels says...

    this is the mist perfect hair i have ever seen. i saved the pictures so that one day i can still it from you.

  15. I LOVE it! I want something just like it, actually!

  16. love love love it. the hairs is awesome, and the makeup is so natural i can’t tell that you’re wearing any. you look beautiful. and totally like you (from what i can tell from reading your blog).

    best best best wishes on your big day. can’t wait to read about it see awesome pictures.


  17. Joanna! I love the braid too :)

    Please take a look at my etsy shop. I’d love to send you anything from there (or something custom) for your wedding.

  18. Oh my, the hair is perfect, Joanna!
    How gorgeous!

  19. Joanna, you look gorgeous! I cannot wait to see wedding pics with the make-up, hair, and dress! Best Wishes!

  20. Your hair looks so beautiful. I love the braid especially. Look is so subtle yet so beautiful.

  21. you’re hair looks fabulous! you’re going to look so beautiful at your wedding :)

  22. Eeek! You look positively beautiful!

  23. just lovely! i adore that braid so much.

  24. Oh your hair looks so pretty and your right that braid is fantastic. I’ve been trying to paster that side braid har for ages and I just look like my head is odd shaped, lol

  25. So SO pretty. You are going to make a most excellent bride.

  26. GORgeous! I may have to take your photos to my hair stylist… :)

  27. wow, so beautiful. it looks perfect!

  28. love it. it’s perfect. :)

  29. so pretty! It is just the right mix of ‘now’ and ‘classic’ that will always look elegant when you look back at your photos.

    thanks for sharing and congrats!

  30. Oh Joanna – you look so beautiful. I love the wee braid especially!

  31. That’s just perfect!!! :D You look so lovely and pretty!


  33. I love that messy, yet elegant braid hairstyle!
    Jo, you look absolutely beautiful…smitten even :)

  34. WOW! :D I’m so excited for you! Your hair turned out absolutely beautiful. I wish you the absolute best and I know you’re going to make a gorgeous bride. xo

  35. Like? Love! You look beautiful and the flower is so pretty. SO exciting!!

  36. It really is lovely, Joanna! You’re going to be a beautiful bride, I just know it!

  37. Beautiful! It’s simple and completely lovely, which is really the best kind of combination.

  38. j says...


  39. Beautiful – there’s a small part of me that wishes that I’d had my hair up.

  40. it looks amazing! even though you think it’s a little messy, it looks way better than stiff hairsprayed stuffy wedding hair!

  41. Fantastic!! You are going to be such a beautiful bride!!

  42. gorg! very romantic. are you soooo excited! yipee : )

  43. you look beautiful!!! xo

  44. Your hair looks wonderful…bike ride and all!

  45. You look incredible! That braid is so so sweet, best wishes on your lucky day!

  46. STUNNING!!!!!

  47. The look is perfect! You are going to be a beautiful bride. Have a golden weekend! xoxo

  48. So perfect, I love it!

  49. thank you SO much! these comments are so sweet. and thank you for the great advice, gloria.

  50. Oh my goodness!
    you look lovely!

    what a beutiful bride you are gonna be!

  51. Oh it’s PERFECT!!! I just love it and you are going to be a lovely bride!!

  52. Marti says...

    You look beautiful!!!!!!!!

  53. Your hair and make-up look just perfect… sophisticated and relaxed with a touch of flirty charm! Perfect, perfect! You must be so excited!!

  54. That up-do is perfect for the style dress your wearing……..the neck of the dress is georgous and you want to keep it that way by not over doing with a veil…excellent choice. Make sure the hair stylist does your hair a big tighter than than the hair style calls for because it will fall a bit on it’s own and you don’t want it too look messy for your pictures and You don’t want it to fall out when your dancing.

  55. Stunning! You look natural yet luminescent.

    Aww, I’m so happy for your big day!

  56. mmm nice. I like flowers in the hair

  57. omigosh, joanna! you are so pretty. alex is going to keel over in awe. :)

  58. Your hair do is so sweet and romantic!!!! I love it!!! The braid and flower are perfection. Congrat!!

  59. ha, paige, you are so sweet — the braid was inspired by Braid Wednesdays :)

  60. chicncheap, copy away, of course! let’s be hair twins! :) and thank you for your sweet comment, anna.

  61. OMG! That is the most gorgeous wedding hair I’ve ever seen. Also LOVE the makeup. I am so picky and like makeup to look natural. It looks perfect!!!

    Yay! Joanna!!!! You are going to be the prettiest bride ever!

  62. hi joanna, i’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and really enjoy it but have never commented before. just wanted to say your hair and make up look amazing! i hope you have a fantastic wedding!

  63. It looks so pretty! I love the braid – what a great detail!

  64. oh joanna you look beautiful! what a gorgeous braid!

    i can’t wait for your wedding either! i bet everything will be beautiful and i am anticipating the photos!!!

    congrats on a successful hair and make up trial!


  65. Joanna, you are totally the blushing bride. Can I copy the hairstyle? Gorgeous!

  66. STUNNING! I love the flower!

  67. Joanna, you look so gorgeous!!!! I love the braid on the side too, its so special :) I can’t wait to see the final look with the wedding dress, you must be thrilled!! :)

  68. Karen says...

    Tis lovely!

  69. I love it. I love the flower. Love the braid. You’re going to be a gorgeous bride!

  70. you incorporated a braid! i love you for that!!!!

    and the make up is gorgeous! you look luminous!

  71. Joanna, JOanNAh, JOANNA, J o a n n a! It looks so perfect. It’s pretty without being too over the top, it’s casual, and the flower is soft and pretty looking. What a lovely bride you will be.

  72. oh joanna! i got goose bumps seeing you. you look so beautiful and confident and still so you. i love it!

  73. Gorgeous and elegant!

  74. It look GORGEOUS! You will be such a beautiful bride. :)

  75. you look beautiful. i love the braid + flower.

  76. It’s so pretty and girly and I am sure Alex will LOVE it.

  77. DITTO to everyone else. Looks gorgeous!

  78. You are so beautiful! Has Alex seen these pics?

  79. oh my god, the braid is just perfect! i love how soft and mussed everything looks, really sweet but elegant.

  80. joanna you are the image of audrey tatou in ‘a very long engagement’!if alex doesn’t marry you i will! lol xxx

  81. i don’t know if i would have picked anything different, it’s terribly romantic, soft and very much flattering to your face and you! loved the makeup they added as well, like it’s not even there, just subtle and letting your person shine! happy weekend :)

  82. The hair is perfectly natural with a modern chic twist. Very Heidi meets Holly Golightly.

  83. you look gorgeous! drop. dead. gorgeous.

  84. oh, thank you so much, i am really blushing…:)

  85. beautiful! wish you both the best.

  86. wow, you look really beautiful. the loss braid looks really good.

  87. oh Joanna…you look lovely!

  88. How lovely. Truly.

  89. Perfect! So are you wearing black now as your dress… :)

  90. i love it! absolutely gorgeous!

  91. Lady, you are a VISION. An absolute VISION!

  92. you look beautiful! love the braid and the flower.

  93. Beautiful! I adore the braid. I wish I could get married again and have this hair. :)

  94. Like it?! I utterly adore it!! Gorgeous! You’ll make a magnificent bride :)

  95. What a FUN wedding sneak peak!!! I can’t say I really know you well… but from just reading your blog…the style is soooo YOU! Can’t wait to see your wedding photos! :]

  96. Your hair and makeup look amazing. You’re going to make a beautiful bride!!!

    I don’t even know you but I wish you & Alex the very best.

    Also, don’t forget to take a moment at your wedding to sneak away with him and take in the WHOLE THING TOGETHER. It will be such a whirlwind day you might not remember to do that.

    Take care!!

  97. Oh gee, you look amazing! I can hardly wait to see you in ur wedding dress… at your wedding! You’ll take your future groom he’s breath away for sure.
    Many hugs!

  98. AAAAAAH I love it! So simple, unfussy, and gorgeous. :)

  99. Absolutely perfect!!!

  100. I love your hair, it looks beautiful!

  101. its def. not too messy!!! ride your bike home onyour wedding day too…this looks amazing!

  102. I always knew you were beautiful Joanna but wow! I can’t wait til Alex sees you in your beautiful braid, beautiful make-up, BEAUTIFUL dress + heels…


  103. I love it!!!! :D So pretty! Alex is a lucky guy!

  104. Oh, I love it – the loose bun and braid is beautiful – hooray for non rock hard frosted wedding hair!

  105. Oh my goodness, you look gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous and I love the flower.

    So pretty. Aaah!

  106. joanna, you’re beautiful! i love the braid on the one side– you will look just stunning on your big day!

  107. The pictures are gorgeous! You are going to be the most beautiful bride.

  108. you look perfect–you’re glowing! :) xo

  109. You look stunning! You’re making me want to pick wedding styles!

  110. Oh, Joanna! I love the braid and the flower! It’s perfect!

  111. Stunning! :)

  112. thank you SO much, you guys are so sweet. this blog is like prozac :)

  113. Giuliana says...

    You look so elegant and lovely. A timeless beauty! Congratulations on being a truly stunning lady.

  114. SO PRETTY!!! I love the braid and the flower and your makeup looks perfect too :)

  115. looooooove it! just messy enough to be casual, just done enough to look DONE! you’re gonna be gorgeous girl!!

  116. You look stunning, Joanna … absolutely wedding-perfect!!!

  117. You look so beautiful Joanna! I love it!

  118. Wow! You look stunning. I love the hair. You are going to make a beautiful bride!

  119. wow joanna you look gorgeous!! so classy and beautiful – you are going to make a stunning bride!!

  120. What a fantastic look – romantic and special but still you. So many wedding make-up/hairdo combinations end up looking overdone and fake, so the person doesn’t look like them anymore.
    oooooooooooo not long now!!!

  121. yes indeed, even after riding your bike it’s pretty. :)

  122. You look…. exquisite. Seriously, so, so pretty!!!

  123. SO pretty! What a timeless look.

  124. thank you SO much! it looks messier than it should because i rode my bike home :) but i still love it.

  125. ADORABLE! It looks amazing – what a beautiful bride!

  126. oh your hair looks darling. Just mussed enough.