1. Wow, that must have taken so much time! But it was well worth it, the invitation is so charming and unique.

  2. Whou! Really really great. Such an effort! Amazing!

  3. That is coolest video ever!!!!

  4. I love this! This was one of my favorites this week, and so it goes in the Friday Dance. Feel free to check it out. I’ve got a couple of other cool ones up there this week, too.

  5. elle says...

    That made me so happy. I loved it! What a great idea.

  6. That is really amazing, I wish I was that creative!

  7. Oh wow. I love the “street view loading” screen – too funny.

  8. Unbelievable! What a great idea and very well done!!!

  9. that just may be one of the coolest things i’ve seen in MONTHS!

    talk about creativity. and um, patience.

  10. That was wonderful! I love the creativity and the fun (but hard!)work they put into this.

    I wonder if they were inspired by Oren Lavie’s “Her Morning Elegance” music video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_HXUhShhmY

    Thanks for sharing <3


  11. I’m delighted and speechless!

  12. Oh my goodness. Too cute and so original.

  13. so incredible, this must of taken them ages!!! love this song too :)

  14. Bonjour ! first or second time i visit your blog and like it so much :)
    well if you wanna be inspired by my collages or just dream, come and visit my blog :)
    a bientot !

  15. this is incredibly creative! i am a sucker for any and all stop motion films.

  16. THat must’ve taken forever, but it’s totally cute, unique, and adorable. Cheers to the bride & groom!

  17. Oh my goodness! Some people are just so so clever aren’t they. Very clever. I wonder how long it took to do that?

  18. the creativity of other never ceases to amaze me! just awesome.

  19. man! I’m exhausted just from thinking about how much work that would be. Totally amazing though!

  20. yeah so,that was pretty amazing. I can just tell the wedding will blow the mind!

  21. The video is seriously amazing!

  22. A S T O N I S H I N G!

  23. puts my letterpress to shame! my favourite part is when he wrings himself out…

  24. OMGGGG love it

  25. I love it too!

  26. amy says...

    oh my god – so awesome! when i saw it was cincy, that made me even more excited since it’s my hometown & recognizing the actual directions! we have some talented peeps! :) and 127th the awe at the time/efforts this took!

  27. two words, friggin amazing. (well, technically “friggin” isn’t a word, but you get my point).

  28. Anonymous says...

    That is amazing!!! I love how the suit opens the door for the dress. It must have taken an eternity to make. How did they do that – one move a frame? Wow.

  29. Anonymous says...

    Although it was cute, it felt like like it was too long, to sit thru to get wedding info- I think they should have edited it down a bit and played with music.

  30. I can’t believe how intricate this video is-thanks for finding it:)

  31. Wow! People have so much imagination.

  32. OH MY STARS! that was so amazing! that really must have taken forever. their wedding is bound to be incredible and full of creativity.

  33. Wow. I’m in awe. Using an electronic invitation saves paper, too!

  34. i love it!

  35. With the amount of work they put into that video, I can’t even imagine how amazing the wedding is going to be! They thought of everything…the loading sign, the chunky alphabet letters…AWESOME!!

  36. that was AMAZING! I absolutely loved it, thanks for sharing : )

  37. Thanks for the shout out! They had really stepped wedding invitations up!

  38. SO cute! And Vampire Weekend’s self-titled album is one of the best cds I’ve owned in years.

    Thanks for sharing, Joanna! You always brighten my day.

  39. n says...

    very cool!!

  40. That is incredible! I would love to be a fly on the wall at that wedding!

  41. what a great way to get everyone excited about their big day! love the song as well!

  42. that was so creative! i love it!

  43. how funny!!!! What a work!!!! I love the music too… Thanx for your visit on my shop i promise I’ll telle you for the picnic blanket… very very soon…


  44. This is so fun! Love it!

  45. This was genius! I can’t imagine how long it took to do this. Thanks for sharing :)

  46. That was so creative. I love it!

  47. oh my…

    thanks for the share! that was magical and beautiful and fun and whimsical. the perfect thing to cure a cloudy tuesday morning.

  48. so many talented/creative people out there it’s not even funny. :)although that was funny!

  49. OJ says...

    wowza!!! my mind is overworking thinking about logistics! love this!

  50. oh my gosh that was amazing!! i can’t even imagine how long that must have taken them! sure to be a great wedding!!

  51. Wow, amazing is right! This is truly a labor of love, I can’t even begin to imagine how much time it took

  52. Holy smokes. Being a big Vampire Weekend fan to begin with doesn’t hurt, but the sheer awesome-ness of that invitation is a little mind blowing. Who thinks of things like that, anyways?

  53. this is such a fresh take on wedding invitations, love the creativity!

  54. The whole thing is awesome, but I particularly like the part where he wrings himself out!

  55. love it!

  56. i love everything about this.

    the amount of time it must have taken speaks volumes to me.

    that’s what a marriage is truly about – time together, not things.

  57. Adorable!
    Considering how much effort went into that, how could anyone who was invited possibly say no?!?!?!

  58. Amazing – I love when the suit rings itself out!

    Adorable : – )

  59. i can only imagine what their wedding will look like! this was so fun!

  60. i forward this video to everyone. i love it.

  61. no, it must have taken FOREVER!!! …so worth it though. It’s adorable!

  62. wow! Now THAT was a labor of love…

  63. I would love to watch the video, but I am so scared of vampires. I know this might sound silly.
    Marianna xo

  64. Almost hurts to watch as you imagine how long it took them… Really cool.

  65. from a person who did animation, I just can’t believe the amount of work that put into this invitation video. wow.

  66. kate says...


  67. ps. the music is M79 by vampire weekend. xo