Great Gatsby Goodbye Party

Haley and Leslie live in Minnesota, in a big beautiful house built in the 1880s. Sadly, their landlord has decided to sell it.
“Since Saint Paul is the birthplace of F. Scott Fitzgerald (and it’s rumored that he attended soirees at our house back in the day), we decided to throw a Great Gatsby-themed goodbye party,” says Leslie. “It would be our last shindig.”
Spaghetti Western String Co, a string quartet from Minneapolis, performed Radiohead’s “Exit Music,” with lyrics sung in Italian. “It gave us goose bumps,” says Leslie.
Doesn’t everyone look amazing? What a wonderful way to say goodbye to a house and celebrate the end of an era. (F. Scott Fitzgerald would have been proud.) Thank you so much for sharing, Leslie!

(Photos by Cameron Wittig)

  1. Nice! And sooo inspiring!

  2. How cool is that great gatsby theme, i want to host something like this.

  3. I love this! I’m such a fan of that era and ‘The Great Gatsby’….Beautiful interesting blog – Marking!

  4. Kylee says...

    I love this! I’m such a fan of that era and ‘The Great Gatsby’….Beautiful interesting blog – Marking!

  5. It totally is Jeremy Messersmith. He’s a pretty popular local act here in the cities.

  6. For some reason I always crave a Mint Julep upon the merest mention of The Great Gatsby – no great feat as I sit at the computer, huddled next to a heater in a frosty, faraway place!

  7. so awesome!

    I’m working on a gatsby wedding (not toally themed, but inspired by…it will be gorgeous!)

  8. wow, they pulled that theme off amazingly well. how fun!

  9. too cool. i wish i had the manpower to pull this off.

  10. People from Minnesota are the coolest, hands down.

  11. sweet idea <3 i loved the great gatsby.

  12. wish i was there.
    the outfits are so cool.
    thanks for sharing.

  13. Those are very cool photos! Looks like so much fun. And the color/tone is just right.

  14. This is a totally brilliant concept. I love the photos.

  15. um, yeah. we know how to party in the middle of the country!

  16. Wow, I wish that I could have gone to that party! Looks like tons of fun.

  17. O! I am envious indeed!

  18. Everyone looks fabulous! Man, I bet this party wasn’t more than a few blocks away from where I live.

  19. I love this!
    Gatsby was one of my fav books in high school.

  20. Parties bore me, but THAT is one I would go to. I have a “fat” Gatsby crush as someone once pointed out.

  21. This totally made my day {Great Gatsby is probably my favorite book of all time!}


  22. This is great! I need new friends too!

  23. kate says...

    GORGEOUS. i need new friends LOL

  24. Brilliant! What a way to honor a house. I think a beautiful house should be honored.
    I’ve spent the last couple of days listening to a wonderful reading of the Great Gatsby on iPod…can’t even imagine how many times I have read this book in my lifetime, but each and every time I am floored by its greatness. Raising a glass to F Scott, wherever he is…

  25. Oh, I love this! It just so helps that The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books, and I’m a little obsessed with Zelda Fitzgerald.

  26. What a brilliant idea!! They all look so amazing… so sophisticated.

  27. You just made my Friday!! What a fabulous party idea!

  28. They know how to go out in style.

  29. This is amazing…thank you so much for sharing. Any event in the form of Gatsby is a welcomed idea.

  30. I have a small love affair with the Great Gatsby! I love it so much I named my dog Gatsby. He is a boston terrier and always looks like he is wearing a tux, so I thought Gatsby was appropriate :) I bet that was a very FUN night!

  31. i love this! i don’t think any of my friends would take the time to dress up like that.

  32. Fabulous. My roommates and I are actually trying to play a Great Gatsby party right now! This has given me some great new ideas. But what a great idea for a goodbye-house party.

  33. That’s sweet! I adore how everyone looks like they totally loved dressing to the nines for this party :)

  34. Everyone looks so chic and sophisticated. Lovely.

  35. This looks like a LOT of fun…I always thought that I must have lived through the Gatsby era…in another life perhaps!

  36. wow, that looks so fun and that house is so beautiful. I need to go to one of these fever pitch parties.

  37. What an amazing way to bid farewell to that gorgeous abode. Spaghetti Western String Co. is a GREAT group, too.

  38. Wow! Everything about this is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

  39. What a great idea!

  40. oh my gosh, that is AWESOME. not to mention ridiculously clever.

  41. eeep! Its so exciting to see my friends on here!!! How awesome do they look? What a great party and wonderful theme!