How pretty are these ties from Field Guided? The fabrics are fresh and lovely; you can have personal note embroidered onto the tag, and they’re only $35. Sold! (P.S. I just gave the floral one to Alex as a little present and, as Sarah said, they’d be perfect for Father’s Day.)

(Via Chelsea)

  1. They are sold out :(, I should know I just tried to buy one…

  2. there are such cute ties out there – too bad i don’t see many guys actually wearing them!

  3. love this! just bought one for my husband for father’s day (shhhh…).

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. All of her things are so lovely. I’ve been resisting a needle case for a while now.

  5. These shoes are amazing and what a great way to add something blue and even more so just a pop of color on a wedding day. Love it!

  6. Love the first one! Great for hubby! What a fab find! Thanks!

  7. Anonymous says...

    The first tie is a Liberty of London print.

  8. love this!

  9. I’m LOVING THESE. He has so many beautiful ties that he doesn’t even wear bc he doesn’t need to for work…I’d love to see him in these for special occasion:)

  10. Alex says...

    And Alex LOVED it, by the way….

  11. Love that these are Canadian; I feel so patriotic. I am going to get my husband one for his first Father’s Day! :)

  12. I may need to get a steady man in my life just so I may buy him ties like these, because somehow I just can’t quite picture my attorney father walking around the office in a tie quite that fantastic.

  13. this is such an amazing gift for a boy! totally getting one for my guy. :)

  14. too bad thy dont have any bow ties!

  15. Awesome, awesome, awesome! I’m getting one for my dad! Thanks for the recommendation!

  16. I looove men in ties, it makes them look so handsome & put together!

  17. loving the price of these (who knew ties were so stinking expensive?!)

  18. Great find! We are looking for ties for our wedding and these would be an extra special personal touch.

  19. your link above just made my day!

    thank you for your comment, the truth is, i’ve been cutting my own hair for 2 years. it’s really not that great but i prefer to spend my money on traveling, or these ties…

    thanks joanna!

  20. i’m obsessed with ties! i love buying them for my dad and boyfriend!

  21. Gorgeous. The hubs is so getting one. Fab find!

  22. I gave one to T for V-day and he loved it!! Such a find!

  23. perfect for father’s day, thanks!

  24. Hey these are so pretty and happy. Definitely bookmarking!


  25. Oooh I love the top one!

  26. Sweet.

  27. i loved the first one the most. both man and female can pull that tie off!

  28. Wow, that price is pretty great & I love anything that can be personalized!

  29. Anonymous says...

    Love these and the idea of a personal note on the tag.

  30. I love the second one! :) Gorgeous!

  31. Oh how lovely!

  32. I wonder if I could convince my guy to try gingham …

  33. love these – for guys and girls!

  34. i believe i would like one for myself.

  35. I love the top one, but I don’t think hubby would wear it. Bookmarking the site.