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  16. I am in LOVE with this dress. I read that she bought it off the rack at Neiman Marcus and it is a John Galliano. Any chance someone has the style number? I LOVE THIS DRESS! I am getting married in the forest and need something flirty and fun.

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  23. How beautiful!

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  25. so gorgeous. i love the flowers in the tin vases. this is what a marriage should look like :)

  26. I’ve loved the love we can almost feel through the photos…the last one, beatiful!

  27. It looks so effortless… it looks like love.

  28. the dress is the prettiest ive seen:))

  29. I am in LOVE with her dress–with those pearls, it looks like she came straight out of Daisy Buchanan’s closet!

  30. That’s really pretty. sometimes I do feel like I missed out by not having a party for my wedding…

  31. That dress is seriously breathtaking! And I love her bangs. Mine never look that good!

  32. Really classic pictures and I love her dress so much!

  33. Breathtaking! It looks like she’s totally captured the essence of who she is. I love that.

    I actually have an appointment with my hairdresser today to discuss my wedding hair. Looks like I have a great photo to share with him now! Thanks Joanna.

  34. What a beautiful wedding! The dress is to die for!

    I’m knew to your site. I came here through Bliss…you’re on her blogroll!

    I plan on following you! You have a great blog!

  35. Rachel says...

    That made my heart pitter patter – utterly enchanting!

    Just perfect


  36. Seriously, that’s the most amazing gown ever. I’ve been dreaming of a Monique L’Huiller dress, but this one takes the cake.

  37. Aww, perfect! =)

  38. The bride’s dress is absolutely gorgeous.

  39. I adore her dress and the pearls, it’s elegant glamor at its best! Thanks for sharing.

  40. I completely fell for their wedding when I saw their photos too– so sweet. I think the last photo is my favorite!

  41. omg thats the most beautiful dress i’ve seen! i thought i had my dream dress picked out for when ever i get married…but this makes it a tie between the two.

    i’m excited to see what you and your fianes wedding looks likes.

    have you set a date yet?

  42. so so lovely and romantic. and they look so in love ahh x

  43. So beautiful! I love everything: the flowers, the invitations, her hair, her sandals, and that dress. Oh, that dress!!!!

  44. The bride’s dress is so feminine and sexy and in the simplicity of her hair and the various wedding touches, they have distilled the event to it’s core essence haven’t they? It is just love, it’s perfect.

  45. Simple, yet classic and elegant! Gorgeous wedding and they look so happy! I love it!

  46. i love the dress! esp. that it’s not strapless and full skirted like almost every other wedding dress out there. this one is a breath of fresh air.

  47. Anonymous says...

    I love this dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. The bride positively glows. She looks impeccable.

  49. probably the most perfect dress i’ve ever seen, suits her perfectly. i also love their simple gold bands, and the invite!

  50. So pretty…I love those flower pots!

  51. I LOVE her dress, it looks like it was made for her! And the pearls of course. ANd the flowers…yeah it was a perfect wedding:)

  52. her dress and the invitation are gorgeous!

  53. Oh what a beautiful beautiful dress! And beautiful photos, and flowers, and everything.

  54. C says...

    Such floaty ivory swaths, that dress looks like a gorgeous vintage!

  55. This is what I call effortless style wedding! Beautiful!!
    Glad you & your cute mate are back from your fab trip Joanna! Can’t wait to see the pics… ~Blessings*

  56. i adoooore her dress and simple hair~ it’s so elegant without being overly done. perfect!

  57. i think i want to be her.

  58. This dress is so beautiful! They look so happy! Love this!!

  59. I love the french tins of roses – so casual and warm. She’s beautiful joyous

  60. Beautiful! That dress is gorgeous…

  61. the roses! oh, the roses!

  62. oh that dress is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

  63. oh wow some beautiful pics in there. i think my fave is still the one you posted last though.

  64. You’re right…the most beautiful wedding! I love her shoes!

  65. How inspiring is this? I just adore her dress…and the smile on her face.
    I’m getting married this year, and have done NO planning yet. So perhaps I’d better get started, hmm?

  66. oh yes please! just what i needed on this cloudy thursday…a lil’ wedding pick-me-up!

  67. I am so inspired now for my own wedding! These photos are stunning!

  68. what a lovely wedding… this makes me so excited for mine… and nervous, I have barely planned anything yet! (…and I agress with STORY re: the dress… if only I could find it)

  69. Emily,
    It is incredible – truly. Thanks for your info. Laurie :-)

  70. What a beauty…love the dress, the flowers, the simplicity. Adorable.

  71. She bought is off the rack at Neiman Marcus. It is by John Galliano. Isn’t it incredible!

  72. That dress is so romantic but not fussy. Who made that? I could see you in a dress like that Joanna….just pure lovliness, nothing contrived.
    My advice for a wedding dress? – A dress that showcases the beauty of the bride, and comfortable — so you can enjoy your wedding!

  73. Those flowers & that dress are simply beautiful…such sweet wedding joy!

  74. What breathtakingly beautiful images!

  75. that dress! oh and i simply adore those roses that are kept in casual tins. so pretty and natural.

  76. this is beautiful…it’s all about the smiles!

  77. Hi! Love your blog and this entry… I love that she’s wearing casual sandals, loose hair and the biggest smile on her face.

  78. awe* I saw this yesterday! I love the invitations, and her dress and pearls are so classic!