New Yorkers at Home

A few weeks ago, the incredibly sweet French photographer Valerie Dray came to our apartment to take photos of Alex and me for her Men’s Style story, 15 Creative New Yorkers. We were so honored to be included! A few others who were in the piece…
Brooke Williams, a photographer, writer and former Domino editor, and her husband Josh Liberson of Helicopter graphic design, and their adorable daughter Ada.Kendra, a prop stylist, and her husband Seth, a photographer, and their sweet little girl Stella.
Hollister Hovey, a blogger and publicist, and her sister Porter Hovey, a photographer. I’m in awe of their fabulous Williamsburg apartment.

See the full slideshow here. Thank you again, Valerie! It was really fun!

(Photos by Valerie Dray)

  1. Anonymous says...
  2. I love to see the artwork that people surround themselves with! The slide show was so cool. Shows that we really are the mirror of our surroundings!

  3. jenn says...

    i love love LOVE your shoes. man i haven’t bought a new pair of pretty heels since like december..i’d say it’s about time :] and summer = pretty high heels and pedicures!

  4. I just discovered from this posting that Alex Williams is a man! And your married to him! My brain is reeling…

  5. Fantastic Blog, love having a peek at what inspires people. I am constantly driven to paint other peoples ‘moments’ (always with permission of course :-)). Your blog is like a constant zap of inspiration! Thanks…


  6. congrats! You two look beautiful!

  7. That’s so awesome! Congrats (and thanks for the peek into your world)

  8. That last apartment is just amazing–they all are, really–but the Gothic drama of it is just so unexpected!

  9. I loved browsing through the photographs of these other fabulous New Yorkers…what a fun thing to be part of!

  10. and that exposed brick fireplace… too cool.

  11. how very exciting, congrats!

    where did you find the large photo on the mantel? it’s awesome.

    kiwi and i just bought the domino book of decorating… and that mantel chapter is really vexing me!

  12. oh my gosh how exciting!! you look great!

  13. Love your home, as well as the Hoveys!

  14. Hahahah, I’m glad that someone grabbed a shot of Seth, when he was rocking that ridiculously smooth mustache.

  15. Congratulations!! you look fantastic in your black and white stripe t-shirt!

  16. how sweet. the smoots are friends of mine.

  17. great snaps, you guys look great :)

  18. Congrats! You have a lovely lovely apartment! I love the giant horsey photo!

  19. Such great photos and a great article. Congrats on being in included!! Very cool.

  20. I have to say, Brooke and Josh are two of the nicest people on the planet, and their daughter Ada is the cutest! Hi you guys!!
    Thanks for the great post Joanna!

  21. thanks for your notes! the shoes are vintage Marc Jacob — i’ve had them for ages, they’re like my one pair of fancy heels! :)

  22. Rachel says...

    Oh Joanna, as if i wasn’t crazy excited enough for September already?! The pics are great, but TBH, you guys made it pretty easy for her. So much good stuff going on in one space. And do you and Alex ever take a bad picture? Methinks not! Such excellent company aswell. And the little bubba, i’ll take two of those munchkins please! Good luck with the wedding dress quest, keep us posted, Lots of love Rach xxxxxxxxx

  23. Stunning! Alex’s Jack Purcell sneakers…now I see how he must make you laugh!

  24. Exciting!! and not surprising :) – you two are awesome. Love your shoes – did you buy them especially?

  25. I’m going to check the slide show right now! I love this. and your apt is awesome…well, your living room:) I love that photo over your mantle and that you keep a globe in the fireplace. My friend keeps all her mags in there since she can’t use it. Globes are my favorite…globes and maps.

  26. You guys look fabulous, love the shoes! So happy for you.

  27. oh wow, that is so exciting! congratulations. your home is very cute, by the way.

  28. uhhg I love! How honored you must feel! and may I just say, both you two look very good in those photos!


  29. Congrats! I love Brooke Williams, I used to work with her at Domino, she’s so sweet! I’m thrilled to have come across your blog and have added you to my blog roll over at Urban Flea. Cheers my dear!
    xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

  30. what an honor! congratulations!

    and you two look adorable and have a fantastic place.

  31. Wow, congrats! What an honor! You and Alex look fantastic, and your apartment is so warm and welcoming that it makes me want to come over for tea.

  32. Wow — congrats, that is amazing! You deserve it for sure. I have been reading your blog for forever now, so I thought I would finally pop-in and leave a comment. Thank you for fabulous bits of information and images daily! You are my number one blog read each morning.

  33. you lucky duck! I love this, it’s so naturalistic and real. Congratulations, you deserve it.

  34. Holy gorgeousness batman! Look at you people. I’m hauling ass to NY next week to see if some of this can rub off on me!!! ;)

  35. this is so fun and I love all your books, pictures, gold statues, dried flowers and that globe under the fireplace. And Ava and Stella are adorable, as is that mustache man painting and whoa! Hollister and Porter, what cool names. How could they not have an amazing house!

  36. how amazing! the photos turned out so cute of the two of you! and i just love your apartment! that picture above the mantel is incredible! :)

  37. Your apartment is amazing! I adore all the white.

  38. What a lovely couple you and Alex are – always so original and so much in love….

  39. Oh I love the globe in the fireplace!!!

  40. What a fantastic experience you had. Look so so fun!

  41. amazing! you truly look gorgeous! I want a photographer to take pictures of my hubby, me, & our two dogs in our little Texan bungalow. :) how fun.

  42. Congrats — and how exciting! Yay you!!!


  43. Omg Brooke’s baby is TOOOO cute!

  44. I love this Joanna! Very cool. Is the photo above the fireplace (the girl with the horse) you?

  45. How cool! Realy nice picture of both of you! I also watch the slide show, realy like the guy with the long curly hair. His a hunk!

  46. Everyone looks so interesting.

  47. stripe shirt….not strip shirt…haha

  48. Neat-O! I need to start wearing sexy shoes around the house more. What a fun thing!

  49. Love the clean crisp light in your photos and love the french strip shirt! You said you wanted to dress a bit more Francais. And, I didn’t know Alex was 43, he looks so much younger. My beau is 12 years older than me…..32. ;)

  50. Oh my goodness, what a cool piece! What and honor! You’re place looks nothing short of awesome!

  51. love these. you guys look adorable, and your home is great!

  52. you. are. awesome.

  53. love the one of you and alex in the chair together! so cute! and these photos only prove to me more just how lovely your apartment looks! what a fireplace!

  54. Anonymous says...

    i love that pic of you and Alex by the fireplace! :)

  55. you have such a lovely home!

  56. Fantastic! Love Hollister Hovey’s blog, so fitting that you two would be featured :)

  57. Gorgeous shoot. What a fabulous couple you make!

  58. Your apartment looks super cozy. I love the globe in the fireplace!

  59. Hello sex shoes. Love it!

    I would fall on my butt in those. ;)

    Love your apartment.

  60. nice, you two! you have such an elegant space and I totally love that you’re in heels! xx

  61. congrats…how cool is that?! you’re among some very, very cool people.

  62. ooh! so pretty! love, love the fireplace.

  63. The globe in the fireplace? Fantastic.

  64. so gorgeous! and your eyes look so BLUE!!! :)

  65. out of all three, you apt looks like the one i’d most like to have. great pics of you guys :)

  66. OMG, I just realized Josh Liberman was on here! What the heck? I know him!

  67. Oh that is so cool! Congrats on being included!

  68. I love your hardwood floors. I have them too and LOVE them! They just make the house seem more airy somehow.

  69. haha, i know! i originally had flats on, but she recommended i wear more fabulous shoes…i almost took alex’s eye out :)

  70. Emma Straub says...

    are those your ‘lounging around the house’ shoes, perchance?

  71. kate says...

    v. cool! you look beautiful.