Have a beautiful weekend.

What are your plans this weekend? Alex and I found ourselves in a funny predicament: Our travel plans fell through, but we had already rented out our apartment! We’re now staying at a friend’s house in Brooklyn. I’m excited for our little adventure! Meanwhile, here are a few great posts from around the web this week…

Turn around! What’s your shadow doing?

A fashion collection inspired by The Graduate.

How fun to be two.

Looking for a new summer drink?

Heidi Klum’s tips on how to look good in photos. I trust her.

Nice packaging, H&M tights.

Liking ships in bottles.

The prettiest pregnancy photos.

Love is multi-faceted.

Flight or invisibility?


How to make a duvet cover from sheets. Nice!

100 abandoned houses of Detroit. Via Daydream Lily.

New Yorkers, the Steven Alan Sample Sale is this weekend.

Rad tapestry backpack.

DIY book for a newborn, and a vintage baby sale.

Inspired by the new blog Sunday Suppers, via Snippet & Ink.

Sweet summer sandals.

A blog dedicated to the questions kids ask. (Via Swissmiss)

Pretty flowers for you.

Plus, two videos:

Toast’s new video makes me want to wear a polka-dot bathing suit. (Thanks, Christine!)

Great Tour de France ad.

Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

(Red balloon film still, via Lolita)

  1. Great links! Happy Weekend!

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  3. Have you seen the Grizzly Bear/Le Ballon Rouge video?!?!

  4. thank you so much for linking to LA In Bloom. I guarantee that the summer drink tastes even better than it looks.

  5. I gave you an award! Hope all is fab and glam with you!


  6. I love the “curls” post. As a girl who has been fighting her curls all of her life, I am finally learning to embrace them (although, I will always have a straigtening iron in my beauty arsenal). Great links!

  7. I’ve been scrapbooking ALLLLL weekend!!!!! My little brother graduates from high school next year, so I’m helping my mom put together his high school scrapbook (his elementary and middle school ones are already done). It’s quite a task, but it is turning out so cute and my mom and I are having a blast.

    Joanna, when you have kids you MUST make them scrapbooks. Even now, when I look back at the scrapbook I’ve made and that my mom made me, I crack up. I always show my friends mine when they come over, and I can’t wait to show my kids one day how goofy my family is! :)

  8. i wish i was off on a weekend adventure. I have a list of chores to get done as long as my arm… but on the top of the alst is some more polaroid film so that makes me happy!

    hope you enjoyed broklyn :)

  9. sounds like a fun faux-vacation! thanks for the link to the shadows, i love that!!

  10. love the zephyr and blue bit :)

  11. I prefer beautiful

    “le ballon rouge”

    Beaucoup de poésie…!

    Great weekend

    Thankx !

  12. These look like really interesting links. I have to make sure to check them out. Have a great weekend! :-)

  13. Hi,

    Hope you are doing well and having a great weekend.



  14. what a great way to acknowledge wonderful posts! Have a great weekend and make sure to keep it sexy!!

  15. That has happened to us. we are living in a tent on the beach. while people from our house swap enjoy our home. I am missing out on a gorgeous adobe, guest house and pool in twentynine palms.

    funny how things turn our- but completely agree it a new adventure!

  16. Rachel says...

    Another most excellent assortment for us Jo – you surpass yourself! Have a super-neat weekend. xxx

  17. Li says...

    Thank you for all the funny, inspirational, beautiful etc stories on your blog. My hubby & I thought we would give playing cupid a chance, which I have never done. We having dinner tonight! She lives in our beautiful village & he works in Cape Town … her daughter who is 32 will also be joining with her boyfriend. Should be really interesting!
    Have a fab weekend. xoxo

  18. Always looking fwd to your Fri links…Thanks Joanna! Have a fab weekend with your darling Alex…hope the ‘predicament’ is going to be a blessing in disguise! ;)

  19. aww, I just watched this movie (the balloon) it was also my father’s favourite when he was little.

  20. Yay I love links! Thank you!

    I hope you have a fabulous adventurous weekend! XO

  21. this list sweetly kicks me off into the weekend. mucho thanks.

  22. I feel like you’re a good friend of mine…thanks for all the great stories and posts! I really do look forward to them.

  23. love the surplus links as usual.

    have a great weekend!

  24. The photos of Detroit break my heart! I’d love to see the place come back to life. How grand it must have been in its’ day.

  25. Ohmygosh, “The Red Balloon!!!” I adore that movie so much…

  26. have fun in brooklyn friend!

    i have a wedding tomorrow and a craft show on sunday! a fun filled weekend.

    lovely links!


  27. Thanks Joanna ! We’re such huge fans :) happy friday.

  28. multi-multi faceted.

    ps. you’re so sweet.

  29. Have a loverly weekend! I will have a movie filled weekend. A picnic movie at the cemetery and another movie on Sunday and Monday with friends and family.

  30. You do such a great job with these roundups, Joanna! Truly, I look forward to it all week. Have a great happy weekend!

  31. have a great weekend jo
    I love your blog and I follow it every day!

  32. SO many great links, have a wonderful adventure this weekend!!

  33. Love your great posts!
    Enjoy your adventurous wekend :)