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  43. scoped out jeremy and kathleen’s wedding photos… looked amazing! so personal and intimate, but fun and casual at the same time.

    have you ordered your invites yet? any tips on a good company to go through? we thought about using wedding paper divas… but,your expertise would be most welcome!

    the blog is fantastic as usual.

  44. awesome design…i wish i would have thought of something unique as this for my wedding!

  45. These invitations are beautiful, I love that they hand signed them too!

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  47. I love the tags

  48. Those are so adorable and personal! Love it!

    I don’t know if you have posted anything on your save the date/wedding invitations but hope you share them with us whenever you can.

    I imagine they are amazingly awesome like you and your lovely fiance.

  49. Yup, I thought these were super cool too.

  50. love this! photo booth snaps always win me over…so great!

  51. i’d also like to say how personal + sweet this wedding is.

  52. fabulous!

  53. Very unique… I like them a lot. Especially love that they each signed them.

  54. absolutely adorable. i am so impressed by the creativity. i would never be so clever!!

  55. I love the idea of the pictures in there, very cute and personalized.

  56. absolutely beautiful and unique! I love the envelopes!

  57. These are so personal, so much better than the usual pristine white envelope. I particularly like the photo booth pictures!

  58. what a great idea for wedding invitations!

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    Dear Joanna! I was feeling little blue today and something was missing from my life. And i realized i haven’t checked your blog yet! Thanks for making me smile everyday! I’m tired of all nonsense over the top pushy media.

    P.S: I love the small wedding idea, probably i’ll do something like this, since i don’t think we can afford bigger one! Good idea for dress too, as long it looks good, it doesn’t matter how much you pay for! And love the non-traditional dress! I’m thinking about to get married in one of my chiffon polka dot 30’s kinda dress! :)

  60. i totally dig the photo booth picture concept!

  61. these are so great! i love the 50’s detective noir feel to them.

  62. So so cute! And really classic too

  63. What a tasteful way to do some economical invitations!

    I love it.

  64. E, for our invitations, our friends emma and mike are designing them. i can’t wait to see them–and show them on the blog!

  65. E says...

    I like the photobooth pictures best! And then tag. what are you thinking about doing for your invitations?

  66. Those are too good. I love how everything looks mixed-in yet fits perfectly. Genius.

  67. Omfg, these people are just too perfect.

  68. I LOVE these! so unique.

  69. Anonymous says...

    so nice and personal

  70. that’s very pretty, simple, elegant but fun at the same time.

  71. So adorable! I’m going to remember these.

  72. I love love love the photo-booth picture idea!!! Don’t be surprised if I steal this idea in a couple of years ;)

  73. Ohh! I love the wedding invites in black and white! So sleek and elegant. We just had our wedding at New York city hall, but we will be having another one in the summer on the Black Sea coast where my parents live. For the NYC wedding we got away with a low key casual but dress up day wedding, complete with a brunch at City Hall restaurant in Tribeca… But for the summer wedding I have friends coming from all over the world and have no idea what to do with the invites. Email? “Old fashioned” paper? Skype them? Ahhh… How do I do it elegant and easy at the same time?

  74. beautiful! love how simple, yet stunning they are.

  75. I liked that their wedding seemed personal, not like a huge show-y over-the-top production.

    my kind of wedding.

  76. How great! I wish i would get some wedding invitations like this in the mail. My friends seem really uninspired and not really bothered with their invites… These are so wonderful and original. love it!

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  77. These are lovely – really unique and quirky.

  78. Those are beautiful. I love seeing invitations that are original.

  79. these have such a great, earthy feel. i love that they seem very well thought-out, but not over the top.