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  4. Margie Burnett says...

    Wow Jo,My name is Margie I am going through the same thing my Mom past in May i take care of my Dad he has no short term memory I am so scared to lose him I lost my son 5 years ago at the age of 21 then my Mom he is all I have my heart is broken when he goes My heart will be gone i will have a break down I want to know how you deal and go on with life i have put my life on hold and devote all my life with my Dad you are a strong Man and God bless you.

  5. Anonymous says...

    Hi, I followed the link to this website and I definitely appreciated the photography and some of the sweet moments the son shared with his father in his final days. However, I do question whether Anyone would want their deterioration documented on a website for everyone and anyone to see. I understand the sentiment, but I do doubt his father would have condoned it. I find it astounding the amount of comments from people who are perhaps not seeing the full picture. I enjoy your blog jo, thankyou.

    Lucy B.

  6. What a beautiful idea. The photography does half the work – it’s just superb. This had me crying by the end and posting and email it to everyone I know. Things like this should be shared…amazing

  7. Anonymous says...

    So beautiful!

  8. this website is incredible. I came across it a while back and was so moved by it. Phillip also has a beautiful photography portfolio beyond this collection. it’s a must-see. thanks for sharing it here.

  9. this is one of the most raw and wonderful things i have read and seen in a long long time.

  10. Wow. I’m kind of lost for words.

  11. Hi Jo,

    A very moving blog.

    Thanks for the link.

    Have a brilliant Easter weekend.



  12. oh my, i happened upon phillip’s site some time ago, and it is just so incredible. it makes me cry every time i visit. i also love the fact that it makes me feel more appreciative of the ‘elders’ in my life and want to be with them more and more. thankyou for reminding me of this!

  13. Margo says...

    You made me miss my father who passed 7 years ago. He was so lucky to have closure with this Dad. I never did.

  14. This is beautiful, but I’m writing this with big tears in my eyes.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  15. I found this site a while ago and read through the whole thing in one sitting. So sad! But sweet.

  16. my mother passed away suddenly almost 2 years ago now. And i cant stand to remember the day she died nor remember how empty the world felt the next morning when i woke up. I couldnt bare having to live through those memories every day like this.

  17. Wow. So beautiful and haunting and amazing.

  18. I love this site from Phillip. I found it a week or two ago. And I can’t say that anything available in (online) print really compares in terms of relevance, and true genuine human emotion.

  19. Katy says...

    thanks for sharing this.

  20. I am terrified of this happening to my parents. I can’t imagine the fortitude it takes to not get angry at your parents for something htey don’t know. That just seems so challenging.

  21. 50 first dates, anyone? It seems so similar. That movie wasn’t any funny; just depressing and frustrating. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for Philip to actually live like this. I hope stem cell research speeds up a cure.

  22. This is so beautiful. It reminded me of my grandmother whom was my one true love and always will be. I too was able to be with her and take care of her until her final days and like you for that I am eternally grateful.
    I have signed up to be notified when the book comes out.

  23. Had to write again, because I have just reread this. It’s just amazing… Very, very special..
    xo, Penney

  24. I lost my Mum first, and my Dad a few years after. I believe in providence, because the pain of our loss, brought him back to me, when he needed me, much more than I knew..shortly after his return for my Mum’s funeral, he was diagnosed as terminally ill. He came back to Boston,and we spent 4 wonderful months together..
    It’s great to be able to share and to be understood as well.
    much xo,

  25. so beautiful, and so sad. I love his honesty. Thank you for sharing.

  26. This is exactly what happened with my Grandpa, and we stopped telling him, too.

  27. E says...

    oh my goodness…

  28. This is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing! I reposted this on my Tumblr to share with others. Beautiful story<3

  29. Anonymous says...

    How beautiful. I love my father and am still a daddy’s girl at 24 years old. And probably will be the rest of my life. I hope I would be able to make as beautiful a tribute to my father someday.

  30. i saw this last week and totally teared up reading the blog. it’s so lovely and sad and wonderful…

  31. I came upon this a few weeks ago and couldn’t get enough. Isn’t it heartbreakingly wonderful?

  32. I can’t even imagine. I that I would have alzheimer’s is one of my deepest fears.

  33. Wow, how beautiful the human condition can be. I think that what Phillip did for his father is exactly what our society needs to embrace. We need to care for our old and learn from them. We need to give thanks to them by keeping them in our lives until they are done living.

  34. thank you for sharing this. truly touching.

  35. I can relate, as my father has a similar condition. Thank you, Joanna, and thank you, Phillip.

  36. so beautifully sad :( thank you for this post

  37. Thank you for sharing this. This is so touching.

  38. Thank you for sharing this Jo.
    I’m having serious father health issues right now and this hit very close to home. I can’t look at this again until im home or I’ll bawl my eyes out in front of my boss.

  39. Absolutely touching. Thank you so much for finding and sharing this.

  40. K says...

    This brought tears to my eyes… it is good to be reminded we all share these experiences

  41. There was something very The Notebook about this. Thank you for sharing.

  42. gives me the chills.

  43. I love it too! I’ve added the link to my blog a few months ago. so moving…

  44. that website is wonderful..my eyes welled up with tears looking at all the pictures, they are beautiful.

  45. MB says...

    thank you for sharing.

  46. This is so moving. I have a huge lump in my throat and I’m fighting back tears! My grandfather still takes care of my grandmother who has fairly advanced Alzheimer’s. They are 89 and 90 years old, and live in a retirement home (not assisted living). Should he pass away first, she will not remember and will ask where he is every 15 minutes. It is heartbreaking, as they are inseparable and everything to each other.

  47. just beautiful…fond memories make my eyes swell.

  48. Anonymous says...

    Heartbreaking. Beautiful photos.

  49. please give me a box of tissues! beautiful. powerful. full of love. wow.

  50. The summary broke my heart as well, and by the time I finished reading the site, I was in full tears — such a deeply moving and beautiful story.

  51. amazingly powerful. i’m working up the courage to visit his actual site because just the summary broke my heart.


  52. what a truly heartbreaking story. my grandfather died of alzheimers and it’s a very very difficult thing to go through. i love that for brief moments in time, this person’s father believes his wife is off to paris eating baguettes and sipping wine.

  53. So moving — particularly so because we are watching my dear grandma slowly lose her memory. Thanks for passing on the link.

  54. Just heart-breakingly beautiful. Such a wonderful way to remember.

  55. I loved this too! Extremely moving and sincere.

  56. I’m speechless. Beautiful pictures, beautiful words.

  57. Absolutely touchingly beautiful. What an amazing journal. Lots of tears over here. Wow!

  58. So beautiful – my parents are getting on and I’m jut dreading a call being so far away from them

  59. I loved this. I cried at every photo and every memory. It was so touching and poignant.