1. awww that is just.too.cute!

    ‘schurance’ anyone? :)

  2. yeah i too thought he was happily married…but yes, he was spending more and more time in Europe…guess they met over trying to take pics of *cool* people…
    nice to see a face behind Garance though…very talented and i love her illustrations!!!

  3. Upon reading this I gasped, smiled and imagined a collective ‘aw’ around the world from people who follow both their blogs. I’m happy that two stylish + talented people have found happiness together : )

    As for all the adultery and betraying his wife comments – all I can say is WOW! How could any of you know what happened behind the scenes? As Joanna said, give them the benefit of the doubt and don’t dream up crazy evil scenarios – after all these are just ordinary people, not some celebrity love triangle (think Brangelina)

    I wish them all the best!

  4. Decidedly not cute.

  5. sb says...

    i *heart* these 2 birds of a feather. xo

  6. i read about this on the fashion spot. it’s fascinating. kind of like how school teachers seem to often marry other school teachers.

    i think the sart is just a true american gentleman and his blog is so cool it hurts me!

  7. Oh Wow! Imagine the walls. The art.

  8. Their babies would be born wearing JCrew Crew Cuts clothing.

  9. woah, we have no idea if any adultery is involved. let’s expect the best of people and give them the benefit of the doubt.

  10. E says...

    ADORABLE!! That is so wild I can’t even believe it!!

  11. Anonymous says...

    Theyre a cute couple, but I dont know… I just dont feel comfortable with all the gushing. It is after all also an end to a relationship – with kids at that. If anything, I admire Scott less now… sorry. I just liked the “thought” that he could be so chic and also be so happily married..but thats not the case now.


  12. Anonymous says...

    Would you think they were such a cute couple if you were the betrayed wife? Would you think your husband and this other lady were such a cute couple it must be destiny?

    This happened to me and I didn’t find them to be such a “cute” couple. Their relationship lasted 6 months. Good luck Garance and Scott.

    Something to think about.

    We are so quick to accept adultery because we think people need to always follow their hearts, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

  13. isn’t it odd when you hear things like this, and feel like you know them in person..

  14. Ha!
    You are SO right…
    and I work at the perfect place to outfit those babies ;)
    Seriously though, that’s cute.

  15. No way!!!?? That is adorable! They will be THE best looking stylish couple around, will they combine their sites to create sartorance? thanks for the good news

  16. what!!!????? no way! that is amazing! very cute.

  17. hahaha that is amazing! love it :)

  18. m says...

    actually i think it’s sad he and his wife have split- she is beautiful. so are their children.

  19. OH MY! They’re both gorgeous people and they would totally start a stylish couples blog together!

  20. Seriously…who doesn’t like a little gossip??

  21. I thought he was married…?

  22. Um, wow. You could not come up with a more perfect fashion couple if you tried.

    It’s good these two are with each other. Can you imagine trying to pick out an outfit for a date with either one of them? Eeps, what pressure!

    It might be a little bit too soon to start referring to their hypothetical babies though, lol.


  23. how cute! I see their blogs everyday :D
    Hope they will be happy together :)

  24. Anonymous says...

    sweet news! and of course we can celebrate this union of people we admire! of course there might be another side to the story, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be happy about this side. ease up!!!!

  25. OK. Deep breath. I like Garance. (& yes, she has been writing about it for some time but in French, so maybe that’s the surprise factor).

    But there is another side to the story–there always is. And a nice note or how “whatever” they look together is one thing.

    But the gushing? Please. Apparently none of you have ever been part of a public couple & had it break up in public. Believe me, from experience, it is totally not “cute.” Talk to me about it if/when it happens to you (& no, I most decidedly do not mean Joanna).

    Taking one’s parents’ experience (& all of us who are part of that dynamic, also know much less than we think we do about it, too), is not a template one ought to use.

    I’m just saying.

    xo, Susan

  26. There kids will have an unfair advantage. Super presh news though!

  27. Wow, everyone is so elated that the two blog photogs have paired up. I feel more saddened that his previous relationship, the one that produced his children, is now over. Still, I wish Sart and Garance much happiness.

  28. OMG! Really? I love those two.. that is the sweetest gossip I’ve heard in awhile! I’m happy for them… hope it’s everything and more!

    BTW, Love your blog Joanna!! Keep up the great work.

  29. they are both such great photographers!

  30. Amaaaazing. Love them both, what a perfect pairing!

  31. Anonymous says...


  32. This is a match made in photography heaven. How cute!

  33. Oh my goodness! They’re my all-time-favourites, what a surprise!

  34. OMG! Too much! Too cute! Love it!

  35. Style cute overload! Maybe they’ll join forces and create a superblog:)
    And you’re right Joanna, none of us know the story behind his former relationship nor do we have the right to make assumptions that he left his wife for this lovely lady! Maybe they’ve been seperated for a long time.

  36. oh my gosh! that is unbelievably cute!!!

  37. love it…so incredibly adorable…instead of competitors they become lovers. i see a movie in their future.

  38. OMFG.
    i’m happy as if they were my friends. sooo lovely!

  39. Ummm… What??? How disgustingly perfect!

  40. OOH…the title alone got me giddy and you did not disappoint! How fabulous!!

  41. how fun?!?

  42. wow! craziness!

  43. yeah, i had heard rumors too, but i didn’t want to say anything until it was officially public! xo

  44. WOW. make that HOT little street-style babies.

  45. Oh my goodness — really? Was going to ask about his wife and children, and but see you’ve already addressed it. It’s wonderful that there is such talent between them — wonder if they will begin a blog together?

  46. nw says...

    I must be the only one who thinks this is old news! She’d been talking about it on her blog for quite some time, and there were other discussions about it months ago on other blogs. I guess I just got lucky! :)

  47. oh.em.gee. too cute.

  48. i’m sure scott and his wife had reasons for splitting up, and if they made that decision with each other, it is not our right to judge or guess what happened. some marriages, like my parents’, end for good amicable reasons, and that is fine. as far as his children are concerned, i’m sure he continues to be a loving and committed father.

  49. that’s great.
    the most stylish couple ever!!!
    i wish them luck!

  50. michelle says...

    I left a comment earlier, but feel the need to speak up again. Scott Schuman is/was married and started taking street-style photographs as a stay-at-home dad to his two young daughters (both under the age of 10, I believe). I am not sure that the fact he has taken up with another street-style photographer is an occasion to celebrate, and (I don’t mean to be rude), but as someone newly-engaged, Joanna, I’m surprised that you would find this “cute.”

  51. shut up!?!??!?!?! How cute is that!??!?!?!? What a fun world!

  52. Juicy! I love it. They are both so good looking.

  53. you know? i thought i felt a disturbance in the force. a good one.

  54. how much do i love this? SO much! :)

  55. Well, when I first read your post title I was a little sceptical, thinking what on earth kind of blog gossip could there be…but you totally pulled it out of the bag, what a super cute couple!

  56. How freakin’ perfect! Love it.

  57. won’t they kind of have to fight it out over “finds”?

  58. omyGOD, that is SO amazing and disgustingly cute and awesome and perfect!!!!!!

  59. I thought Sart was married with kids?!

    I guess not… they truly are made for each other!

  60. That is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard – I love them both so much! If ever two people were made for each other, it has got to be them! :)

  61. I heard that–craziness!! I love it :-)

  62. perfect couple!

  63. i thought it was the cutest when i read that yesterday!

  64. How appropriate!

  65. I’m with Michelle on this one…

  66. I was so excited!! Perfect couple :)

  67. michelle says...

    Wait – he left his wife and kids?!

  68. I was just floored when I heard this!

  69. Could there BE a couple more perfectly suited??? That’s awesome.

  70. OMG I love that!

  71. He looks like Captain America. So sexy! Lucky girl!!!

  72. I am not sure who these two are, but looking at their pics here, they look like a cute couple!

  73. No way! Adorable! I love them both and owe my blog addiction to Scott completely