Our Engagement Photos

During our Christmas trip, Alex and I were incredibly lucky to meet photographer Max Wanger and his beautiful girlfriend Margaux in Los Angeles. We played in a park, with a giant pink balloon, and, somewhat bizarrely, on a trampoline at musician Mark Mothersbaugh‘s house. (Their friend was housesitting for him.) Max just sent us the photos, and we are absolutely thrilled; I have probably looked through them a thousand times. See many more on Max’s website. Thank you so much, Max!

P.S. Plus, the photos that first made us fall in love with Max on Smitten.

  1. This is superb and just what I was looking for as a brief for my photographer.

    My husband and I complete 3 years and I wanted to do a fun photoshoot like that.

    It’s so lovely, thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Gorgeous! Where’d you get the balloon? It’s fantasmic.

  3. Those are playful, romantic, and gorgeous- LOVE them!

  4. These are gorgeous. Simple and cute. Love the balloon… Best wishes to you both.

  5. The first & last photo is amazingly sweet! So damn well taken!

  6. these are just STUNNING! I mean never got to thank you for the advice on doing a grateful journal. thanks.xo

  7. hotspot-bp says...

    This is probably de best engangement shoot i have seen in years. Congratulations to all of you. Well done!

  8. These are completely precious. I’m not sure how anyone could not just feel overwhelmingly enchanted and jealous looking at these. I guess one way to overcome that feeling would be to just be happy for you!

  9. Wow…love these. You are so lucky to have Max as your photographer – love his work. Can’t wait to see your wedding photos!! I posted a link on my wedding blog also –

    I think that first photo would make such a great large print for your wall. Thanks for sharing!

  10. These are amazing, congrats!

  11. what more can I say. Love love :)

  12. Soooo beautiful photos!

  13. Oh my goodness, I don’t even know where to begin! Max Wanger does such beautiful work and these are absolutely stunning! Love the vintage feel and warm tones and most of all – that perfect balloon! You guys are so cute! Congratulations!

  14. simply beautiful! He captured your sweet personality and how happy you two are so well.

  15. funny story – I saw these over on another blog, and I immediately thought of you – and only then I realized that they WERE yours!

    so awesome, I love all of them, especially the balloon motif – your joy radiates.

    congrats :)

  16. just oh so timeless…

  17. oh! these are so beautiful Jo! i’m not sure what is bringing more tears to my eyes, these photos or that you jumped on a trampoline at mark mothersbaugh’s house…congratulations, wlecome home and happy new year sweetness—these are incredible…

  18. the balloon shots are perfect!!!

    you two look so happy and so in love- mazel tov on your engagement!

  19. these are beautiful…they look like stills from a wes anderson movie!

  20. All I can think of is Neil Young’s ‘Razor Love’. This life is so short and it thrills me to see two people doing what we were made to do. Love each other. xoxo


  22. oh joanna, these are simply gorgeous. the colors are so sweet and you two look beyond happy.

  23. Completeley perfect :) Congrats on the Engagement.

  24. these are so gorgeous and inspiring! thanks for sharing these, joanna :)

  25. GREAT Pics!!!

    …your guest list must be running over…

  26. These are fun, gorgeous, mysterious and just perfect. How lucky! You make a beautiful couple…. congrats on the engagement as well!!!! And a most Happy New Year to you!
    xx Trina

  27. Oh my god this is lovely. I think I will think more of taking photos with my man after seeing these.

    Have a great life together.

  28. this is an absolute great souvenir of a joyjul unique blissful time. I wish I would have this luck when I got engaged many years ago ! Congratulations

  29. We LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos. Wonderful. Now I wish we had taken proper engagement photos, too.


  30. LOVE!

    A very merry new year to you and Alex!

  31. they are wonderful.
    I wish you the best and I hope California was fun.

  32. On the bench is stunning! I’m very happy for you :)

  33. joanna – the photos are stunning and almost unbearably sweet. you two are absolutely adorable! thank you for sharing the pictures.

  34. absolutely and utterly gorgeous. looks like a magazine shoot.

  35. soon lee says...

    awww these are so beautiful. congratulations again you guys!

  36. soon lee says...

    awww these are so beautiful. congratulations again you guys!

  37. Love the pics…and the balloon=)

  38. Anonymous says...

    Oh fuck.
    These photos make me want to fall in love.
    I hold you responsible for this … you lovely, lovely woman.

  39. These photos are AMAZING. They really show how happy you guys are!
    Congrats again…
    p.s. I knew the background looked familiar :)

  40. I know I am probably only going to be repeating whatever all the 250+ comments already say, but oh my gosh, Joanna! These are the most beautiful and amazing engagement photos I think I have EVER seen. They are just breathtaking. You all look amazing, and what an absolute treasure for you and Alex to have!

  41. perfection. you two are so georgeous!

  42. i’m just like you… i can’t stop looking at these amazing pictures! max is soo talented!

  43. precious!

  44. Great pics and I love the muted coloring on them! Oddly enough, I just had my engagement photos done, too. … But in very rainy Olympia, WA, so instead of a wonderful baloon, we got an umbrella. :)

    Those will be pics you’ll love more and more as time moves on.

  45. Oh how adorable! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! You should check out my post from today…you helped me answer my question :)

    Thanks for the inspiration. You two look happily in love :)


  46. simply incredible. i seriously can’t stop talking about these pics. the thing i love the most is that they don’t look at all like any engagement pics i’ve ever seen.


  47. I’ve been seeing these popping up all over the blogosphere. They are lovely, lovely. Congrats!

  48. totally in love with these (like everyone else). many congratulations, you two are adorable!

  49. these photos are heavenly! and how lucky are you that you got to shoot at mr. mothersbaugh’s house!

  50. Gorgeous! I am in love with all of them.

  51. These pictures are wonderful! Everything about them, the colour, the lighting, they are just brilliant!

  52. I love these! So chic and beautiful!

  53. You both look so happy – what a beautiful way to capture that feeling.

  54. Love them! I think these are some of my favorite engagement photos ever! :)

  55. Anonymous says...

    very sofia coppola miss dior cherie inspired.

  56. Those pictures are amazing.

  57. Couldn’t be more perfect!! True love…Ain’t it grand! Wish you happiness!!

  58. I saw a couple of these on Black Eiffel and had to come over here for more. I love them, they’re so playful and fun! Max is a genius!

  59. i love the simplicity and uniqueness of these adorable pictures. also the muted colors…. they are all precious. thrilled for the two of you.

  60. WOW! FAB photos! Looks like you had a GREAT time taking the photos!
    Congrats again on your engagement!

  61. what a great set – and beautiful keepsake!

  62. These are SO beautiful!! Congrats!

  63. These are so adorable! I’m super jealous :)

  64. Oh my gosh! How awesome! I am so happy for you both :)

  65. incredible captures and I love the lighting. You two are adorable…congratulations {again}.

  66. joanna! these pictures brought tears to my eyes! i am so happy for you and alex!!!

    and needless to say, max’s photos are amazing. he has a way of exposing qualities of people that cannot be said in words and, at the same time, giving them an air of mystery.

  67. Absolutely breathtaking. You two make such a handsome pair! xo

  68. damn, these are just too good!

  69. It’s all been said, but I love love love the last one. Congrats!

  70. thank you so much, everyone! :) joanna xo

  71. You should know your engagement photos are popping up everywhere. (being stumbled, getting linked to) And they are amazing. Frankly your photographer should be paying you for all the advertising.

  72. simply stunning!

  73. so stunning. you two are wonderfully photographic. can I take your picture? haha. {your photographer is very lucky!}

  74. Congratulations Joanna!
    Love these shots. The giant pink balloon is so much fun!

  75. Molly says...

    Joanna, I am a daily reader of your blog but have always been too shy to comment, that is until now. I just have to say your engagement photos are absolutely gorgeous and last night I visited Max’s website to view his other work. Stunning. All the best to you and Alex!

  76. they couldn’t be better….

  77. I adore the pictures!! I love them so very much.

    I especially love the balloon!!
    Very artsy, very sweet!

  78. Your pictures are s-wonderful!

  79. Absolutley gorgeous and whimsical and inspiring!
    I love them and what a fantastic treasure to have forever!
    happy new year!
    I adore your resolutions :)

  80. Joanna, these are stunning! Hope you and Alex had a wonderful New Year’s — so happy for you!


  81. So adorable!

  82. Ohleoluca says...

    You twp are so beautiful, these I think are some of the best engagement photos I’ve seen! Congratulations again, you guys are so freaking adorable together!

  83. Gotta be the 206th person to say: These are GLORIOUS. I’m married to a wedding photographer, and I’ve never seen better.

  84. So gorgeous! I love them!

  85. I looked at the photos yesterday and ended up coming back to them today. What I really love about them is how that sense of shared happiness is a sign of hope for the future. If you can keep that happiness in your hearts, you will always find a way to get through the rough spots, the dull days, the dry spells, etc. Best of luck to you both- Nicole

  86. Oh! These are just wonderful!! I can see why you have to keep looking at them! Congratulations on the engagement! ;)

  87. beautiful photos!

  88. LJ says...

    Oh they are such lovely photos of you both!!!! What a lovely thing to have and look back on!

  89. I’m so so excited for you!!
    Those pictures are perfect, and they all radiate what you and Alex have :)

    Ahhhh just looking at them they make me so happy! :)

    Un beso!
    Telepathic Sara from Bilbao

  90. Anonymous says...

    these pictures are so artsy fartsy, i love it…

    very very cute.

  91. Such beautiful pictures!! They are adorable… I am a tad bit jealous.. hahahaha :)

  92. Perfect and lovely!


  93. Those are freakin’ spectacular.

  94. these are amazing! absolutely adorable!!!!

  95. absolutely adorable!!!
    best engagement pictures ever!! you will have these forever!!

  96. Those photos are insanely fantastic! The love and happiness between the two of you shines through and through. Congratulations!

  97. wow. the photos are gorgeous, easily pass off as an editorial spread. congratulations! you guys look so in love.

  98. These photos are so freaking amazing I’m going to jump off a bridge.

  99. Joanna, the pictures (and both you & Alex) are so lovely! *swoon*

  100. Oh my goodness, these are amazing! You look so gorgeous and happy, congratulations!!

  101. adore! these are amazing. you look like such a beautiful couple.
    congrats on the engagements.

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  103. So romantic… Congratulations!

  104. I cannot believe you got to jump on Mark Mothersbaugh’s trampoline! That’s just wonderful, just like these pictures!

  105. Congrats on your engagement!!! These are seriously the best engagement photos I’ve seen…so cute!

  106. How sweet!! Love the kissing ones:)

  107. D A R L I N G! the one where the balloon is in front of Alex’s face and you are smiling and looking giddy is perfect. Congrats!

  108. Am loving the balloon and lovely pics. :D

  109. Wow these are outstanding! I’m in LOOOVE! Props to Max, and to the two of you for being such amazing models!

  110. just found your wonderful blog, and i’m hooked!

  111. oh dear, those are beyond fabulous…

  112. Who knew a pink balloon could add so much? I also love the yellow ginkgo leaves! These are amazing!

  113. these are so so so adorable and sweet and beautiful! i love them so much, especially the first. i dont think the two of you could be any cuter!
    congratulations <33

  114. I absolutely love love love your engagement photos. They are so simple, but adorable.

  115. wonderful photos! and you both look so beautiful!!

  116. Your pictures are delicious! Just beautiful… Congratulations on your engagement. :)

  117. Could you guys be any cuter?! And Max is an incredible photographer too.

    x Kylie

  118. Jo — have a wonderful ’09. Thanks for being so great.

    And yes, tremendously cute photos.

  119. simply beautiful…I love the muted tones. something to be treasured forever!

  120. Really fun photos! You guys go so well together! All the best to you both.

  121. just breathtaking. absolutely breathtaking!

  122. Oh my, these are absolutely lovely and fun! What an amazing photographer and what a sweet couple. Congratulations! xo

  123. wonderful photos! :)

  124. Waahh!! Pretty blog!!
    I discovered your blog thanks to:
    Creature Comforts
    Happy 2009!

  125. Insanely fun! I think these are the best engagement pics I’ve ever seen.

  126. how adorable! i really like the one of you two on the bench. and seriously, the pink balloon is fabulous!

  127. My parents got engagement photos and I’ve always loved them; they look so happy and smoochy–just like the two of you. Yay.

    And I have to know what’s going down with the trampoline outfit; is it a jumper? It’s so very adorable and perfect for hopping about in. Hop, hop, hop.

  128. Oooohh, these photos are so sweet!!! congratulations!! =)

  129. gosh these photos really turned out amazing … you both look so beautiful and in love!

  130. perfectly so LOVELY! Romance is certainly in the air….

  131. holy GEEZE!! these are simply remarkable! congratulations!

  132. Joanna, these are gorgeous! i think the first 3 are my faves :)

  133. amazing, both of you! new year must be happy now!a

  134. Those photos are perfection! That balloon was a stroke of genius.

  135. Well now I want to get engaged! Those are fabulously beautiful photos. Congratulations!