1. ed says...
  2. CORRECTION: POSTWINES.COM ships Recession Red and Recession White nationwide but shipping is NOT free. I apologize for any confusion.

  3. Hi All,

    I’m involved with Recession Wines. There is more information and a YouTube commericial at http://www.recessionwines.com

    Currently, they are only involved in Metro NYC, primarily in Manhattan. Some stores in Manhattan that sell Recession Red and Recession White: Warehouse W&S, 67 W&S, Gotham Wines, 86th St. W&S, and McAdam/BuyRite in Murray Hill.

    Alternatively, you can order the wine online and have it shipped free to your door nationwide at http://www.PostWines.com

    Any other questions, please feel free to ask: brandon.stine@gmail.com

    Brandon & Recession Wines

  4. Is it any good? I must look for this immediately and report back!

  5. Oh how cool. Just another reason drink wine, plus, the label is adorable…

  6. jmg says...

    So funny!

  7. E says...

    Haha that’s hilarious and cute. I am going to look for that the next time I buy wine. And then I’ll probably end up soaking all the bottles so that I can save the labels.

    I do that a lot.

  8. that’s one of a kind pricing :) the cartoons are cute indeed!!!

  9. That is so great, I think I will have a recession party.

  10. mmm … gotta get some of that for my recession blues!

  11. wish they would sell wine that cheap in Canada!

  12. Totally brilliant, I love it! I wonder if they’re carried in the Midwest?

  13. thanks for commenting on my blog!
    that wine is way too funny.

  14. I might have to pick some up, especially since you mentioned that they’re pretty good!

  15. Ha, I love how creativity triumphs over adversity! Too bad we can’t get them here in England though…

  16. That is hilarious!

  17. they’re actually good, helen, believe it or not!

  18. Haha they remind me of the ‘old git’ or ‘old tart’ wine we have here too! What do they taste like?

  19. love it.

  20. I’m loving the 1930’s-esque Monopoly style guy on the label. It’s those little details that elevate it from being amusing to being brilliant cultural commentary!

  21. haahahahah.
    if only i could get some

  22. Alex says...

    And strangely, it’s pretty good….

  23. i know, so funny, right? the little dude on it is so cute–wish i had a closer photo!

  24. LOL That is halarious!

  25. Why didn’t I think of that? I’m stopping at my wine store on the way home from work. Too fun.

  26. haahahahah.
    if only i could get some