1. Well, I don’t actually consider this is likely to have success.

  2. wow! Wonderful desk for children…

  3. I love it ! I have such a hard time giving up my beautiful art and design magazines.

  4. that is ingenious!

  5. What a cool idea. we have magazines and books stacked as side tables in my home right now.

  6. I would worry mine would slide around like they do on my coffee table and everything would go over. But a cool idea nonetheless!

  7. I have been recycling mine, but that is a good idea!

  8. so brilliant! i have more magazines than furniture anyhow, so i may give them double duty!

  9. I love this even more than your last magazine idea! Although I guess you’re right – the magazine are less accessible this way. But so beautifully showcased!

  10. This looks great….the whole room does, but I’ve had smaller magazine piles fall apart with the slightest provocation. They’re just so slick.

  11. This reminds me of an episode of extreme home makeover where they made the seats of chairs out of magazines. They were somehow bolted together in the show, but apparently very strurdy and comfortable! This is a cute idea but I would use plexiglass or a finished wood board instead of glass in case of a fall.

  12. And how to prevent a magazine landslide that takes out the glass table top?

  13. I’m imaginging you’d have to glue them together…or drill a hole down the middle and stick a piece of metal or wood through them to hold them together? Looks awesome though…could be easier for side table or something like that.

  14. ugghhh I would put a glass table over a pile of magazines, that a catastrophe waiting to happen.

    however it is visually pleasing.

  15. Over the years, I probably could have built a foundation of a house with magazines!

  16. I’ve seen a bookshelf that’s designed so that you don’t see it – all you see is the books, which look like they’re just piled up very high. It’s a cool effect. Maybe four of those shelves and a large piece of recycled glass would make a great desk!