A Field Guide to the New York City Bicyclist

Alexei wrote this story about the different types of bicycle riders in New York. I love all the nutty characters.
The Noble Rider. “In the winter, I wear lots of fedoras and scarves, foulards and tweeds,” he says. “And in the summer, basically linens. I would say kind of very English, ’30s style–very Evelyn Waugh.”
The Fixed-Gear Rider. “There’s a certain rebelliousness to the act of riding in the city.”
The Vintage-Bike Fashion Gal. “Don’t be afraid to wear a skirt and heels.” (Yay!)
The Weekend Warrior. “The bike just wants to move,” she says. “It’s like a Formula One race car.”

  1. Is it just me or does the top guy look a little like Pee-wee Herman?

  2. love the ‘fixed gear rider’!

  3. That last bike looks like a ferrari– here’s a little secret though, she’s in the little ring! I know I know its at a standstill but even so! Sadly i’d probably say she’s a dummy if she had it in the big ring at a standstill. Okay okay i’m just jealous.

  4. Love it!!!

  5. Jeannie says...

    Love love this post and that article! I am a vintage-bike fashion gal (although it definitely isn’t “high” fashion, as I’m a preppy college student). I looove my red Schwinn Traveler road bike, presented from my boyfriend (and it was $100 to boot, but I hear you can find ’em for $80 even).

    I would like to graciously adopt/evolve into a “weekend warrior” as I imagine myself finally working at some organization/company post-graduation in The City and commuting :D

    Biking is wonderful!

  6. Oh my gosh oh my gosh!!! I love this! It made my day. Great post!

  7. where are the helmets, people?! (except the weekend warrior)

  8. L says...

    what a great article alexei! you are the shizz.

  9. I love anyone who says a foulard is part of their cycling attire.

    Pure awesomeness.

  10. I like all these characters. Especially the Waugh man with the dogs.

  11. I love the first and the third! I would love a bike but am scared of other cars too much.

  12. I need a bike badly! I saw a bunch of beautiful, antique ones at the Alameda Flea Market last weekend, but none of them worked very well :(

  13. What an awesome group — and a wonderful article.

  14. Although I’d LOVE to be the weekend warrior, I can’t help to be the prissy, vintage bike fashion gal! It’s the basket in the front. Who could possibly resist that?! Alas, my secret hope is that the satorialist captures me on my two-wheeler!

  15. i love bicycling in a nice outfit, but alas, the helmet never looks quite right. there are few good options nowadays, but i wish there were more….

  16. Ha! Jesse Ashlock

  17. yesterday i saw a lady riding a bike with bright red t-strap heels on, i wanted to clap!

  18. Aww they are so hip!!!

    I miss riding the bicycle.. I used to ride it everywhere I went in Tokyo…

    Very cute post!!

  19. This is so cute!! In Seattle it’s mostly biker wear on the bikers – boring. :)

  20. wow, look at your talented boyfriend!!! obviously i’ve decided i want to be that girl who dons vintage dresses and heels and glides around the city. how chic!


  22. this is fab! I want one for LA!

  23. You just don’t get that kind of flavor out in the country. I LOVE that last bike.

  24. “The Vintage-Bike Fashion Gal”

    hahahaha. that made me laugh!!

  25. Fantastic story!
    Makes me want to move to the city right this very minute.

  26. Oh, what a fun story! I love The Noble Rider and The Vintage-Bike Fashion Gal!!

  27. that blazer and that dress is perfect together. plus the bike!

    thanks for dropping by my blog, joanna =)


  28. I would definitely be “The Vintage-Bike Fashion Gal”. What an interesting topic for an article I’m off to go read it now :)

  29. love it! skirt and heels, that would be me if i lived in a bike friendly area.

  30. That funny, there was an article just like that in the Sunday Times (Ireland prob also England) about the bicycle ‘tribes’ in London – they were very similar. I guess riding bikes and dressing nicely is a global thing!

    I love the top guy with the red trousers – he could easily be on the Sartorialist – love his style!

  31. I love the first three of them, we do not have that kind of riders here.

  32. ohh these are everywhere in the city center of melbourne! they’re so chic and fun looking :) great post!