1. I love Target…I have seen that dress there. So cute!

  2. That dress is adorable! I love it with the red shoes as well – darling!

  3. Just bought two dresses online (they never have the cute ones I see in the stores) so we’ll see how this goes. Scored a super cute plaid number for like $30!

  4. Tar-jay has got it going on!

  5. lbs says...

    I saw this dress and thought it looked really stylish! Now seeing it on this girl, I am definitely convinced and may have to go searching! Target does have some really cute things indeed.

  6. Out and about in LA I am constantly complemented on outfits and shock people when I tell them they are Target. Sure I have my splurges but nothing gets attention like these inexpensive finds. Bizarre.

  7. oh, I just did a target post too. I love that they give 5% of their earnings to the local community of each store.

  8. i drove myself nutso trying to find the john derian card suit coasters at target this weekend to no avail. im happy someone had success there in my stead. :)

  9. So cute, now I just can’t wait for Jonathan Saunders stuff to arrive…

  10. OH, i heart target big time!

    i went just the other day
    and was pleasantly surprised by the clothes and shoes – even the makeup lines.
    great stuff – and it’s in my budget!

  11. Target Rocks!!
    I bought very few things when I was in the States, and mostly target,I want a target and Ikea in Buenos Aires.

  12. i found you through rebecca’s blog!
    i wish we had a target here in toronto. when i went to cali this past summer my sister and i went crazy at target!
    your outfit looks wonderful by the way and i would love to wear it!

  13. cute shoes btw and really adorable dress! i like the richard chai collection they had and I bought one of the Loeffler Randall bags last year. Go Target!

  14. very cute! it looks like it fits really well, which is half the battle with really affordable fashion….

  15. I have this dress!! I love this line of Target featuring “IT” designers every other month or so… I bought many items by Rogan and it was fabulous and so reasonable!!!

  16. sometimes target really hits it on the mark!

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  18. target is the bomb, old navy is up there too….people just don’t know!

  19. Target used to be my favorite. Then I moved to Hawaii…no Targets here (yet). Boo.

  20. I actually went Target-shopping this weekend and was disappointed at the lack of decent men’s wear.

    Which is odd since everything looks awesome on me.

  21. target has some sweet secret styles!

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