1. Great bathroom, not sure if it would be so inviting in the winter months ha ha ha

  2. loving the middle picture…throw pillows are such an economical way to mix up the decor in the bedroom.

  3. woooow!!!!! The bathroom… I looove it.
    It seeems so relaxing.
    aaahhh.. a breath of fresh air.


  4. loooooove the pillows! i’m obsessed!

  5. This Japanese bath is beautiful, I love it!

  6. I love this. I love someone using colors. I had an interior decorater who ran from bold colors on the wall. She told me to use bold colors in my accessories not the walls but these pictures prove otherwise. Very nice, I’m going to find my paint and paint brushes today!

  7. I loooove the colors here! I’m a big of the wallpaper too.

  8. those bed pillows have inspired me to get back into felting and make some colourful throw-pillows for my bed…


  9. I agree. That Japanese bath house is awesome.

  10. I just showed my son the bathroom and he said “we can move there, right? RIGHT?”

    Ooooooh, love to, darling. Love to.

  11. Forget everything…I am going to think about her outdoor living space and that Japanese tub all day!

  12. I think this is my favorite home post you’ve ever wrote.
    What a darling place!
    I love, love, love it!

  13. Love, love love the bath! I’ve been to real ones in Japan–so amazing! Love the blog too!

  14. Anonymous says...

    Love this house and that bath is so serene. Love your blog!

  15. there is something very retro about the first one.

  16. i wonder if she’d be creeped out if she found me hanging out in her bath house. i think i need one of those.

  17. i’ve recently come to love bold colors too! (actually, right after reading Bene’s tour of Aldo Cibic’s home–“The Happy Aesthete.” Ever since, I’ve wanted to buy a huge canvas and just paint it yellow with splashes of red.

  18. That bed looks like the kind that the kids crawl into to watch saturday morning cartoons with good ole mom and dad… I love it!

  19. uummm,
    dream bathroom! i’d love a japanese tub.
    great blog… just found it today!