1. Great Game… got such few… have to practice.

  2. I got 39! I suck. And to think I got most of those words from an msn conversation I was having at the time haha

  3. I only got 34 – feeling really stupid now! :(

  4. i got 48…don’t know if that is good or bad? I’d love if they showed an average or something! Thanks for the link!

  5. Sarah Wilson got 54. Step up people!

    I got 47 or something.

  6. That’s surprisingly hard yet when you see the full list you feel sort of silly…they’re all so obvious!

  7. Jo I did so badly! But how can ‘yes’ not be in the list?! That is sad!

  8. Anonymous says...


  9. I only got 53! how sad!

  10. Oh this is just my sort of thing. Sadly this English major missed 43 words. Very fun, thanks for sharing.

  11. This game is fun!