Home Inspiration: Greenery

The book I’m reading right now stated a scary fact: Apparently, the air in some city apartments is up to 10 times more toxic than outside air. And it’s not like Manhattan streets are sparkly clean! Eeks. Apparently, plants help detoxify, so I’m going to stock my bedroom full of greenery, like in this pretty picture.
(Via Automatism)

  1. ed says...




  2. soon lee says...

    omg.this is such a beautiful room. how did i miss this pic? thnks for this!

  3. Ha! I just came upon the same info and recently stocked up on indoor plants to rid toxins. They’re nice scenery too.

    Love the way the sunlight comes in through the window.

  4. Anonymous says...

    gorgeous room!

  5. Anonymous says...

    gorgeous room

  6. message from this pic: MUST nap here immediately.

  7. ha ha – this photo has made the rounds this week in blogland! i posted on the same house on tuesday. must be the time of year for fresh whites :)

    ps – i am now officially going plant shopping this weekend to clean up the horrible LA air that is circulating in my apartment!

  8. youch, that is a scary fact. I’m with vega on this, farmers market it is. Lovely pic.

  9. scary!… last year I was hospitalized with pneumonia and just last week had bronchitis… and all this since moving to New York City!…

    I will definitely be going to the farmers market this weekend… NEED to buy me some plants!… lots of them – pronto! :)

  10. This picture is just downright perfect – I want it!

  11. greenery and rhubarb pie make all things better…

  12. i’ve read that too…so scary! i’m a big indoor plant gal.

  13. Have fun choosing your indoor plants … and thanks for the mention, too!


  14. Anonymous says...

    scary…(i am pretty good with having plants…but not too crazy that my apt. resembles a jungle…)
    and love the room.

  15. you know, i tried putting some plants inside my house, but i managed to kill all of them! which is weird for me because i have a thriving garden outside. apparently inside plants aren’t as “hardy”

  16. Now that’s what I call a serene room. Good idea!