Stranger Photos

This is so sweet: A guy in Atlanta tied a disposable camera to a bench, along with a note saying, “Good afternoon, I attached this camera to the bench so you could take pictures. Seriously. So have fun. I’ll be back later this evening to pick it up. Love, Jay / The Plug.” When he returned that night, the camera was there, and the entire roll of film had been shot. Here are some of the photos….
See the rest here. After my terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad day yesterday, my faith in humanity is slowly being restored.
(via Lost)

  1. Really worthwhile data, much thanks for the post.

  2. Anonymous says...

    Somebody in Australia did the same thing and I took a photo for their camera :) Awesome idea!

  3. Anonymous says...

    Thats an awesome idea! I bought a cam myself right away and did the same thing in vienna. You can see the pics at:

    Thanks for this great idea!


  4. THIS IS SO ON A BENCH AROUND THE CORNER FROM MY HOUSE! It’s such a small world. Thanks for always inspiring…

  5. I so want to try this! It makes me think of Sophie Calle. What fun!

  6. Oh I love The Plug! Have you read the rest of his magazine? He’s a crazy one, he is! lol. Also, I LOVE both your blogs…it’s a favourite part of my day when I can come here and see what stunning things you’ve posted. Stop by s&i anytime. Extra tight hugs!


  7. Greetings- What a wonderful experiment! I love it…. This is the kind of inspiring experimentation I have used for my own blog. It is great to feel some resonance with strangers out in the world who happen to be engaging themselves in the same sort of strange pursuits that I happen to engage myself in…

    May all of this be used for the benefit of all beings everywhere!

    See you in the blogosphere!


  8. may just have to try this- so cool!!!

  9. I’m from Atlanta, and I actually KNOW this exact bench! It’s located downtown-ish in Virginia Highlands, Omigosh what a trip!

  10. that is amazing!!! wow, what a cool story, thank you so much for sharing. what are the photos like from the first day you did it?

  11. So I saw this post and I immediately thought it was cool so I tried it. Yesterday I put out two cameras in our downtown area on public benches and it was thrilling not knowing what pics people were taking. So today…I did it again and I put one outside the public library on a public bench. I went back to pick it up and found a note from the library director who apparently took my camera and locked it in his office. Now i won’t be able to get it back until he is in on Monday. How ridiculous. It is such a harmful idea and now I am wondering what he is going to say to me. I did absolutely nothing wrong. Besides it is not his camera to take. Oh well. This is not stopping me. I highly recommend doing this. I loved it except for my little experience today. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Oh, I think I want to borrow this idea. How fabulous!

    Thanks for sharing.


  13. Anonymous says...

    This made me happy… I just packed up and moved away from an apartment that was right by this intersection, so it made me a little nostalgic. I even recognized some of the faces in the pictures. Sigh. I love the ATL.

  14. Thats such a stunning idea! The photos are so instantly more meaningful than any would normally be!

  15. What a great idea, wish I had thought of it.

    Oh wait, I know why — I’m way too cynical, I would’ve said: “self, some jerk is gonna take off with this camera and then you’re gonna feel like an utter fool!”

    Thank goodness there are still idealists in the world!

  16. LOVE IT!!! Such a cute idea…I’d try it here but I’m afraid the camera would dissapear! Great post!!

  17. This might be one of the greatest photo-ideas i’ve ever seen. Actually, I think it’s a top five, at least. Love it!

  18. I love it!! What an amazing idea.

  19. awe. this makes me miss atlanta

  20. This guy is soooo cool! What a great idea.

  21. That has got to be one of the most amazing ideas I’ve ever heard of.
    That certainly flips me to my sunny side. :-)

  22. wonderful! how do you find these amazing things? i am so glad that you are feeling a little better, but i am still going to send you a long-distance hug from germany. i hope that your faith in mankind continues to grow.

  23. Oh good! I’m glad you are feeling better!
    This project is amazing! I wish i had thought of it!

  24. What a wonderful idea and how cool that it came together.

    Glad you’re feeling better, too.

  25. Wow, I hadn’t thought of Alexander and that adorable book since I was little! But everytime my mom would read it to me, somehow everything didn’t seem as bad. Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

  26. That’s lovely.

  27. i would love to try this idea-this post made me happy, too.

  28. pure genius. wow, that’s definitely going into my good deed ideas file.

  29. such a brilliant idea…i can think of so many great places to attach a camera in nyc!!!

    love the first lady’s expression.

  30. I love this idea. Too bad it rains so much in seattle, the camera would be destroyed.

  31. such a fantastic idea. I love it.

  32. such a fantastic idea. I love it.

  33. What a sweet, sweet idea. It must’ve been SO exciting both to come across this camera, and to develop the photos. I love the mom and the little girl.

  34. ooo, i saw this before but i didnt know the pictures were up!

  35. That is a wonderful idea! Give a little something extra, and get volumes in return…

  36. This is an AMAZing idea… sounds like something my dad would do. I think I’ll mention it to him and maybe he’ll give it a try!

  37. This is awesome. I love the kissing one.