1. Anonymous says...

    paula scher would be so happy to hear that. I love the new identity as well. yay to white space! swissmiss

  2. beautiful campaign!

  3. I want tickets too!! I just read an entire back-story on the history of the New York City Ballet – such talent!!

  4. Makes me want to stand up straighter! Oh so elegant and refined. I agree. I like the clean & modern message.

  5. I’m homesick! I grew up nearby, and loved going to the NYCB when I was growing up….

  6. I’m excited about anything that’s remotely dance-related, but THIS is really very special indeed! Thanks.

  7. definitely. i walk by this one on a bus stop everyday on my way to work, and i’ve been thinking, “hmm, perhaps i’ll go to the ballet!”

  8. I must agree. Black and white photography, grey-scale graphics are always a winner. I also like it when an ad has one hit of colour on images like this. Lovely yet strong.