Blog Crush: Smosch.

Do you ever develop blog crushes? Like, when you’re reading someone’s blog and suddenly realize they’re this awesome genius and you can’t stop reading through all their archives? It’s happened to me before, and, yes, it has happened to me again. Today, my heart went all a flutter when I stumbled upon Smosch. Sandra likes drawing, crotching, taking photos and drinking tea. She is in Berlin right now, yahoo! And she even has a cool secret blog, Smoschmobile, where she posts photos from her camera phone, including the one above from a Berlin gallery. Sigh. Isn’t she fabulous?

  1. I have a blog crush on you! Haha, working my way through your archives now.

  2. I’ll join the fan club! I am in the process of blog crushing you right now!

  3. hey! that’s what i’m doing right now!

    i adore your blog! YOU’RE genius!

    ok, bye!

  4. Anonymous says...

    Yup, like the others above I’m reading through your archives at the moment.

  5. This post made me giggle since I am currently in the process of reading back through YOUR archives.

  6. Katy says...

    Totally crushing on you now you see…I’m way back in time here!

  7. Wow and it is happening to me now. I have spent some solid hours this weekend reading through your archives and generally adoring everything. Thanks for a three-day weekend well spent.

  8. Hey! That’s how I found your post from way back on November 7th, and the one from Prune (which I also love) way back in 2006. Hee.

  9. I love her blog too and apparently yours as I’ve been sitting here for a good 1/2 hour going through your archives. It’s been really great though, you have great taste. Thanks!

  10. ooh, that is so sweet, liss! thank you! :)

  11. yes i have a blog crush on you (in a non stalker creepy way) …your blog is beautiful !!!

  12. I’ve got a thing for balloon photos too! I’ve even held my own balloon photo shoot once … which I hope to do again.

    Blog crushes are some of the best crushes. :)

  13. What an amazing find. I’m now crushing also- thks.

  14. Anonymous says...

    I don’t know what crotching is, but I have GOT to get in on it.

  15. i totally agree. sandra is fabulous.

  16. Anonymous says...

    LOVE, LOVE this picture.