1. Anonymous says...

    Bravo, Joanna-Banana! The world is beginning to learn what we have known for a long time: you are a remarkable woman, …and Bene brings us yet another glimpse into your magical perspective.
    We all await the 23rd with bait on our breath!

  2. thank you everybody!!!! cross your fingers for the 23rd, when we find out who gets the gold, silver and bronze awards!

  3. jmg says...

    That is wonderful! I hope you win – this is a fabulous magazine! Not in the least biased, your mother xxxxxx

  4. Anonymous says...

    Congratulation!!!!!!!! This is an awesome cover and the magazine is amazing!

  5. ooh that is so cool. congrats! i didn’t even know about bene until now. glad i do though.

  6. Welcome back and congrats! or Auguri as “we” say in Italian – I lived in Florence for a while when I was young and blond! The mag looks great.

  7. yes!! i saw goodyblog and parents, good for you! we aren’t going to the awards, i don’t think, because it is $$$ for the seats. but we will be crossing our fingers from home!

  8. OMG… congrats! Goodyblog is nominated for best blog too! We can’t believe it… but I think I’m gonna get to go to the awards. Will u guys be there?

  9. roses are red
    violets are blue
    budget travel sucks
    nation geo does too.