Emerging Photographers

Some art is worthwhile because it’s beautiful. And some art is worthwhile because it’s strange. This photography, by Matthew Porter, is both beautiful and strange.

At first, the photograph seems to show a car speeding over a hill. But then you realize how high the car is: How would it ever get that height? And when it landed, would it just burst into flames?!

I got in touch with Porter last fall, and he explained that he took the landscape shot in Maine, where his parents live. He then hung a small model car (!) from a string in his studio, got the lighting just right and photographed it. Finally he put it together as a photo montage. The photograph now hangs in my living room, and I am enamoured.

  1. I love this. It’s so eerie and beautiful and curious and exciting all at the same time. It makes me feel like summer time and autumn time and adventures. what a lovely thing to see hanging on your wall every day…

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