themed essay series

On Losing a Dad

Journalist Katie Beck on her dad's death shortly after the birth of her son.

A Mother’s Mantra

Writer Lisa Rubisch on the mantra she learned at age three.

The Dog Story

On family dinners and the best story ever.

The Parent Trap

Una LaMarche on her parents' non-Disney divorce.

How to Plan Your Best Vacation

Six genius travel tips, including how to pack a uniform and sleep in your own bed.

A Honeymoon Panic Attack

"Um, honey?"

11 Days in Paradise (With Mom)

A vacation with 70-year-olds is just what writer Jen Doll needed.

Hello? It’s Me, Your American Soul Mate

Contributing writer Lisa Rubisch on her (not-so) romantic trip to England.

Have You Ever Traveled Alone?

Kate Childs took herself to Paris — alone — for her 30th birthday. Was she lonely? Was it amazing? Here, she tells us what she learned.

On Becoming a Cancer Vixen

Cartoonist Marisa Acocella Marchetto shares moving (and funny) realizations about her breast cancer experience.