Eating More Greens

When we make quick meals on weeknights, one food group that often gets forgotten is green vegetables. Alex will make tuna melts or grilled cheese, and we don’t eat broccoli or kale with those. That’s one reason why Blue Apron, the recipe delivery service we’ve used for years, is such a welcome sight in our fridge. On those nights, Alex and I will have a delicious, fresh and nutritious dinner, usually packed with green vegetables. Here’s a peek at three of the best dishes we’ve made recently…

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What Underwear Do You Wear?

Madewell's new intimates

What kind of underwear do you wear? I used to wear thongs and boy shorts, but then I went nutty and bought a dozen pairs of this black underwear. I wanted to keep things simple and streamlined, especially with rowdy toddlers to attend to!

Madewell's new intimates

But now I’m ready to mix it up again. Madewell’s new intimates are adorable. And I love love love these Hanky Panky lacy ones, too. It’s so nice to wear something soft and pretty under your clothes, right? It’s like a sexy little secret.

Madewell's new intimates

Madewell's new intimates

Oh, just holding some goldfish. NBD.

What kind do you like? Do you have a recommendation for cute affordable pairs? (I still swear by these for every day.)

P.S. I hate the word “panties.”
P.P.S. A French bra trick, and did you have sex on your wedding night?

(Photos by Madewell.)


‘My Child Is Transgender’

My Child is Transgender

Grace always felt her daughter was different from other girls. She refused to wear dresses, insisted on short hair and played with what people considered ‘boys’ toys.’ But one evening, she put her toothbrush down in the bathroom and turned to her mother. “Mom,” she said. “I don’t know what to do. I’m a boy and everyone thinks I’m a girl.” Here, Grace shares the inspiring journey of her son, Eli, who is transgender…

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Have a Sweet Weekend.

Lucy and Anton

What are you up to this weekend? After three years, we finally figured out who Anton looks like: my twin sister! Aren’t they basically the same three-year-old? Also, this weekend, we’re going to visit our friends in Connecticut and walk in the woods. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

I work from home.” Made me laugh.

I gave the same birthday present to my mom, my sister and myself.

How to serve a killer cheese plate with just ONE cheese.

What a cool Airbnb.

What it means to dress like a woman. Zing!

Would you put your phone away for your ENTIRE vacation?

I’d love to wear this on a date.

7 money questions to start a conversation.

A dating app that matches people based on things they dislike.

Love this bread basket, of all things.

Tote bags to support the ACLU, and a tote to support Planned Parenthood.

(Cheese via Emily. Money questions via Swissmiss.)