What’s Your First Period Story?

Funny First Period Stories

When did you get your first period? What I most remember is the bulky cardboard tampon applicator I had to work with. (It could have been worse: Back in the 60s, my grandma just left a sanitary belt on my mom’s bed!) But now I use tampons and pads from LOLA, a feminine care start-up run by two women who are changing the game. Here, we teamed up with LOLA, which just launched an awesome First Period Kit, to ask women about their first periods…

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11 Times ‘Girls’ Really Nailed It

11 Times 'Girls' Really Nailed It

After five years of our enduring the impetuous behavior of Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna, the end of Girls has come. Frankly, I’m a little sad about it. They were like sisters-in-law might be: I wouldn’t necessarily choose any of them as a friend and oh could they get under my skin, yet with time, I began to care about each of them. Hannah is not the one and only “voice of her generation,” but I believe that Girls will forever be a reference point for what it’s really like to struggle in your 20s. Here are 11 things I loved about the show (spoilers ahead)…

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Pretty Maternity Clothes

Pretty Maternity Clothes

Where would you shop for maternity clothes? I wore a black long-sleeved Target shirt for 99% of my two pregnancies, but there are so many pretty, simple pieces these days. And it would be nice to feel like yourself during those nine months. Here are a few we’re into (no bows in sight!)…

A few stores with good maternity sections are: Target, Gap, Loft and ASOS. Any other recommendations?

P.S. A pregnancy survival guide, and going from one to two kids.

(Top photo of a lovely Storq tank and skirt.)