Sonnet James Giveaway

Sonnet James Giveaway

Sonnet James, the California-based clothing company, was founded by Whitney Lundeen, a mother of two boys who believes you should be able to look good without sacrificing the ability to run and play. Some clothes are hard to move around in comfortably (especially when riding bikes or climbing up slides) — but these dresses are perfect for everyday adventures. It makes me so excited for summer!

Sonnet James Giveaway

The Spring 2017 collection just launched, and you could live in these pretty dresses and playsuits. I’ve worn my dress everywhere — from work meetings to parks to date nights. Their designs are soft, durable and (thankfully) machine-washable. Sonnet James clothing is made in America, and five percent of all profits will go to helping children in the famine crisis in East Africa through the International Rescue Committee.

Sonnet James Giveaway

Today Sonnet James is giving away one dress to each of five lucky readers. For a chance to win, please visit their online store, and leave a comment below telling us your favorite item. Five winners will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: The winners have been chosen and notified. Thanks for playing!

Bonus for all readers: If you buy two (or more) dresses, get 20% off your entire order with code CUPOFJO.


Have a Beautiful Weekend.

Have a Beautiful Weekend

What are you up to this weekend? We’re hosting a low-key dinner party tonight — and might do this conversation starter. Otherwise we’ll be cozying up and daydreaming about spring. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

The trailer for Veep Season 6!

What a powerful photo essay.

The case for walkable streets: “Researchers found that if someone shifts from a long commute to a walk, their happiness increases as much as if they’d fallen in love.”

If you’re into toast, how about fried toast?

Wishlisting this pretty shirt for the spring.

Interracial couples talk about seeing Get Out together.

The greatest gif, haha.

Creamy lemon pasta.

Woman in Group Text Suspicious There’s Another Group Text.”

Curved landscapes. Made me look.

Would you wear kitten fur perfume? Or new baby?!

What a sweet family snapshot. Love this kind of everyday photo.

Plus, two great reader comments:

Emily on body neutrality: “The concept of body neutrality resonated hard. I mean, some days I love my body because it’s strong and pale; some days I hate my body because it’s soft and cellulite-y, but some days I don’t even want to think about it because I’m freaking busy and leave me alone. xo”

Joy on salad upgrades: “My secret for pungent onions is to thinly slice them and dunk ’em in a bowl of ice cold water. It cuts the sharpness. I work at a restaurant, and the chef always makes the best salads for staff meals by just throwing odds and ends into a bowl, tossing it with a good dressing, and seasoning it with lots of salt and pepper.”

(Photo of Pina Bausch, 1966, via The Guardian. Walkable streets via Swissmiss.)

The Citizenry Giveaway

Are you planning any refreshes to your home for spring? Changing up throw pillows, swapping in a fresh rug or upgrading bath towels can have such a big impact, with much less effort than painting or rearranging furniture. This month, one of our favorite sites for home decor, The Citizenry, introduced a new collection of pieces handmade in Morocco, including wool rugs and leather poufs, that we’ve been swooning over. Here are a few picks from the Citizenry’s beautiful site…

We love The Citizenry not only because of their gorgeous selection, but it’s a woman-owned company that celebrates handmade crafts from around the world and supports their artisan partners with fair prices. Currently, in addition to Morocco, you can find unique, high quality designs from Ireland, Mexico, Uganda, Peru, Argentina and Brazil that will look lovely in your home for a lifetime. (Their motto is, “Home goods with a soul and a story.”)

Above, Sahar towels hand-loomed in Morocco.

Today, The Citizenry is giving a $500 gift card to one lucky reader. To enter, visit their site and leave a comment below telling us which piece from the Morocco Collection is your absolute favorite. A winner will be chosen at random on Friday evening. Good luck! Update: A winner has been chosen and notified. Thanks for playing!

Bonus for all readers: Get free premium shipping (your purchase will arrive in 3-5 days) on any order from The Citizenry using the code CUPOFJO, through March 31st.

Huge thanks to The Citizenry!


What Love Means

What Love Means

Yesterday, author Amy Krouse Rosenthal — who wrote the viral New York Times essay You May Want to Marry My Husband — died from ovarian cancer. I saw on Jenny’s site that Rosenthal had also published a memoir called Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, in which she wrote entries about everyday life, organized from A to Z. These two excerpts were especially moving:

Under “L”

LOVE – If you really love someone, you want to know what they ate for lunch or dinner without you. Hi, sweetie, how was your day, what did you have for lunch? Or if your mate was out of town on business: How was your trip, did the meeting go well, what did you do for dinner? Jason will stumble home in the wee hours from a bachelor party, and as he crawls into bed I’ll pry myself from sleep long enough to mumble, how was the party, how was the restaurant beforehand? The meal that has no bearing on the relationship appears to be breakfast. I can love you and not know that when you were in Cincinnati last Wednesday you had yogurt and a bagel.

Under “R”

RETURNING TO LIFE AFTER BEING DEAD – When I am feeling dreary, annoyed and generally unimpressed by life, I imagine what it would be like to come back to this world for just a day after having been dead. I imagine how sentimental I would feel about the very things I once found stupid, hateful or mundane. Oh, there’s a light switch! I haven’t seen a light switch in so long! I didn’t realize how much I missed light switches! Oh! Oh! And look – the stairs up to our front porch are still completely cracked! Hello cracks! Let me get a good look at you. And there’s my neighbor, standing there, fantastically alive, just the same, still punctuating her sentences with you know what I’m saying? Why did that bother me? It’s so… endearing.

Aren’t these beautifully true? The second one reminds me of Nora Ephron’s lists of What I Won’t Miss (dry skin, funerals, bras…) and What I’ll Miss (my kids, waffles, the concept of waffles…). Both heartbreaking and life affirming to think about what yours would be.

P.S. How to write a condolence note, and what marriage means.

(Photo by Nikole Herriott/Instagram. Excerpts via Jenny Rosenstrach.)