Beauty Uniforms

My Beauty Uniform: Clair Farley

A transgender advocate talks about the role makeup has played in her life.

My Beauty Uniform: Danielle Aceino

A mother-of-three shares her best pregnancy beauty products and how she's learned to love her look.

My Beauty Uniform: Afzaa Motiwala

A beauty enthusiast talks about wearing a hijab and using eyeliner in elementary school.

My Beauty Uniform: Helen Levi

A Brooklyn-based potter talks about her miracle anti-frizz hair lotion and surprising beauty icon.

My Beauty Uniform: Paola Mathé

A head wrap designer on the power of color and short hair.

My Beauty Uniform: Moriel Zelikowsky

A neuroscientist shares her secret to great hair and bravery under pressure.

My Beauty Uniform: Krissie Garland

A visual manager at H&M talks about how living in Shanghai has inspired her beauty routine.

My Beauty Uniform: Stella Blackmon

Cup of Jo's associate editor on a sexy fragrance and a funny at-home exercise routine.

My Beauty Uniform: Bee Shapiro

Beauty editor Bee Shapiro shares her super cheap must-have.

My Beauty Uniform: Maya Jankelowitz

The owner of Jack's Wife Freda in New York City shares her beauty and restaurant secrets.