Weekend Link Lists

Four Fun Things

The Illustrated rules for living with roommates, HBO's Insecure, and more awesomeness.

Have a Beautiful Weekend.

12 fun links, including style hacks from J.Crew stylists and how to find joy in three seconds.

Four Great Things

Including the Oscar-winning short film Stutterer and an awesome personality test.

Have a Delicious Weekend.

Fun links, including a great new book and the funniest Tom Cruise video.

Have a Beautiful Weekend.


Have a Lovely Weekend.

Fun links, including voice doubles for celebrities and a case of baby fever.

Four Fun Things

Four awesome things, including tomboy perfumes and a comedy series we're obsessed with.

Have a Great Weekend.

Fun links, including a funny new movie and how to wake up without an alarm.

Fun Things

Cool things, including the prettiest dresses and how to throw a crappy dinner party.

Have a Beautiful Weekend.

Fun links for you!