Have a Wonderful Weekend.

13 fun links, including how to motivate employees and why typography matters.

On Living Alone

"Listening to podcasts at full volume."

10 Best Thrillers to Read

Get under the covers and lock the doors.

Have a Relaxing Weekend.

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Nightly Thoughts

Breakfast tomorrow...

Four Fun Things

Four fun things, including pretty skin, a newspaper revelation and kisses that made us tear up.

A House in the Japanese Countryside

A family's "dream home" on a pond.

Where Do You Live?

And how did you end up there?

Have a Lovely (Long) Weekend.

12 funny links, including what not to eat at Trader Joe's and Valentine's Day word problems.

Pop Quiz: What Painting Are You Today?

"Picasso: A bit discombobulated, but accessories still on point."