Movies & Documentaries

Made Me Smile

This amazing fifth-grade teacher made personalized handshakes for all his students. Yes!

Made Me Laugh

Kristen Wiig hanging with Jerry Seinfeld. You're welcome.

A Really Great Movie

Have you seen Manchester by the Sea? So, so good — and here's one funny observation.

30 Movies to Watch With Your Family

No awkward sex scenes, basically.

Actors’ Movie Accents, Rated

Dialect coach Eric Singer analyzes actors' accents in movies. Fascinating!

Which Classic Movies Have You Not Seen?

Back to the Future? West Side Story? The Godfather?

Have You Seen the O.J. Simpson Documentary?

One of the most eye-opening documentaries we've ever seen.

Talking About Sex

Have you seen the series FCK YES?

Made Me Laugh

Have you heard of Hamish and Andy? Hilarious...

What TV Shows Are You Watching?

Five ideas for great new (and returning) shows to watch this winter.