House Tours

A Charming Home in the Chicago Suburbs

A charming historical home in Naperville, Illinois.

A Bright, Friendly Los Angeles Home

A colorful Atwater Village home with an amazing backyard.

Berkeley House Tour

A welcoming Berkeley home full of antiques and kids' toys.

A Cozy London Apartment

It's straight out of a Merchant Ivory film.

A City Apartment With a Cabin Vibe

A high-rise apartment that feels like a cabin in the woods.

St. Paul House Tour

An airy Minnesota home with homemade furniture, lush plants and children’s artwork.

A First Apartment in Boerum Hill

Alex Kalita on decorating in your twenties, how to save money on linens and her Friday night ritual.

A Bright Apartment in Copenhagen

A charming apartment in the middle of Copenhagen.

Petaluma House Tour

Sonoma House Tour

Designer Jess Brown's Victorian home in Petaluma, California.

Tour: Alice Gao's Apartment

Alice Gao’s Gramercy Apartment

Dark walls, velvet couches and lovingly styled vignettes.