Author: Lexi Mainland

6 Great Podcasts

We're addicted.

A Sexy Blouse

Ode to the silk button-down.

Are You Going to the Women’s March?

Seven things to know about the Women's March on January 21.

A Great Book for Kids

A beautiful book about grown-ups' work with a modern point of view.

5 Ways to Get Involved

Ideas for volunteering, donating, reading and making a difference post-election.

5 Things Nursery School Taught Me

Tips on potty training and teaching two-year-olds to help themselves.

A Woodsy Cottage in New Hampshire

Sarah and Nick Storella's two-bedroom handmade house in Bethlehem, N.H.

Favorite Fall Blouse

The shirt of the season.

Great New Podcast

NPR's How I Made This podcast is pure motivation.

5 Big Fall Books

This season's most anticipated new books, including The Mothers and Swing Time.