Author: Joanna Goddard

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

A heartfelt present for Valentine's Day.

Made Me Smile

This amazing fifth-grade teacher made personalized handshakes for all his students. Yes!

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Quick Exercises for Busy Days

Strengthening moves so simple, they take only 10 minutes.

What to Register for Your Baby

Books, strollers, nursing bras, infant bathtubs — my go-tos for baby registries.

Jump, Jump!

In which two little boys bravely launch off their bed.

Have a Great Weekend.

Fun links from around the web, including bra nicknames and a sweet marriage proposal.

How Louis C.K. Tells a Joke

He plays the audience like a fiddle.

Which Wedding Dress Do You Like Best?

My friend Anna Speckhart tries on seven dresses for her upcoming wedding. Please weigh in!

The Great Book Swap

The six favorite books Alex and I would each love the other to read.