Author: Joanna Goddard

Have a Loving Weekend.

11 links from around the web, including how to plan an affordable trip and Obama cracking himself up.

Learning New Things

We tried four cool classes and here's how it went.

Toby and Anton’s Taste Test

Toby and Anton give their honest reviews of 10 NatureBox snacks.

Celebrating Women This Week

Six cool things celebrating women in the lead-up to the Women's March on Washington.

Made Me Laugh

Kristen Wiig hanging with Jerry Seinfeld. You're welcome.

Have a Lovely (Long) Weekend.

14 fun links, including a sweet mindfulness game for kids and groomsmen goals.

Quick Paris Trip

A few photos from our recent work trip to France.

Have a Wonderful Weekend.

13 links from around the web, including both spouses’ sides of an open marriage and the perks of a hangover.

Psst, What Would You Like to Talk About?

Dating? Money? Religion? Let us know!

Week of Outfits: Elise Joseph

What Nashville-based art director Elise Joseph wore in a week.